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* ****Preview a layer and see all the layers in that layer and all its effects on other layers. In addition, when you make changes to a layer, you can preview the changes on all the other layers on the image. You can always duplicate a layer to get a copy of the layer with its modifications.

* ****The Layers panel, shown in Figure 3-1, shows you layers and the effects they have on one another.

Figure 3-1. The Layers panel (shown here with one layer) reveals all layers and their effects.

* ****The Comp mode, shown in Figure 3-2, describes the way the two images are connected—that is, how one image is on top of another. In this mode, usually one image is the _source_ and the other is the _destination_, but the images can swap roles—i.e., the destination can become the source and the other way around. You see options for blending modes (like soft light) and working with masks, as well as the conversion of pixels to another format.

Figure 3-2. You can choose from different modes for blending images together. The most common mode is the normal mode.

* ****The Fill mode (shown in Figure 3-3) explains how a layer is filled with the background color. You have eight choices for the fill: Background, Color, Gradient, Pattern, Overlay, Gradient Mesh, Gradient Mesh Pattern, and Pattern Mesh. You can set an image as a background to be printed, printed to a printer with a special setting, or placed over a layer with the _Replace with New Content_ option.

Figure 3-3. These choices help determine how a layer is filled. You can choose a background from a library of 16,500 color samples. Or use a pattern or a simple color.

* ****The Channels panel (Figure 3-4) also has a function, which is explained in the next chapter. But it’s an excellent way to examine the details of an image. Each channel holds a certain quality of color—Red, Green, Blue, or Cyan (color) or Opacity (how much of the underlying layer is visible). You can hide or show channels with the eye icon at the upper right of the panel or by right-clicking a channel and selecting Hide or Show.

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This guide will help you to know how to use Photoshop Elements.

When Is Photoshop Elements Best?

If you only need a graphics editor for hobbyists, or if you wish to edit images on a smartphone, or if you can’t afford Photoshop for all the features, then Photoshop Elements is the ideal program for you.

Since it does not have a wide range of professional features, you’ll have to be patient and use your imagination to finish projects. So before you decide whether you want to use Photoshop Elements, check if these features will help you in your next project.

Image editing

When you want to edit an image for personal use and get only basic editing tools like:

Resize an image

Adjust colors, adjust brightness, contrast, tint, and saturation of an image

Change the hue, saturation, and lightness of an image

You’ll need Photoshop Elements if you want to edit several images in the same project.

Powerful drawing tools

When you work on personal projects or at a company, you may need to draw plans for the next project on a whiteboard or in the palm of your hand. The Photoshop Elements desktop app has a variety of drawing tools.

The Tool Charts feature and drawing tools enable you to draw objects, symbols, text, and shapes. Every drawing tool has a convenient button so you don’t have to click a button twice in case you want to switch between pencil, stylus, and circle tools.

You’ll need Photoshop Elements if you create custom fonts, animations or 3D images for animated videos or 3D video games.

Image viewing

When you want to view images, you’ll need Photoshop Elements for the following purposes:

Show live previews and adjust the layout of your image

Resize an image and crop the center or corners

You’ll use the Image Editing tools to edit the images that you view.

Creating a presentation

When you deliver a project, use a simple presentation software to save time and avoid lost presentations. You can easily create a presentation, embed images, add animations, and export the presentation in many formats.

You’ll need Photoshop Elements when you want to create a brochure in a few minutes or an interactive presentation in just a few clicks.

Gif Animator

Whether you have a simple vector photo or a complex

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