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It has an extensive feature set and it is a powerful tool. But, its features and potential aren’t immediately apparent, and a lot of the time, beginners using Photoshop can be left wondering what they’re missing. So we’ll take the time to break down some of Photoshop’s features, how they work, and how they’re best used. Photoshop offers five different editing modes that are each based on a different set of image layers. These levels of editing overlap but are almost mutually exclusive — if you’re familiar with basic photo editing techniques (such as cloning, burning, and dodging and burning), you’ll know what they mean. Chapter 2 has a quick refresher on the five editing modes and how they relate to each other. Underlying the five modes are the fundamental steps in color correction. These are the steps that are used by almost every color correction tool. The Color Balance function is the most common, and this is what we’ll discuss. The image adjustment controls, which include Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, and the other tools we’ll discuss later in the chapter, aren’t a part of this process. That is, they don’t belong with the fundamental steps. Instead, they are optional tools that add extra functionality to the basic adjustments and are helpful in more advanced color correction. You can jump right into any of the five modes to apply any of Photoshop’s adjustments to your images, without having to view the image in a separate window. This approach saves time and effort, and is recommended when you’re editing a lot of images. However, you may want to zoom in so you can closely examine the effect of an adjustment before you commit it to the image. We recommend using the original image window while editing, and then saving the finished image. This makes it much easier to return to the window and make additional changes, or fine-tune the adjustments. Saved-image backups are a backup feature available in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. Seeing Photoshop in action To get an idea of how Photoshop really works, and to illustrate how the five modes relate to each other, we’ll take you through a detailed image correction and save it for you to play around with later. The image we use in this example (`C: \My Pictures \Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 _CS5.1 \Arima \Image1.psd`) is in the original size and has all the controls active. You can see the

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Because Photoshop is often the first software many photographers use to edit their images, it is a good time to learn how to use Photoshop Elements and create better images. This article includes instructions for all versions of Photoshop and Elements including Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements 14, and Photoshop Elements 16. You do not need to be experienced with Photoshop to use it. This tutorial is for beginners and helps you get started. Learn Photoshop Elements By Creating Photos The beginning user What You’ll Need You do not need any special tools to create photos. Most consumer level cameras that are purchased today have a built-in software called a RAW converter that will allow you to open and create a RAW image file. RAW is the image file from a digital camera that contains the raw color data of the image. RAW files allow you to quickly adjust your color balance, correct exposure and remove unwanted objects in the photo. You can also change the white balance of the image and add highlight or shadow to the image. Make your first image today! Create Your First Photo To create your first photo, use the following steps: Select New Photo in the File menu in the Photoshop Elements Editor window. A new window will appear. In the New Photo dialog box, enter a name for your photo. Choose File > Save. Your photo will be saved to your computer. Creating a photo with a RAW file is a little more complicated than other types of images, so we will cover that in a future tutorial. Learn How to Create Photo Effects Now that you have your first photo, it is time to use some of Photoshop Elements’ tools to create some photo effects and modify your photo. Here are some of the tools available to you: Effects Arrange Crop Rotate Adjust Curves and Levels Align and Distort Adjust Skin Tones and Contrast Brightness and Saturation Shadow and Highlight Selective Color Adjust Colors Shadows and Highlights Duplicate Adjust Lighting Adding Text and Graphics Using these simple tools and techniques will get you started and get you thinking about how to create and use Photo Effects and create photo collages. Create photo effects using Photoshop Elements: Create and Apply Photo Effects This tutorial will guide you through creating three common photo effects. a681f4349e

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