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That’s right – you can use your mouse and keyboard as a MIDI controller. Vimidi application translates your actions on regular input devices to MIDI messages.
Your mouse X and Y coordinates are translated to MIDI messages, so if you move your mouse on the screen it will act as moving a fader on real MIDI controller.
So basically your screen becomes a XY screen controller. Mouse tracking is enabled by pressing and holding a hotkey.







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Vimidi allows to play and mix live audio recordings as well as to arrange and build new audio tracks. You can use external audio devices such as microphones, recorders, hard disk drives, or audio interfaces. Vimidi records only selected channels of your external audio devices.
Main features:
– original source audio channel selection
– microphone support
– multi-channel input
– source-selectable sample rate
– sample rate conversion
– track names can be edited
– track names can be converted to other charsets
– main, cross and square wave signals
– real time granular volume attenuation
– 8 trigonometric sine waves
– 16 trigonometric sine waves
– 16 trigonometric triangle waves
– several signal processors
– several filter types
– pitch bend and modulation effect processors
– tempo synchronization of tracks
– MIDI support
– time stretching processor
– next/prev tracks
– auto stop
– record on click
– mute tracks
– several percussive filters
– 8 arpeggios
– 8 chord progressions
– 8 scale progressions
– audio balance
– 8 channel volume faders
– track editing
– the usual Edit menu
– extensive scripting
– MIDI support

Hacker’s version 1.3.1 of Vimidi contains new features and updates.
Hacker’s version 1.3.0 of Vimidi contains new features and updates.

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Vimidi Torrent Download is a simple musical environment you can play with your screen. It translates your mouse/keyboard actions to real-time MIDI messages, so it can be configured to act like a real MIDI controller or anything else – you choose.
You can play with two MIDI tracks from the same application (like a musical instrument). Vimidi has built-in metronome and a drum pattern you can play with your keyboard.
Vimidi is totally free and open source.
Vimidi Installation
Vimidi application is a FluxBox configuration file so you need to have a FluxBox application running in order to use Vimidi. You can download FluxBox from
You also need to copy Vimidi executable and the plugin files to ~/.fluxbox/plugins/ directory. The folder
/usr/share/fluxbox/plugins/all is also good place to put them if you are using default locations.
Vimidi Launch
Vimidi is not a Fluxbox option so you have to type it on the Fluxbox command line. Also, you need to bind it to some key or hotkey – it depends on your Fluxbox setup.
To have Vimidi application start automatically with Fluxbox, you need to change the autostart entry for Vimidi.
First, you need to find the autostart entry for Vimidi application. It is in ~/.fluxbox/startup so you can edit it:

Vimidi is a FluxBox plugin so you need to restart FluxBox to apply changes.
Now that Vimidi is running, we can make it start automatically on FluxBox startup.

Create a folder called “Vimidi” on ~/.fluxbox/startup directory

Edit ~/.fluxbox/startup so it looks like this:

(An example for adding Vimidi for autostart on startup)
Now every time Fluxbox starts Vimidi will automatically start.
To stop Vimidi use Fluxbox command line:

You will see a text showing the name of the last application you run.
That’s it. Vimidi is configured.
Using Vimidi
Vimidi is not very user friendly GUI for configuration, but can be done using it’s command line interface.
You can use Vimidi to control both applications and synchronize application states with MIDI messages.

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Midi controller for Vim
A simple application for control your MIDI instrument from Vim
Text Editor.

Possible emulations

VoodooPad is a popular multimode pad capable of midi
control of editing features, supports midi playback
and midi recording and editing.

Vimium is a vim plugin.

Polypad is a light and simple editor for playing, sampling and
sequencing MIDI and OSC

Midi controllers for vim

ToggleControl is a vim module

A quite old vim plugin for vim with midi support.

A viw vim plugin with midi control.

A vim plugin with midi control.

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What’s New In Vimidi?

This program is intended as an addition to a synthesizer used for creating live electronic music. It allows:
– virtual 1 or 2-axis joystick inputs,
– virtual keyboard tracker with 8 keys,
– configurable menu
– mapping from keyboard or joystick controllers to virtual jsticks or faders

You have to be the “owner” (or the creator) of the MIDI device file – in case you have a standard Midi keyboard or controller device (Keys and Faders) – as it will have your name or a user name + its rome address on the.midi file.

To be the owner of a custom MIDI device – e.g. a synthesizer controller that has a user name, you have to place it into the folder “Vimidi” in your system directory. If you do that, then Vimidi will automatically recognize it as a “Midi device”. You can also change this folder location if you wish, into whatever folder suits you.

General MIDI (GM) is a MIDI specification defined by the International MIDI Association (IMA) in May 1987. The specification was used primarily for the first edition of the Microsoft Sound system, OS/2 1.1, but was the first MIDI standard to use a 64-character code to identify a note, percussion, and any other parameter. MIDI from other companies, such as Apple, continued to refer to patch/program changes by their original names.

The same configuration can be used for both MIDI and GM audio output, and therefore can be used as an output device through a compliant sound card. A MIDI file composed using the GM file format can be played on a GM-compliant sound card or synthesizer.

GM is divided into two sections, and several revisions have been released as people have found problems in the spec. Most of these have been addressed in recent revisions, and what is described here applies to version 3 of the standard.

Only one of the instruments in a GM file must be loaded in order to play the file. This is done by associating a file with a MIDI port, or by using the Exclusive Synthesizer option in Synthesizer -> Output Options.

The file format is called General MIDI and contains a header followed by the MIDI data. The GM file format (version 3) was extended to contain commands, including the location of the non-GM instruments. These extra commands are not necessary for a GM file to play, but are intended to provide a

System Requirements For Vimidi:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 3GB space available
Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 9.0 compliant graphics card
DirectX: 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 sound device
iPod touch 3rd generation (3rd Generation) Audio Controller
iPhone/iPod touch 2nd Generation (2nd Generation) Audio Controller