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* Basic Photoshop (``): This tutorial has lots of images that provide a good tutorial on basic steps.
* This book’s companion site includes a beginners’ Photoshop tutorial. (``)

Photoshop offers many options. To fully explore them, a number of sites are dedicated to providing tutorials. The following are some of the sites that provide excellent guides for new users of Photoshop.

* (``): This site focuses primarily on the graphic design and illustration needs of website creators. The tutorial includes general tutorials such as those for creating a logo and then using Photoshop to create a black-and-white thumbnail for a website.
* The Art of GIMP (``): This site offers tutorials on using GIMP, an open-source graphic editor, in many different ways.

The following are some examples of the kinds of images that can be created in Photoshop.

Mixed Media

One of the major uses for Photoshop is to create images, which can be used as backgrounds or as graphics for web or print.

* Figure 7-1 is an example of a mixed media image created in Photoshop.
* Figure 7-2 provides an example of a photo being altered to create a picture-in-picture (PiP) graphic.

Figure 7-1. This mixed-media image was created using the Whipped Vinyl Layer feature.

Figure 7-2. Using the Image>Transform>Paste feature of the Photoshop menu, this photo of a little dog in the window of a cab was used to create this picture-in-picture graphic.


Photoshop can be used to create animations. To create a simple animation, make a picture of a row of shapes moving. Select all of the shapes, which includes the foreground and background. Press the E key on your keyboard to create an event keyframe.

Note: The event keyframe is where the shapes move at a set time, for example when the timer on your computer hits the minute mark or when the music of the song plays.

Now go to the menu bar and

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So what are the best Photoshop alternatives for daily use? Can you use these editors as a replacement for Photoshop?

As you will see below, the answer is yes. However, you can still do most of your editing with Photoshop, even if you have to access your images in some other file.

Quick Guide to Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Are these Photoshop alternatives as good as Photoshop?

To be fair, I tried a few of these software, and many of them can be used to edit images. However, here are 5 Photoshop alternatives we’ve reviewed in 2019, with their pros and cons and some of our experiences with them:

Use the File Handling tab to add images to Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Elements is a personal image editor (similar to Paintbrush) and also a scanner. It comes with a basic version of Photoshop, a collection of filters, and a few other tools that can be used in PSE. But unless you’re a pro, you don’t need Photoshop Elements.

You can use PSE to do basic editing. However, it has limited editing tools and its file handling isn’t the best out there.

Adobe Elements is the closest Photoshop alternative for beginners.

More advanced users often use Adobe’s Premiere Pro to edit video and audio. It comes with basic editing tools, a timeline, and the ability to add and edit media clips.

Adobe Photoshop video editing software

You can buy Photoshop Video to add videos to Photoshop. Or you can join Adobe’s online community of Photoshop video editors and learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Conclusion: Adobe Photoshop video editor is one of the best Photoshop alternatives.

Microsoft Publisher is another tool that you can use to edit images.

The software has a simple interface, with a few options for publishing images. It is a good choice for blogs and other personal projects.

Conclusion: Microsoft Publisher is a great editing software for beginners.

Lesser known, but strong alternatives to Photoshop

There are a few more alternative editors, some with fewer features than Photoshop. Here are some editors you may want to look at if you’re not quite ready to give up Photoshop.


CorelDRAW is a simple alternative to Photoshop. It is a vector image editor for commercial printing, illustration, graphic design, and hobbyists.

It has the simplicity of a Paintbrush in the way it handles

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2. Pen Tools.
The Pen tool allows you to draw, edit and create new shapes. The Pen tool is usually used for drawing and painting.
Start by selecting either the Pen tool or Line tool.

Pen Tool > Line > Line tool
3. Pen Tool > Shape tools.
The Shape tool allows you to create new shapes from any selection in your image. The shapes can be easily scaled and edited.
Start by selecting the Pen tool from the Tools panel.

Pen Tool > Rectangle Tool > Rectangle tool
4. Pen Tool > Shape tools.
The Gradient tool lets you create smooth and gradual gradients from a single or multiple colors. Gradients can be used to create images, backgrounds, or textures.
To start with the Gradient tool, select either the Pen tool or Lasso tool, then click the Gradient tab in the top-right corner of the tool box.

Pen Tool > Gradient > Gradient tool
5. Brush tools.
The Brush tool allows you to use various textures, images, colors, and shading for your images. The Brush tool is useful for adding effects to images.

1. Create a new image.
2. Click on the Brush tool.
3. Create a new brush.

Brush Tool > New Brush
4. Start painting on your image.
5. Add new colors.

Brush Tool > Load New Brush
6. Create a soft brush to paint against, like a feather.

Brush Tool > New Brush > Soft

Brush Tool > Color Chooser > Feather

7. Add color with the Hue/Saturation tool.
8. Click in the Saturation section of the tool.
9. Type a small value into the field.

Saturation > Hue
10. Click on OK.
11. Click on Select > Inverse.
12. Click on OK.
13. You can move the white pips around to adjust the saturation by clicking on the large white circle in the original yellow color.
14. Click OK.
Select > Inverse
15. You can

What’s New in the?

// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build aix darwin dragonfly freebsd linux netbsd openbsd solaris
// +build go1.9

package unix

import “syscall”

type Signal = syscall.Signal
type Errno = syscall.Errno
type SysProcAttr = syscall.SysProcAttr
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-



软件生态系统 (可使用Gopkg,Npm)


python -m pip install -U Ngx-cli
python -m pip install -U Ngx-cli-docs

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Windows Media Player 11
11 in the Live Composers
(EXPERIMENTAL) DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
(EXPERIMENTAL) Windows XP/Vista compatible sound card