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Working with computers is no doubt very efficient nowadays, but there is also a known fact that they could prove to be one of the greatest distractions for some employees.
Complex installation process that requires a system restart at the end
SurveilStar is an all-encompassing and efficient piece of software that was created to help you track and monitor your employees' activities on their PCs.
In order for SurveilStar to actually work on your computer, it requires you to be a bit patient, as it installs all its needed third party components like a framework, some Windows components and SQL Server.
Comprehensive and feature-packed administrative app
Right off the bat, it needs to be pointed out that SurveilStar is a tool with double functions: it can easily take on the role of an employee activity recorder, but just as easily it can take on a more rigid role as a blocking or restricting app.
The tool's main window is not at all what you would call accessible or user-friendly for that matter, as it stacks a large number of features, components, menus and tabs. While the interface's layout is somewhat intuitive, there is no doubt that this is an app that requires some adjustment time, especially for less experienced users out there.
Record PC usage and block inappropriate tasks
As far as what SurveilStar can offer, you need not be disappointed, as it can help you thoroughly keep an eye on your employee's activities during work hours.
It enables you to view live screen snapshots, track the visited websites and chat history, the printer or other devices usage, the email activity. You can also explore the program logs to view recent changes.
In addition, the utility helps you block websites, network access, file transfers or even email and other chat-related activities.
Handy tool for company system administrators
All in all, designed especially for company system administrators, SurveilStar is a comprehensive and feature-packed app that manages to deliver what is expected from apps of this sort.
This tool can be used for a lot of purposes, such as computer maintenance, employee monitoring and recording, as well as blocking inappropriate use of company computers.


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SurveilStar Free
Windows Win7
For Office 2010
By DnsAquisition
SurveilStar is a lightweight, easy-to-use application designed to help IT administrators and supervisors ensure their employees are using their computers responsibly.
SurveilStar is designed to automatically track and record the employee’s daily computer activity.
After you install and run the program on your computer it will start tracking your employee’s usage and for every individual employee it will create a database of their day-to-day computer activity (every keystroke, every mouse movement, every hour they are on the Internet, every website they visit, every email they receive, etc.) and record that in a database. This data can later be used for employee monitoring.
SurveilStar can log all keystrokes, mouse movements, websites visited and email.
When you set up your own account in SurveilStar you will be given access to your entire database.
View Website History, Keyboard History, Mouse Movement and more…
Logs all keystrokes, mouse movements, website visits and Internet usage.
Capture screenshots.
You can browse the captured screen history, visit history, screenshots, browser history, keyboard history, email, and Internet history.
View and edit all screenshots.
View the entire captured screen and all captured windows in the captured screen history.
View screenshots to determine when a web browser has been open to a particular web page.
You can view and edit every screenshot in the captured screen history.
Automatically records the web address of every website visited.
Automatically tracks when a web browser has been open to a particular web page.
Automatically records when a web browser has been closed to a particular web page.
Automatically tracks when the browser has been closed to a particular web page.
Captures screenshots automatically when programs crash.
Captures screenshots automatically when programs crash.
Record mouse movements.
You can record mouse movements.
Time records the mouse position every X seconds.
Show mouse cursor position on desktop.
You can customize the mouse cursor position.
Record webcam snapshots.
Record webcam snapshots to your database.
You can create accounts for all your employees, and designate whether or not they should be able to login via their own account.
Your database can be optionally shared with other employees or your own team via the “share” button.
Share your employees’ day-to-day computer

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Find out what your employees are working on and how long they’ve been working on it
Track and monitor activity on your employees’ computers, track their internet activity, find out what website they’ve been visiting and block websites that are inappropriate for work. Easily monitor and block inappropriate activities.
* Track and monitor your employees’ activities on their computers * Track and monitor browser history * Monitor internet activity with keywords * Find out what website your employees have been visiting * Easily block inappropriate activities * Find out what programs your employees have been running * Check what programs you have installed on your employees’ computers * Easy access to time-logging and event-recording * Easily find out what your employee has been doing on his computer * easily search internet history and access to visited websites * easily block websites that are inappropriate for work
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LogicMonitor is an all-in-one system to monitor computer usage, keep track of software usage, find out what programs your employees are running and make sure there is no misuse of company resources.
LogicMonitor is able to monitor computer use with just a click and automatically report and record IT policy violations.
LogicMonitor is designed to work in conjunction with your network and help you monitor computer activities. And it is also equipped with offline usage record/history, data upload and data export features.
LogicMonitor is designed to integrate with BitLocker or TPM to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the system. If any unauthorized personnel attempt to access the system, the system will be blocked and the person will be notified.
With only a click and no additional setup required, LogicMonitor will turn your computer into a network monitor, accounting tool and help you keep an eye on your employees’ activities and block inappropriate activities.
LogicMonitor is completely configurable and allows you to monitor many aspects of your employee’s activity on your computer.
LogicMonitor allows you to monitor and log:
– System usage
– Software usage
– IP address
– Browser history
– Incoming and outgoing email activity
– Search queries
– System Events
– Snapshots
– Browsing history
– Desktop activity
– Event logs
– Attendance
– Chat activity
– Attachments
– Transfers
– File sharing
– Scripting/browsing/downloading
… and more.
If you’re concerned about the theft of information and intellectual property, LogicMonitor’s offline usage log function will

SurveilStar Free Download

Surveilstar monitors and records your employees PC activities.
You can view what employees are doing at all times.
You can view their screen shots and screen history.
You can review the history of their visited websites and chat logs.
You can detect new programs, applications and web browsers.
You can block inappropriate use of the corporate resources by employees.
You can alert your employees and managers when employees are accessing inappropriate web sites.
You can watch your employees like a guardian.
You can monitor system activities and update databases with the help of Scheduled Task windows.
Introducing the newest version of SurveilStar:
Surveilstar is the product of proven experts who design the product to be simple to use and easy to configure.
The main features that you can enjoy with this product are as follows:
. Accesses your employees and computer to keep an eye on all activities that you want to be monitored
. Detects, manages, blocks and alerts when employees are in the wrong hands of the internet and other network resources
. Updates database using scheduled tasks at a time that’s least likely to be noticed
. Provides you with an easy way to review the history of your employees
. Supports the most popular browsers
. Works very well on all Windows operating systems, including all major versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP and Vista.
. Tries to solve all the standard system problems, such as the system keeps restarting when a problem is detected, the Task Manager freezes or restarting, leaving only an endless loop or error message on the screen.
. The downloaded setup file can be uninstalled as a standard file
. Can be used with all types of computers
. Includes a neat and stylish user interface that will make you look after your employees like a guardian.
. Support the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
. Various useful reports to easily customize how you want to monitor your employees.
The word “Surveilstar” means that you should keep an eye on your employees and keep the following:
. Confidential and private information about your employees
. What your employees are doing on their computers
. Is your employee using their computers for the right reasons
. To block improper access of the company’s resources and finances.
. An important tool that can help you quickly detect the reasons why your employees are misusing their computers.
. A way to keep your company’s online

What’s New In?

In case you are wondering what type of program SurveilStar is, this app is focused on employee monitoring, with all the relevant features you can expect from a program of this sort.
More specifically, this tool is able to record all information regarding the PC activity of the user, web browsed sites, chat history and even the incoming email.
Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that this program can be used in a number of ways, one of which is to monitor employee activities and block certain actions on company computers, as well as conduct a reverse engineering of the employees’ activities.
This type of monitoring and limiting is possible only if the program is installed on the company computer.

SurveilStar has the following system requirements:
• Windows XP or higher
• 200 MB free disk space
• 50 MB free memory
• 2.0 GHz processor

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System Requirements For SurveilStar:

Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8
1024 x 768 Display
Game Requirements:
Dolphin 3.0-1331+
Log File:
Gametap Log File:
Modified Log File:
Steam Version:
Battlefield 3:
Battlefield 4:
Battlefield 1:
Battlefield 2:
Battlefield Bad Company 2:
Battlefield Hardline:
Battlefield 4