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SpecExpress Crack Keygen is a fluent validation framework for.NET, supporting data driven validation as well as traditional attribute based validation. It allows for separation of concerns in your application; placing validation responsibilities for individual properties in the specification, rather than the class.
SpecExpress Serial Key also offers an MVVM pattern to support multiple languages, extensibility and integration with Visual Studio for easy prototyping. SpecExpress is also highly configurable and allows for the rules to be based off of Data Annotation attributes, or entirely specified.


I’ve used BestValidation as well and I can recommend it.
I’ve created with it an application that uses BV, states and annotations (more or less configurable) and it is working great on bigger projects. It’s not free and does have some “old” bugs but it’s the best one that I’ve seen.

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SpecExpress 2017 Latest

SpecExpress Product Key (pronounced Spexy) is a fluent validation framework and container for.Net.


Be aware of how you structure your data. If you have many entities that all need to have their own validation, that could be a problem. It would be better to create a ValidationService class that has a method to Validate(object entity). The Validate method would then have code like the following:
public bool ValidateProperty(string propertyName, object entity)
if(entity == null) throw new ArgumentNullException(“entity”);
return validator.Validate(entity, propertyName);

Validation can then be grouped based on what you are trying to validate in the application. Your web site would have data validation that doesn’t have access to your db schema. A user would have only have data validation if their selections are not always the same. A different business logic would have different validation needs, so you can have it grouped by what domain you are working in. This way you have a logical separation of validation related to the application.
As far as using it in web applications, there are two things you need to take into account:

Showing Form Events

If you are using Visual Studio’s data templates, you will need to think about how you are doing your data binding. By default, data templates in Visual Studio will bind to properties on your classes. It is ok to bind to private properties, but you will need to manually set the databinding for public properties.
You will need to do this because DataTemplates for controls will not get keyed off public properties, only data bound properties. The control that is being generated is bound to the public property, but the data is bound to the private one. Your data class will need to have the public property that is being displayed. Then, instead of having to write a separate data template for the form element, you can just use the same datat template and bind to the public property instead of the private one.
Showing Form Events
You can handle the OnLoad() event for an aspx page. Most of the time you will want to handle it using Page.DataBind(), but if you need to dynamically update properties that are related to the data binding (ie. a button that is automatically created based on a property on the page

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If you’ve ever come across something like this:
[Required(ErrorMessage = “Address is required”)]
public string Address {get; set;}

You may have wanted to use SpecExpress to eliminate the duplication of the ErrorMessages. SpecExpress does all the hard work of setting the error messages for the particular validation rules. SpecExpress also provides a fluent interface for defining validation specifications that looks a lot cleaner and easier to read.
SpecExpress is MIT licensed under the MIT license.


I like ConfidenceCode


ASP.NET MVC3 validation features should not work for ASP.NET Webforms, but I recommend you check out the following validation frameworks



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What’s New In SpecExpress?

SpecExpress is a fluent validation framework and container that makes it easier to write validation rules and validate your objects. SpecExpress also offers integration with ASP.NET WebForms and eliminates duplication of your validation rules.


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SchemaExpress was created by Thinktecture in 2007 in an attempt to create a viable open-source.Net validation framework.

SchemaExpress aims to be a better solution for validation than regular DLL’s. Unlike other.Net validation frameworks, SchemaExpress uses rules to validate data instead of Attributes. With this new approach, SchemaExpress is designed to be an easy-to-manage validation framework.

SchemaExpress Description:

SchemaExpress is a fluent validation framework that provides a scripting layer for creating a Validation Rule Set. A Rule Set in SchemaExpress is an extension of a Schema and contains a collection of Rules for all the fields for a particular schema. The Validation of an object is done through a validation Rule Set, and is executed through a Scripting Layer.


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OpenAPI was created to be an open-source data exchange standard. It defines REST-based APIs (in contrast to SOAP-based APIs) that provide a means for requesting and issuing them. It also provides a framework for consuming the APIs through application programming interfaces.

OpenAPI Description:

OpenAPI 3.0 simplifies the way that you use and interact with API specifications by providing a reference implementation and two easy-to-use tools for generating the first draft of your API. The framework is an open, extensible specification reference definition for REST-based APIs and allows you to define your API specification using a subset of Swagger 2.0.


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OpenXava is a simple library for generating Swagger 2.0 response objects for.Net Web APIs. It is freely available on NuGet and can be used to automatically generate Swagger 2.0 documentation for your Web API controllers.

Swagger is a specification for defining an API. OpenXava is a simple library for generating Swagger 2.0 response objects for.Net Web APIs. It is freely available on NuGet and can be used to automatically generate Swagger 2.0 documentation for your Web API controllers.


System Requirements For SpecExpress:

Microsoft Windows 7/8
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Internet Explorer 9+
Adobe Flash 11.2+
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