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What’s New in Photoshop CS6? With Photoshop CS6, the release of the first major version of Photoshop in two years, the company has added some features that may seem common sense at first but are actually quite important to users. PSD Files A first for Photoshop, Photoshop CS6 has added support for an open format for storing and editing images that are “based on the good old JPEG file format,” according to Adobe’s blog. Adobe’s research suggests that 95 percent of business images and graphic design are stored in the JPEG format. It’s been around a long time, after all, and it’s ubiquitous. Now, Photoshop can share Photoshop files through the company’s FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service, rather than the typical opaque image format, JPEG, PNG, or PDF. “The goal is a single operating system [that] handles all the file types, formats, and programs that are associated with graphic and Web design work,” says Paul Jacobs, product manager for Photoshop in a press release. “It’s an evolution in the way we do business and where people are creating files. Open File Services, PSD, and the new Adobe exchange users gain from the reliability and consistency of a common file format.” Multiple Workspaces Another benefit of the new format, says Jacobs, is that it allows Photoshop to do things it couldn’t do before. Working in several large or smaller workspaces can be very helpful for organizing and working with your images, especially if you’re a beginner. The idea behind a workspace is that it’s a level at which you start editing your images. For example, you can start with a grid of 5-by-5 images and save your work as a new file with the suffix “.psd” in a new workspace. Or you can start with a larger grid and save your work in a new Photoshop file with the suffix “.psd” and a new workspace. Grid or Painterly Layout When you save a workspace to a new Photoshop file, the software saves the settings for the file’s next use. A new feature in CS6 is the ability to save a workspace with a grid or painterly layout. Start with a new Photoshop file and the normal grid layout and you’ll see a button that reads “Save as Grid.” Or, if you start with a Painterly workspace, you can click that same button and save

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Converts Image to PDF PDF/A Support Resize, rotate & crop images in print or webpage-style formats, and add numerous advanced formatting options. Convert Image to PNG Convert JPEG to PNG and PDF to GIF. Convert Images to Zipped Files Create and edit images as zipped files. Create collections of images The built-in image editor has many features, including edge-shifting, border-shifting, shadow adjustment, changes in text color and type, and many other tools. Image-editing software. The built-in graphics editor is a fast, easy way to adjust and crop your photos to make them look better or create innovative designs. Save your work and let Adobe Photoshop Elements do the rest. You can also convert an image to a different size, format and style. Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you convert images to other image formats. Automatically crop and adjust images in print and webpage-style formats. Multiple editing tools, advanced saving and organizing features. You can use it to create, edit and convert images and videos. Video Editors Adobe Creative Cloud is the bundle of all the creative apps and features in one place. These include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe XD. A stunning feature of Adobe Illustrator is the ability to create vectors. Vectors make all of your artwork scalable, meaning you can change its size without losing the quality or appearance of the design. The software has many tools that allow you to create and edit stunning diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and mathematical diagrams. You can easily edit and adjust your documents, working on multiple projects at once. There is a wide range of features including many slide show features, image stabilizers, color picker tool, drawing effects, pen tool and brushes. Adobe Illustrator is best used with Adobe Creative Suite. This allows you to edit your files in a more organized, easy way. It contains almost all of the tools you need to create stunning illustrations. Create and edit high-quality vector files. Change the shape, size, color, and style of your drawings, paintings, or Photoshop graphics. Use Adobe Illustrator to edit PDF files in Adobe Reader. Multiple format tools, embedded audio and video. Text-Editing Software Adobe Photoshop has three text editors a681f4349e

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