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Note Another good source is the free online print magazine and e-mail newsletter called _Creative Knuckle_. It has a section on new tools and techniques that can be worth checking out. Also, Adobe’s online magazine and website _PSD Vault_ has a very good breakdown of the new tools (or rather, those new to Photoshop) of the current version. ## Mac OS X Apps Mac OS X includes a selection of different apps that can help you organize and prepare your images for print or the Web (like the graphics programs shown in Figure 2-12). The main one is Apple’s own image-management app, Preview. Preview is built into both OS X and the iPhone, making it easier than ever to edit and share images on the go. In addition to importing and exporting images, Preview offers image editing, trimming, and organizing capabilities, as well as the ability to put a slide show together. Preview also allows you to scan documents, read PDFs, and email photos as attachments. Like Photoshop, it’s a quick-and-dirty way to drag images around and see how they look in your new layout.

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Since the Photoshop users switch to Photoshop Elements, they may encounter a handful of oddities in the interface. With this guide, you’ll have a clearer idea on how to use Photoshop Elements. What is Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a well-structured and easy-to-use photo editing software that offers the same features of the professional version but in a simpler, easier to use interface. It comes with three editions – photo editor, photo editor for teens and preteens, and photo retouching. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is the latest edition available on the market and it comes with all the features of the previous editions plus some new interesting ones. Here’s a list of the features you’ll find in Photoshop Elements 2019: GIF editor, a creative format. Filter library. Touch support. Ridged and gradient filters. Zoom and stretch filters. Photo touch-up tools. 3D filters. Blur effects. Skin smoothing. Fun filters. Curves and curves adjustments. Create custom filters. 3D graphics and layer effects. Vector editor. Enhance color, spot healing and red eye. Link to Behance. View all Behance projects. Enable multi-monitor. The interface is much less cluttered and provides a clean and clutter-free view. The interface is not as simple as the previous editions but the features are now more simple to use. Key features of Photoshop Elements The features listed below are the most useful tools for graphic designers and photo editors. Filter Library Image editing software doesn’t come with a filter library. Unlike with other editing software, Photoshop Elements 2019 comes with a filter library that contains 599 filters. There are plenty of useful filters in the library. Most of them are retouching filters for photo effects. Some of them are filters for color and brightness effects, converting a color photo to black and white and some filters are for adding textures, such as sand and grains. The 599 filters in the library are arranged in categories and subcategories. Filter gallery. Filter library. UV exposure and crosshatch texture. Ridged tools. Rounded adjustment tools. Grainers, spots 05a79cecff

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