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In this step-by-step tutorial on Photoshop’s basic building blocks, we’ll step through the creation of a simple photo manipulation. We’ll go over the many tools available in Photoshop, and we’ll show you how to use those tools to create our image. Return to our complete Photoshop tutorial index. Tutorial Assets The files used in this tutorial are on the Download Resources page, which you can access by clicking here. Return to our complete Photoshop tutorial index. Preparing the Original Photo The photo we’ll be working on is a close-up of a 1940’s vintage wine glass being held by a wine server. To create the image, we’ll start with an image that already has elements of our subject. Start with a new photo window of 800×600 pixels and fill it with the full-screen gray default color of Photoshop. We want to isolate the subject so we’ll create a new layer using the Pen tool and set its layer mode to Overlay. (The Pen tool is found in the toolbox, just above the Brush tool, under the Text tool.) Using the Pen tool, draw a selection around the subject by clicking and holding down the mouse’s left button. Another way to select is to use the Rectangular Marquee tool: Now you can click back in your photo window and delete the exterior image outside the selection. You can do this by pressing Delete (backspace on the keyboard). You can also do this to the foreground if you’d like by pressing CMD+Z on the keyboard. Finally, select File | Save from the menu, and choose PICTURE as your file type. Enter the location and name for the file. Photoshop stores the photos in the format of.tif, so we leave the filename as is. We want to create a copy of the selection because we’ll be adding a layer mask to the subject’s layer. Select Layer | Create a new layer. Then select the new layer and press CMD+D to duplicate it. Next, rotate the layer 90° clockwise with the Rotate tool. This is a layer mask so we want to make sure that nothing is visible, so select Layer | Layer Mask | Create Layer Mask from the menu. Then click OK (or hit Enter) to close the menu. Using the Polygonal Lasso, select the four corners of the layer mask. Now

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This post will explain how to edit images on Photoshop Elements. To edit images, we will use the following: Photoshop Elements version 2020/19.2 Final Cut Pro X In this tutorial we will learn how to use FCP X to open and edit some images on Photoshop Elements. All media and software are for personal use only. FCP X is compatible with Windows 10, macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina. Basic settings First, we will import an image to Photoshop Elements. For this example we will use a picture of a couch. Initial editing in Photoshop Elements Now we will change the color of the couch to black. This will give us a better contrast so we can edit the lines of the couch better. To change the color of the image, we have to go to Layer » New » Adjustment Layer. We will change the Fill layer style from solid to linear and using the color picker select a color of our choice. The color picker has a black border and some color swatches. Change to linear fill style using color picker Once the Fill layer is black, we will go to Layer » New » Adjustment Layer again to make this fill layer transparent. For this step we will go to Layer » New » Gradient fill. In the Options bar, we will select the selection gradient. If the gradient type is Linear, you will select Gradient fill. Once you select Linear, we will use the linear gradient tool to draw a rectangle selection with two colors. Draw selection with linear gradient Since we have two colors in the gradient, we will copy both colors using the right click menu. We will use a new layer to do this. When we open the new layer, there will be two copies of the original gradient layer. Copy gradient With the Gradient Fill layer selected, we will use the color picker to select a color. We will select a color of our choice and copy it. Copy gradient color We will use the Gradient tool to draw a rectangle on the Gradient fill layer. For this step we need to select the Gradient tool from the toolbox. We will press Shift to increase the opacity of the Gradient fill layer and decrease the opacity of the gradient layer. To change the color of the gradient, we can select the Gradient tool from the toolbox and press the C key to create a new 8ce3bd8656

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Windows Mac OS X Linux Minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later Intel i5 Processor 4GB RAM DirectX 11 Intel HD 4000, 5000, 6000, or equivalent 1024 x 768 Screen resolution DirectX-compatible sound card with support for waveform audio Download the demo here This version requires that you have installed Daedalic’s “The Settlers II” and “The Settlers III” games in Steam