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For those interested in 3D modelling and animation, it is a very complicated and difficult to master digital art that requires extensive programs and tools. RaySupreme is an application that allows users to create 3D models, animate and render them, all within the same program, along with a vast array of additional tools and features to support the process.
A daunting and confusing interface that displays a wealth of information and options
For new users, or users unfamiliar with 3D modeling programs, many will be completely lost when they first open RaySupreme. The interface is not badly designed, it just chooses to present a great deal of its options and features in the main window, making it quite difficult to navigate at first and potentially extremely confusing.
Fortunately, RaySupreme seems to be aware of this problem and goes some lengths to help with it. The program includes very robust offline documentation, that includes detailed images and diagrams to make the interface even more understandable. The application is not free, but it is not expensive, so the inclusion of such detailed help documentation is not expected, but very welcome.
A robust amount of options and tools that provide the program with excellent versatility
While it could be argued that the program perhaps is trying to do much, instead of focusing on one particular area exclusively, RaySupreme does provide good tools for all of its three areas. There is a host of modelling tools, options, even different textures included for the modelling section. The animation area includes various basic animation settings, and the rendering area works surprisingly quickly.
There is definitely room for improvement in the range of animation options on offer, yet the program makes up for it by offering advantages in other areas. RaySupreme includes a text to 3D mode, script options and tools, NodeGrapth support, templates and more.
An extremely versatile application that offers a great deal of options and customization
In short, RaySupreme is a jack of all traits style application that can do a lot of things very well, but is not specialized in one particular area. Users looking for a specific program for a specific need might feel disappointed, but for those who want a more comprehensive application, RaySupreme is a reliable and solid choice.







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RaySupreme is a universal and intuitive 3D modeling and animation application. Whether it’s for professional use or amateur use, it is powerful, versatile and easy to use. It supports all major formats of 3D model files such as OBJ, FBX, Unity, Collada, STEP, Voxel. You can easily edit with any graphics software, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and many others. You can import or export all formats of 3D model files, including 3D Studio, Zbrush, V-Ray, Arnold, Maya, ArchiCAD, Modo, and Unity. The interface is very intuitive and easy to learn.
– Change model, texture, color, and animation of models, text, and scripts quickly.
– The interface is very easy to use.
– Modifying a model directly and quickly.
– There are functions to change and add on all the objects on a model.
– There are functions to add and remove all the scripts on a model.
– Edit a model in any 3D CAD software.
– There are functions to create a full model from a part model.
– There are functions to render a 3D model.
– There is a function to add texture, coloring, and animation to a model.
– The model is converted into a texture.
– Export and import all kinds of model files.
– The model files can be selected one by one.
– There are functions to merge models or merge them into one.
– There are functions to extract and extract a model from a 3D CAD software.
– There are functions to cut out a model.
– There are functions to cut a model into a model.
– There are functions to combine and split models.
– There are functions to save the animation, and export the animation.
– There are functions to export the animation to video, audio, 3D modelling software, Flash, JPEG, PNG, BMP, MPEG, AVI, SWF.
– There are functions to render the animation.
– There are functions to add effects such as fire, water, fog, reflection, and others.
– There are functions to project the animation to HTML5, or VGA, or MOV, or MP4, or animated GIF, or animated Gif, or animated GIF, or animated SWF, or animated JPG, or animated PNG, or animated MNG, or animated SV

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System Requirements For RaySupreme:

You will need to have the Homebrew Launcher installed, but you can use the Google Play version to sideload this app (see the FAQ section of the Play Store for more details on that).
Xbox 360 Xbox One
Requires OS version >= 5.0
Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit
Intel Core i3-380M 2.13 GHz or AMD FX-4170 2.9 GHz
1366×768 screen resolution
DirectX 11 GPU (NVIDIA or AMD)