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1. **The top of the layer panel displays the name of the current layer.**
2. **Click the New Layer icon (the plus sign) to create a new layer.**

The New Layer icon is the first icon in the Layers panel. Notice that the icon looks like a blank canvas. You can create a new layer right in Photoshop by using the New Layer icon.

The Bottom panel (viewed in Figure 8-3) displays the information you see when you create a new layer.

3. **Type a name for the new layer in the Name text box.**

You may want to add descriptive text to your layer. If so, type it in the Name text box. If you don’t, you can add descriptive text later in the Layers panel.

4. **Drag the New Layer icon from the Layers panel onto the new layer you just created.**

The new layer appears on the screen. The New Layer icon appears in the Layers panel in place of the arrow, as shown in Figure 8-3. This ensures that you always know which layer is the active layer.

FIGURE 8-3: Use the New Layer icon to add a new layer.

On a Mac, you see the New Layer icon in the Layers panel as a blank square. On Windows, you see the New Layer icon as a blank square, with the name of the new layer included in the square.

To apply an adjustment to the new layer, simply click the layer in the Layers panel. Or you can double-click any part of the layer and edit it.

## Organizing Layers

When you start working on a new image, the first thing you should do is create new layers for things such as shapes and objects. The Image icon in the Layers panel enables you to create multiple layers.

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The following are the most common ways to find free Photoshop resources online.

Photoshop Stock Photos

Use stock photos for websites or anywhere you create an image. It is a great way to get quality free images of the subjects you find most interesting. There are several stock photo websites, and here are some of my favorites:

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Owners of a Creative Cloud Membership (that’s where the stock photos are in this section) can create their own custom non-watermarked stock images with unlimited use in their projects.

Business Profiles

This resource is not free, but here are great resources for free stock photos for business and professionals.

You can create your own stock photo website with a template or with a WordPress theme like these.

Creative Courses

Get the tools and techniques you need to learn how to use Photoshop. Here are some of the most in-depth, informative and helpful Creative Courses.

One of the most important tools for image editing and creative workflow is the RAW converter. Lightroom is my favorite for most tasks. However, RAW converters are essential for those who shoot with Adobe Lightroom.

Download the Microsoft Windows RAW Converter when you have the trial version of Lightroom 5. Save the image with an editable format.

If you want to save the file without any editing, it is best to download the file with the Adobe Camera RAW 5.1 plugin or Photoshop Camera RAW. You must then convert the file to Adobe Photoshop’s native TIFF format.

For Macs, there are several options. Apple has its own Quick Looker app. Adobe has a Camera RAW app (Adobe DNG Converter). In most cases, you must format the image as a non-destructive TIFF.

Design Resources

Get ideas for your next web design project, logo, or whatever else you’re in the mood to work on.

Stock Designs

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Design Templates

Find the perfect template to kick-start your new website or logo project. There are several commercial templates available to choose from.

Free Web Templates

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Typography Resources

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