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1-hour reminders to drink water.
No settings to fiddle with.
App is not distracting in any way.
Just a glass-shaped progress bar.
The app is not a million miles away from the first one we reviewed — Stay-HD — but there are plenty of important differences that make this app worth your time.
First, it uses the Electron framework, so it should be compatible with all major desktop operating systems.
It’s easy to use, but not in a way that’s going to make you wish you never downloaded it. In fact, the app is as unassuming as it is useful.
If you’re looking for a solution to track your water intake without the need to be obsessively checking your smartphone, this is one of the apps you should consider.
Do note that it’s a Windows-only app, but hey, you’re reading this on a Mac, so if it’s a deal-breaker, you’re probably fine.

staying hydrated is a simple yet effective desktop app. The app’s main feature — water reminders — might not sound all that useful, but the app is smart enough to identify how long it’s been since you’ve had some water. If you need a reminder to drink more water, this app is for you.

There are no bells or whistles, but the app does have some advantages. It’s easy to use and, importantly, it’s non-distracting. On the app’s home screen, you’re greeted with a full-screen glass with a visual progress bar and a reminder to “Drink More Water.” Clicking the glass will dismiss the reminder and bring up the timeline for the reminder, and if you want to reset the timeline, you can just click the glass again.

When it comes to water, some people are very good at getting water, and some are not so good. With this app, you can remind yourself to drink some water by checking the timeline every hour. Clicking the timeline gives you the option to “drink more water” or “I’m out.” Once you click the “drink more water” option, you’ll receive a one-hour reminder to drink some water.

The app lets you choose between reminders for one hour, two hours, three hours or four hours. I’ve never had a


Stay-Hydrated is a simple, informative, one-minute-reminder-about-drinking-water.
You can choose which interval of minutes you want to have a reminder (so you can decide to “strive” for 30 minutes or just get a reminder for 10 minutes) and you can even make your water glass shape.
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Stay-hydrated Activation

1 hour Water reminders and hydration tracking.
1 minute Water reminder and hydration tracking.
One-minute Water reminder and hydration tracking.
Ad-supported Version
What’s New
– Fix memory leak
Version 1.0.1
Version 1.0
Apple’s “stay-hydrated” app.
Installing the app.
Using the app.
Reporting bugs.
“Stay-hydrated” app (beta)
“Stay-hydrated” app screenshot
“Stay-hydrated” app
“Stay-hydrated” app on the App Store
“Stay-hydrated” app on the Google Play Store
I think “stay-hydrated” is a nice app, if a little shallow.

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App ChangeLog

Version 1.0.1

– Fix memory leak



All it takes is a quick glance to realize just how easy it is to get way too caught up in work in this day and age. Hours pass by, tasks are dealt with, but our bodies take the ultimate toll, especially without proper care.
One of the simplest things to do for your health is to stay hydrated. It may seem funny or overly simplistic, but drinking enough water has a ton of benefits.
Scientists often point out that staying well-hydrated can improve mood and cognition, but it also helps regulate the body’s temperature, keep joints lubricated, and deliver all the required nutrients to all our cells and organs.
Use a hydration reminder or try stay-hydrated (the app)
Thankfully, nowadays, it’s quite easy to get notified about staying hydrated. We have smartwatches, smartphones, tons of mobile apps, and even browser extensions that get this job done easily.
However, if you want something more “local,” you could try a desktop app appropriately named stay-hydrated. It’s a basic Electron-based app that offers you hourly reminders to drink water.
In terms of features. well, there aren’t any. You just get a glass-shaped progress bar, and when the water disappears, you can replenish it (meaning you reset the 1-hour timer) by clicking the “Drink” button.
To pause the timer, you can click

What’s New In?

Stay-Hydrated is a minimalist desktop utility that alerts you at set intervals to remind you to keep drinking water. Stay-Hydrated is a minimalist desktop utility that alerts you at set intervals to remind you to keep drinking water. Features:
– Stay-Hydrated is an application for the desktop environment.
– In the event of a water shortage, it shows the percentage of water in the glass and informs you when the water has disappeared.
– Setting reminder every hour.
– You can pause the application with one click to let you resume your daily routine.
– Take a screenshot of the water glass (see options).
– The application is fully customizable, but you can just as easily run it as an application without any customizations.
– Stay-Hydrated was created using Electron, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Python.
– Stay-Hydrated was built to be a clean, usable, and distraction-free application.
GitHub Repo:
Android App:
App Store:

published:18 Mar 2018


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