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I prefer to use GIMP for image manipulation as it lacks Photoshop’s many features. However, it’s possible to achieve many of the same edits in Photoshop that GIMP does. It also has a smaller file size than Photoshop, although Photoshop takes longer to render the image once you’re finished working on it. No matter which type of image manipulation software you use, basic concepts are the same, so let’s begin by discussing the types of images you can create before we show you how you can make adjustments in the next section. Finding your types of images Knowing what types of images you can create will help you to ensure that you have the right program for the task you need to accomplish. Finding images Your image can be a photo, a print, an illustration, or a graphic. And because photos are the most common type of image and because most novice users don’t have the chops to create many other types of images, that’s what we’re going to focus on in this section. Most people understand and have access to a photo or two because it’s so easy to take and because most people who work with the Internet share such images. However, that’s only half of the story. You can also take photos with any camera — even your cell phone camera — and those images can become some of your best assets. Other than photos and illustrations, you can create other types of images. Whether you want to create something like a chart, a recipe, a graphic like a logo or a web icon, a map, or a wallpaper, you can use a graphics program to create it. You may not realize that even the most popular graphics programs offer capabilities to create all these types of images. So, before you jump into designing and sharing images, you need to know about the types of images you can create and how to use the tools available to you. In the following sections, we explore some of the ways you can find images for your editing. Photography Photography has been a popular form of media for hundreds of years. Whether in the form of black-and-white film or color film or a digital image, photos offer unique advantages in the world of imaging. They’re portable and inexpensive, widely available, and take up minimal space. Because of these characteristics, you can just about include them in any type of imaging you may create. Some of the advantages of photography include The ability to quickly capture large

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1. Features Adobe Photoshop Elements Features • Basic edits • Improved filters • Adjustment layers • Raw support • Support for large files • Import and export • Option to open multiple images at once • Option to create and edit smart objects • Option to use the “record your screen” button • Various keyboard shortcuts • Resize images with just a click • Conversion between different image formats • Option to use PSD files to save edits • Option to search for keywords in images • Option to select merged layers • Option to use transparent frames • Option to make PDFs or PSDs • Export as SVG or JPEG • Various image formats for export: PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TGA, PCD, EPS, etc. • Option to place images as smart objects • Option to rotate, flip, and crop images • Option to make adjustments to different parts of an image • Various selection tools • Layer styles • Rectangular and elliptical selections • Rectangular selections with grid • Flattening of images • Option to create a multilayer selection • Option to add a border or shadow to an image • Option to do black-and-white conversions • Adjustments such as color curves • Convert to black and white • Option to make brightness or contrast adjustments • Option to adjust color balance • Option to adjust the brightness and darkness • Option to adjust the grayscale • Option to sharpen or smooth images • Option to add vignette effects or do Black and White Edit Images in Photoshop Elements Elements 2020 Adobe Photoshop Elements has all the features that you would expect from a professional version of the software. It is a photo editor and a graphics editor all in one. It can both create and edit images, crop, flip, rotate, merge images, add filters and effects to create new images, and more. It can edit large files with ease, it also allows you to import and export images in any format you may need. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful piece of software that allows photographers, graphic designers, web designers, graphic designers, web designers, and many more to a681f4349e

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Q: How to make pipe in map or lapply? I have a function that makes a dataframe by computing a sum of columns, and I want to make a large number of summary dataframes using lapply or map. The code is library(dplyr) df % group_by(x, y, z) %>% summarise(Sum = sum(x, y, z)) } lapply(c(1:100), sum_df) But it takes a very long time, maybe an hour or more. I wondered if there were ways to make this more efficient. There may be an option for the pipe operator A: Short answer is no. map does not avoid its need to create a temporary data frame. Check this out, using mtcars as an example: require(microbenchmark) map(mcars, f = function(x){ x %>% group_by(cyl) %>% summarise(mean(disp)) }) Result: Unit: milliseconds

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Q: What should the site name and description be? This is clearly the most important question to ask. 🙂 But, what exactly should the question ask? And what do people think of these two statements: 1) When is a Windows HOSTS file safe to use? 2) What is the correct way to deal with a file containing mostly comments? Since this is such an important matter, I’m going to assume that it is important enough to have its own meta post. Here’s my plan: Why don’t we vote on which of these two statements above is the best possible wording for the title of this site? Then, when sufficient support is gathered, we can draft the description of the site, using a vote or consensus as a guide. Then, we can vote on the final description. Let’s do it! A: I’d say that questions tagged as “hosts” should be considered off-topic. I understand the reasoning behind it (“Linux’s are more vulnerable”), but I think that this is an overextension of the philosophy behind the “windows hosts file” banner. The last question you’ve mentioned is a perfect candidate for this site; you can come up with whatever description you like, but the question is something along the lines of: I’m trying to figure out why my intranet site (a PHP app written in my Ubuntu machine) can’t connect to the internet when I run it. I’ve found that by removing the lines that say localhost in the hosts file it can connect, but I’m afraid that the sites still won’t be able to reach the outside world. Can you help me out? A: Any file containing mostly comments is not a safe configuration. You should be able to edit them out. The way to do that is to open the file in a plain text editor and replace the comments with \x0A, \x0D, or \x00. // is. We cannot use the memcpy API as we need to match the // behaviour of std::strcpy. char *dst = static_cast(;

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