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The History of Photoshop Designed in 1992, the first publicly available Photoshop was a simplified version of the first Macintosh version. In 1993, Macintosh computers with the PowerPC chip became available. Shortly after, versions of Photoshop were also for Apple II and Motorola PCs. That same year, versions for DOS, OS/2, and Windows began to be released. Many of the original features were added in the version 3.0 release. Some more advanced features, such as the most popular image editor, were added as well. In 1995, Steve Jobs announced the launch of Photoshop for the Mac OS X, where it became an essential part of both iWork and iLife. In 1997, the Photoshop Express app was launched to the App Store, which made it available on mobile devices, like the iPad. Smart Objects In Photoshop, a smart object is a shape that is linked to an image, similar to a filter or action. As a user selects the shape, it appears or disappears on the image. With the addition of smart filters, smart objects can be created or edited with a variety of filter effects. This feature is especially useful when manipulating the shape in the camera. As a user photographs a subject, a new shape can be added to the photo, or existing shapes can be edited or moved. When the image is complete, the smart object is linked to the original image. Thus, the filter or action applies to the entire image. The first Photoshop smart object template was created by John Knoll, a former Apple employee, in 1996. The original template was called “Star Filter,” and was used to help visual effects artists create star shapes. In the 4.0 release, the star filter was renamed to be Photoshop’s first Smart Object. In 2005, Photoshop CS2 introduced Smart Filters to help users create their own filters. A Smart Filter contains a filter action and a filter shape. The user is able to change the shape of the filter by selecting the shape in the filter shape menu, a technique similar to the Smart Objects. These filters can be applied to any layer of an image in either an “inside-out” or “outside-in” fashion. The same smart filter can be duplicated to any number of layers. Smart Filters and Adjustment Layers The enhancement layer, or adjustment layer, is used to make changes to a specific part of the image. The changes are applied to all other layers

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Check out our How To Create Photoshop Graphics Tutorial for Beginners for more information on how to create graphics in Photoshop Elements. How to Edit Images in Photoshop Elements Even though Photoshop Elements is a non-professional version of Photoshop there is still a lot of editing and retouching that can be done. Here are some of the most common uses for editing images: Reduce and Correct Brightness, Contrast and Colour The first thing to do is change the brightness, contrast and colour balance of an image. In Photoshop, select the image and open the Adjustment Panel (Window → Adjustments). Then follow the steps below: In the Adjustments Panel, select Levels (Left side icons) or Curves (Right side icons). Adjust the HSL sliders so that the colours are shifted towards the warmer side. If you want to be more precise use the eyedroppers to set the desired levels/colours. Retouch Or Add a Filter If you have edited your image as explained above and it is still a little too bright, you can use the Adjustments Panel again. In the Adjustments Panel, select Curves again, but this time select the Vibrance Slider or Saturation. This will give you a more even tonal range to work with. Make the Colors More True to Life To make the colors more realistic you can use Photoshop’s Hue/Saturation Adjustments. In Photoshop click on the Hue/Saturation icon and then select the luminance channel. Set the Hue/Saturation sliders until the colors are very similar to what you see. This video shows you how to reduce the contrast, improve colors and recover the black in the image. Remove Unwanted Elements One of the most common editing tasks is to remove unwanted elements from the image such as people, pets, cars, people with bad skin, and anything you don’t want in the picture. It is important to know where the area in the image is to remove these elements. If the person is in the top third of the image you can use a magic wand. If you’re working with a photo of a person, the best way to mask the person is to use a black and white version of the photo, then bring the colour back by adjusting the levels (Image → Adjustments 05a79cecff

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