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Developed as an open source piece of software, qmol allows you to calculate the molecular weight and elemental composition of a formula.
All you have to do is input the chemical formula you want the program to calculate. Furthermore, qmol allows you to add and define your own custom group symbols.


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Qmol Crack + Free [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

qmol Crack Mac is a free Java-based program to calculate the molecular weight and
the elemental composition of a chemical formula. It has three main
1) to calculate the molecular weight, the molecular formula and the
elementary composition.
2) to add and define custom group symbols (letters or numbers,…)
and their weight. The user can later enter a custom formula by using
these custom group symbols.
3) to print the result in several formats, to save it, to send it as
email attachment, and so on…

Why Use qmol

qmol works with any standard chemical formula. It is not restricted to
certain types of compounds or elements. It can be used in any situation
where it is required to determine the molecular weight and the
elementary composition of a formula.

qmol Requirements

Java 5 or later,
open JDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and Java SE 7
JRE 5 or later,
open JDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and Java SE 7
OS Linux, Windows (XP/Vista/7)

To install qmol, please follow the instructions below.

Unzip the jar file (qmol.zip) in a place where you can find it later.
Go to your JAVA_HOME directory and add the qmol-5.0.jar file.
(Most likely: $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\charsets.properties)
If you still cannot see the qmol menu option, make sure that you
have the latest Java SE Development Kit (JDK) installed in your JAVA_HOME
directory and that the Java runtime is properly selected for use with
Unzip the tar file (qmol.tar.gz) in a place where you can find it later.
Go to the directory where you want to install qmol and run tar xvzf
For example: cd qmol-5.0/
make install
(Optional, for the bootstrap package)
If you still cannot see the

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* #define* G the universal group
* #define* D the halogen group
* #define* S the hydrogen sulfide group
* #define* P the phosphate group
* #define* O the hydroxyl group
* #define* NA the nontransferable group
* #define* SO the sulfonyl group
* #define* CO the carboxyl group
* #define* A the amide group
* #define* AO the aldehyde group
* #define* OO the ketone group
* #define* C the carbon group
* #define* N the nitrogen group
* #define* NE the nitro group
* #define* Pn the phosphine group
* #define* As the sulfenamide group
* #define* Bn the boron group
* #define* L the halogen group
* #define* Al the aluminium group
* #define* Ga the gallium group
* #define* In the indium group
* #define* Sn the tin group
* #define* Sb the antimony group
* #define* Te the tellurium group
* #define* I the iodine group
* #define* X the xenon group
* #define* Ar the argon group
* #define* K the potassium group
* #define* R the carbon-nitrogen group
* #define* NR the carbon-nitrogen-nitrogen group
* #define* RN the carbon-nitrogen-sulfur group
* #define* NS the carbon-sulfur group
* #define* OS the carbon-sulfur-sulfur group
* #define* CC the carbon-carbon group
* #define* CCN the carbon-carbon-nitrogen group
* #define* CCS the carbon-carbon-sulfur group
* #define* CN the carbon-nitrogen group
* #define* NC the carbon-nitrogen-nitrogen group
* #define* CCS the carbon-carbon-sulfur group
* #define* CS the carbon-sulfur group
* #define* SC the carbon-sulfur-sulfur group
* #define* PS the phosphorus-sulfur group
* #define* AS the arylsulfonyl group
* #define* S the aromatic sulfur group

Qmol With Full Keygen [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

qmol is a multi-purpose application that can calculate and visualize molecular weight, atomic composition and formula of a number of different types of compounds, including compounds with elemental, molecular or ionic bonds. qmol can also perform solubility calculations, determine the molar mass of a molecular or ionic species and more.
qmol has a simple and easy to understand user interface. It has an intuitive color-coded display that allows you to scan through your molecule quickly to see what all the components are, how they’re bonded together, and how they contribute to the overall molecular weight of your molecule.

Key Features:

Calculates and visualizes molecular weight and atomic composition of compounds.

Calculates elemental composition of compounds.

Calculates and visualizes formulas of molecules and elements.

Compounds can be added, edited, calculated and displayed using a simplified user interface.

Add, edit, and calculate custom group symbols and molar mass.

Click on a symbol to reveal a pop-up menu of group symbols.

qmol Info:

This is the desktop version of qmol. This application is not intended to run on your browser. If you need to use qmol on your browser, go here.

This is a single file application. It may be moved without risk to any place on your hard drive and executed without alteration.

Version 3.7 is just around the corner. I’ve added a significant amount of support for ionic compounds and added support for custom group symbols.

I’d really appreciate it if you could vote for qmol in the Softpedia’s SoftWays user review program. Thank you!

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14 Responses to “qmol Description”

I’m running it on the latest version from here. I can open a formula and it ‘seems’ to work (there’s a ‘popup’ message that says ‘could not find element’). When I select the corresponding row in the pop-up, it closes the window and says ‘pop-up closed unexpectedly’. Has anyone else experienced this?

When you

What’s New In?

qmol is a 3D molecular viewer and molecular editor with a set of built-in molecule editors for the most common elements. It allows you to work on molecules in a 3D fashion. You can drag and drop molecules from the 3D Molecular viewer into your desktop or save them as standard.x3mol files. You can modify the existing molecules as well. The atomic orbitals and partial charges can be calculated for free. The hydrogens can be added, deleted or dragged around to form rings or molecules. You can also edit the polarizability of the molecules. The program offers various visualization options for viewing your molecules in 3D. A most useful 3D editor is included, which allows you to create molecules and align them using an automatic minimization.

The.x3mol format is used to save the molecules you have created. qmol can be started using the standard double click, open file dialog. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your molecules from the application’s 3D molecular viewer to the desktop.

qmol is a 3D Molecular viewer with a 3D editor, a visualizer, and several applications for working with molecules. The program comes with a complete molecular editor, a molecule viewer, an editor for custom group symbols, a data bank for custom and natural group symbols, a chemistry editor, a molecular visualizer, and a 3D editor for your molecules.

Python 2.7, Python 3.x, PyQt5, PySide2, PySide2-Qt5, PySide3, PySide3-Qt5, PyQt4, PyQt4-Qt5

Source code:
qmol is a free open source project. The source code is available at
You can submit bug reports, feature requests, and offer suggestions for the project using the “Report a Bug” and “Feature Request” sections. If you would like to discuss a feature or bug, you can do so in the corresponding forum topic.

qmol is free software.

The 3D editor allows you to create and save.x3mol files.

qmol is free and donationware software. A donation would be greatly appreciated. You can do so by using a PayPal account.

qmol is developed by David Bauernschmitt.

If you think qmol is useful to you, you can donate via PayPal.

qmol was tested on Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Linux.

See the source code versioning history.

If you find a bug in qmol, report it. If the bug has already been reported, please do not open a new issue. For the exact version of qmol that

System Requirements:

This mod is to be installed using FTB Explorer. Please make sure you have the latest version (1.9.10).
1. Receive permission from the authors.
2. If you would like to donate, please send me a PM.
3. Download the mod. Extract to the main\TODD\Files directory. Unzip the.package file.
4. Install the mod.
5. Continue.