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Why would I want to upgrade to 15.04?

Why should I upgrade to 15.04? I installed 14.10 and I had major issues with it. I ran a recovery and formatted it, and this time I am having no problems with Ubuntu. Am I correct in thinking that there is no reason to upgrade at this time? Is there an upgrade path?


I think you can upgrade from 12.04 to 14.10, however, I’d recommend to do a fresh install. 14.10 is the release candidate of 15.04 and should be stable.
To install 14.10 from a clean installation, follow these steps:

Open the Update manager via Dash and check for updates.
You can choose which one to update.
Upgrade 14.04 -> 14.10
Restore apps and configurations
If there are a lot of apps, it is better to backup first.
Install 15.04

For more info you can check this post.


Qt GraphicsView with GlTexture

I have the following code:
//…load texture
QImage img(texFile, w, h, QImage::Format_RGB32);
QPixmap pix(img);

QGraphicsView* view = new QGraphicsView(pix);
view->setGeometry(QRect(100, 100, 200, 200));


Now it shows the texture as expected, but I want to add a QGraphicsPixmapItem on top of the texture (as a ‘canvas’).
According to this:

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