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Adobe Photoshop is used for work such as:

Creating business cards

Creating logos and other graphic design elements

Printing photos, graphics, and text

Re-purposing old photos

One of the most important skills that you should learn with Photoshop is Color Correcting. A color corrector tool is important to having a finished product that reflects the picture you see in your mind. There are 3 types of color correctors in Photoshop. The first being Color Curves.


Curves is an in-built, free Photoshop function that allows you to adjust color balance of images. With this feature, you can re-map a color balance range from a black and white image to pure color. It’s incredibly useful for brightening dark/low contrast images.

There’s also two other tools in Photoshop that allow you to more precisely fine-tune the color balance. The two main tools are Curves and Levels.


Levels is a fairly complex tool but it allows you to fine-tune a color balance from the darkest shade in a picture to the brightest shade. Levels is available through the Map option in the Curves tool.

The three main tools in Photoshop are Canvas, Curves, and Levels.

Final Composite

In our example, the color balance settings of Levels were applied to the entire image.


In Photoshop, the layers are divided into several categories. What each category represents varies by the program and the features available.

Blending Mode:

The Blending Mode makes the selection of what portions of an image you want visible and the other portion not. The three main Blending Modes are:

No Blending: No Blending allows you to create a matte or mask like when you’re using a print design. You can layer in an image and reveal/ hide parts of the image by moving the layer beneath the one that you want to appear and disappearing the layer beneath it.

Soft Light Blending: Soft Light Blending gives an image a wash of light.

Hard Light Blending: Hard Light Blending gives an image a more consistent light. This is often helpful when working on a project that has different light sources.


The opacity of a layer is the amount of visible content (objects in this case) that’s on that layer. The opacity is a percentage.


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What can you do with Photoshop Elements?

Firstly, Photoshop Elements is a good choice if you’re a budding photographer. It comes with a large library of templates, with which you can quickly build images. It is a great addition to your photography arsenal because it is just a click away from your smartphone.

As a graphics editor, Photoshop Elements can do a lot more than you can with Photoshop. For example, it has a free-form vector tool to make sophisticated cuts or to paste objects, effects or gradients.

In addition, its free-form masking tool lets you erase portions of any layer in your image. With just a few simple tools and easy-to-understand instructions, you can build any kind of image you desire.

If you’re a video editor or have a desire to improve your workflow, you’ll also find that Photoshop Elements can give you some of the best tools to work with.

Requirements for Photoshop Elements

To work with Photoshop Elements, you’ll need either a PC or Mac. Photoshop Elements is available for both Windows and macOS.

You also need to be at least 12 years old to download Photoshop Elements for free and have an internet connection.

Many bloggers use Photoshop Elements.

What’s in Photoshop Elements 11?

Released in June 2018, Photoshop Elements 11 is compatible with Windows 10. Although it’s initially available for Windows, macOS 10.11 is expected to add support for Photoshop Elements 11 in the next year.

The update is available to download from Adobe’s website at a cost of $69.99 or free if you’re using a major version of Adobe Creative Cloud. You also get free updates each year once you’ve paid the full price.

As an alternative to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements 11 works with the latest versions of macOS and Windows.

When you open Photoshop Elements, you’ll find that it has a considerably smaller file size than its predecessor. The most significant difference between the new version and the old is that it now supports 64-bit macOS or Windows.

Another change in this update is that it only has two tabs at the top. It’s now called the Spot Healing Brush. The other tab is the Guided Edit, which displays the levels and hue adjustment sliders.

Compared to Photoshop


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‘Stations of the Cross,’ painted by John Everett Millais, is perfect for church decoration

A new British exhibition of modern art, ‘Saints and Sirens: Illustration and the Revitalization of the Goddess,’ is opening at the Young Art Gallery at the Royal Academy in London next month.

The exhibition, featuring illustrations from H.G. Wells, Charles Darwin and other writers, includes a number of pictures from “Stations of the Cross,” a famous artist’s series painted by John Everett Millais in 1894. The show also contains his paintings “Otho” (1894) and “The Crab” (1904).

The Young Art Gallery, founded in 1864 and located at the Royal Academy of Arts, aims to promote emerging talent in the visual arts in the UK. It is currently celebrating the 100th anniversary of the teaching of art in the UK’s secondary schools.

“The exhibition at the Young Art Gallery features work by a number of artists who were inspired by their interest in the goddesses of the Ancient World and Christianity, as well as classics such as Artemidorus’ Dicta deorum and the work of John of Treviso,” wrote the gallery in a press release announcing the exhibition. “Millais’ paintings, exhibited here for the first time, allow us to see how the artistic ideas developed by these poets and writers informed this work.”

“Saints and Sirens” explores the role of the female goddess in medieval art, with a particular focus on British writers, artists and philosophers. The exhibition is organized by artists Katie Barlow, Shelley Bowers, Hannah de Montfort, Cristina Giorgio, Claire Horton, Isobel Kennedy, Allison McKenzie, Marita Nguyen, Laura Raffaele and Natélia Salvatto.

The show runs Feb. 20 to May 12 at the Young Art Gallery, located at 6 Burlington Gardens in the Strand. Admission is free.


[Photograph: NUI Galway students (left) struggle to keep a camera steady as they capture the world’s highest fire from a drone; (right) A Mexican student (third from left) captures the world’s highest fire from a drone]


[Photograph: At high pressure and temperature

What’s New In?


ARM vs x86 instruction sets

I just noticed, that x86 instruction set supports floating point math operation, while ARM doesn’t. Do you have any idea why did ARM use to do like this?
I mean, the x86 instruction set(and MIPS) supports floating point operations, so why didn’t they embed the floating point format in it and use more registers instead of using stack?


Floating point is not the only operation ARM doesn’t have. They also lack full scale algebra, bit manipulation, bit shift, etc. Add to that their very limited register set (4, but often even less than that). Also read this question and this article (top answer).


ARM v8-A and x86 are very similar instruction-sets and both have been around for many years. The important differences are the ISAs. Although both v8-A and x86 instruction sets follow the CISC model, the primary differences are that v8-A ISA also has Strong Memory Model and requires all instructions to have a destination operand, while x86 allows for more relaxed memory model, more relaxed SIMD/VLIW support, and more relaxed micro-architecture support. While the ISAs are similar, there are many differences.
While you are correct that v8-A instruction set does not have floating point support, this is only for the lack of a single MMU, a single FPU, and lack of a floating-point unit. The v8-A instruction set is almost identical to x86 instruction set.
The v8-A instruction set does have strong memory model. The v8-A instruction set also includes a call instruction, which is unusual for a CISC instruction set, but common for RISC instruction sets, such as ARM. The v8-A instruction set does not have a stack-frame, making it a RTOS ISA, so v8-A does not support compiler abstraction of resources like MMU, memory, and FPU. However, RISC ISAs like ARM do not support ASLR.

On the ASLR, I have read that on v8, addresses are not moved, but some segmentation faults may occur.

Why do some people think that ASLR is an issue when using RISC ISAs? What they actually mean is that ASLR is not the default. The ASLR is only enabled when a firmware

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