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Despite the fact that it’s been available for years, not everyone has heard of DNS Spy, especially those who haven’t yet gained solid knowledge of the internet.
What DNS Spy is and why it’s important
As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, DNS Spy is a DNS Spy, a software program that can record DNS queries. In other words, it can record the individual names and the IP addresses that, once queried, will render the requested website. The software itself, created by Damien Calhoun,
is free for personal use, but is meant to be used for research purposes only.
Benefits of using DNS Spy
Since the program works through DNS queries, it can be used to track multiple networks simultaneously, even on different subnets. That way, the user can capture hundreds or thousands of records in a few hours.
As the program updates at the push of a button, you’ll be able to see if individual records change, which will reveal if your own servers change. That’s not only helpful if you’re using a CDN for your own domains, but it can even help you find out if your server’s IP address has been changed, which can give you the heads-up about a security breach.
DNS Spy is also helpful if you’re looking to perform penetration tests: we’ve all had plenty of nightmares about surfing the internet from behind the firewall, but the truth is that this is usually the result of a security breach. DNS Spy has you covered, and you can even record sessions lasting days if you want to.
In summary, DNS Spy is an all-around useful tool, and we’re happy to have it be part of the CNET’s 2013 Editors’ Choice awards.
How to use DNS Spy
DNS Spy is a great tool if you need a way to check your DNS, but how do you get started? Fortunately, there’s a web interface that makes it easier than ever to use.
Step 1: Install DNS Spy
The first thing to do is to download and install DNS Spy. Click on the link below and save it on your computer.
Once the download is complete, launch the software and click “Add Server”. You can add either a local server, or a server on the same network. The installation will take some time, but that’s to be expected.
Step 2: Configure DNS Spy
After the installation is complete, you’ll need to create a free account on the DNS Spy website. The process

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NOVA SEO was created with a single goal in mind: making sure that every aspect of your website is optimized to help your business grow. It is a full-featured SEO package, with tools, information, and other features to help you improve your search rankings.
However, no matter how much you know about SEO, you will need a little bit of help to get it done. That is why we created a dedicated software called SEO SpyGlass. This revolutionary tool is able to help you improve your search engine rankings, by providing you with an easy way to see where your site was hacked, and which backlinks were affected by it.
As it is most likely the biggest problem for our webmasters, this tool will be fully covered:

How to identify if your domain has been hacked

How to find the source of a hack

How to remove hacked backlinks

How to avoid being hacked again

Generate a customized report

We will be able to fully answer your question about SEO SpyGlass while covering the features of this revolutionary app.

SEO SpyGlass Key Features:

Shows you your backlinks and source of a hacked domain

Shows you your domains which are linked to a hacked domain

Shows you the top 5 most frequent and most authoritative backlinks

Shows you your most linked domains and most linked webpages

Shows you your most linked links with anchor text

Shows you the top 10 most popular backlinks with anchor text

Shows you domains which lost all their backlinks

Shows you domains which lost a backlink

Shows you domains which received a new backlink

Shows you domains which received a link from another domain

Shows you domains which were redirected from a hacked domain

Shows you domains which received a link from a hacked domain

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What’s New in the?

SEO SpyGlass description:

SEO SpyGlass for Windows (2012-2013). Free download of SEO SpyGlass 1.6.6, size 1.51 Mb.
SEO SpyGlass is a free tool that provides a quick look at the information about your online presence and your backlinks. The tool also provides you with easy ways to analyze and increase your SEO performance.

Discover your ranking
Almost all of the information you want about your internet position is offered with SEO SpyGlass. You can look up SEO stats by the month, year or backlinks on your domain.
While most of the information offers on SEO SpyGlass is self-explanatory, you can even compare your internet presence with your competitors, and get more information on your online footprint.
Your relationship with your backlinks
In the Backlinks tab, you can get more information about backlinks on your website. Detailed information for each link can be found right away.
Like most SEO tools, SEO SpyGlass works best if you learn how to use it properly. It’s best that you know what you want to look for before you begin using the tool, and to know what your SEO goals are when you begin. If you have some experience with SEO, you can get a good idea of what the tool is capable of by browsing through the free information on their website, and working on your site to see what information is available to you. If you have a site which you have been working to improve, this tool will provide you with information about what you may be able to do to get ahead.
With SEO SpyGlass, you will receive a constant stream of information on your website, which will help you optimize your page and your site.


November 30, 2012


Features & Performance:

Usability & Ease of Use:



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SEO SpyGlass is a great tool to use to get a better view of your back links.

You can know your internet position and the back links that are pointing to your domain.

This tool will provide you with a detailed back link report that includes all the back links of your domain.

With SEO SpyGlass, you can easily find the backlinks to your site and see the differences with your competitors.

This tool will help you clean up your backlinks.

System Requirements For SEO SpyGlass:

Version 1.6.8 has been optimised for performance. Minimum system requirements are:

Operating System: Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion (64-bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.5 Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
Graphics: ATI/Nvidia, 645, 2048×1152,
Sound: Earphones/Microphone, stereo,
Screen Resolution: 1280×800
2 GHz Dual Core