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Welcome to Dokdo-Pro!

Think of us as your traveling companion, educator and friend on your journey to learn more about Dokdo, the Korea-DPR, Chinese History and the Koreans.

PDF-Pro is proud to be the first in the world in it’s class to release to the public all the extensive raw material of Dokdo with the intention to “unmask” the truth and facts of the Korean Peninsula.

We hope to expand our efforts to help raise the public awareness and educate the world on this important subject.
Our data and information is first hand and documented from private and government sources.

So don’t just take it on faith, read this pdf!

PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea contains:

1. A Basic Overview

Dokdo Korea Basic Overview:

2. Why Dokdo is a Reality

Dokdo Korea – Why Dokdo is a Reality:

3. The Stakes of Dokdo

Dokdo Korea – The Stakes of Dokdo:

4. Geographical Features of Dokdo

Dokdo Korea – Geographical Features of Dokdo:

5. Maps of Dokdo

Dokdo Korea – Maps of Dokdo:

6. Battles of Dokdo

Dokdo Korea – Battles of Dokdo:

7. Presidents

Dokdo Korea – Presidents:

8. Original Korean Documents

Dokdo Korea – Original Korean Documents:

9. Address of the Dokdo Defenses

Dokdo Korea – Address of the Dokdo Defenses:

10. Trade with the Chinese

Dokdo Korea – Trade with the Chinese:

11. Korean History

Dokdo Korea – Korean History:

12. The Koreans

Dokdo Korea – The Koreans:

13. The Dokdo Demand

Dokdo Korea – The Dokdo Demand:

14. Why Dokdo Was taken?

Dokdo Korea – Why Dok

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What’s New in the PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea?

Dokdo is an island situated off the southern coast of Korea. In September 1910
an expedition led by Admiral Yi Sun-Shin landed on Dokdo with the purpose
to establish a military outpost there.
During recent years a large number of foreign scholars and journalists has
come to Dokdo to establish the Korean historiography and to provide
additional information and arguments that Dokdo has been Korea’s territory
from time immemorial.
PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea is the only professional journal that is devoted to
presenting these two opposing points of view – the Korean point of view
and the Japanese point of view.
On both sides there are a large number of publications, websites, and
websites dedicated to the issue.
PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea is dedicated to take the leading place among publications
and to serve as a reference work for the issue.

The document.go website includes thousands of pages of just about
everything you might ever want to know about document imaging.
Just go to document.go/documenting to get started.

PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea – PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea

PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea

The original Dokdo island is barely 5km from Southernmost point of South Korea.
Dokdo Island is still largely covered with thickly forested mountains and has a large,
dry wetland that provides a habitat for water birds.
The island is surrounded by clear cool waters, which are used for anchorage of merchant
The name Dokdo is derived from the Korean word dokji meaning’steep cliff’.

The International Court of Justice has given its verdict in the case between Japan and
South Korea over the ownership of the Dokdo/Takeshima Islands (DOKTO).
The case at the International Court of Justice was submitted by South Korea on behalf of
the Republic of Korea (ROK) in 1973, and concluded on 12 August 1996.
The Republic of Korea has claimed to have the sovereignty of the DOKTO islands from as early as
1900. In 1897 South Korea was forcibly annexed by Japan, and South Korea lost its sovereignty
in 1910. During the

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By default, the DLC will not run on low-end PCs (like PII) – it’s much too demanding. You will need a minimum system of i3 CPU (Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHz), 16GB RAM (8 GB if you need to run Steam) or better, and a GeForce GTX 770 GPU or better. You can also get maximum performance from the game using an Intel Core i7-3770 (3.4 GHz) and a GeForce GTX 780 (or better). If you have an i5, you should be able to