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Embattled Environment Minister Kim Carr says it is up to the states, not him, to decide how much drought aid they need or to sell their assets, but concedes that cash-strapped Western states face tough decisions as they grapple with the most severe drought on record.

Mr Carr’s one-stop-shop drought management plan is designed to relieve pressure on the states, which are handling most of the financial burden of averting catastrophic flooding.

But the plan has come under fire because of its cost, with critics arguing the hundreds of millions of dollars it will cost could be better spent on drought-affected communities.

“I’m confident the states would say that the plan that we’ve put together is cheaper than what they’ve already done, or about to do,” Mr Carr said.

The plan also states that half of the money from the drought program will be spent on assistance to livestock and farming families, a significant shift from last year, when most of the money was used to buy land.

It also states that the bulk of the $530 million drought fund will be allocated to landholders and regional councils, which is a shift from the $500 million for regional councils set up to cope with the impact of a dry year.

“The way I look at it, the states will have to make a decision, whether this drought is going to have a catastrophic impact or whether they’re going to do a bit of an ‘eat your seed corn’ kind of approach by selling some assets,” Mr Carr said.

State and territory drought assessors are currently visiting drought-stricken regions to determine the need for supplementary funding, while the crisis for much of regional Australia is drying up irrigation dams and water markets.

Mr Carr conceded it was not a straightforward exercise to plan and administer the distribution of funds, which will see money paid to farmers by the federal government along with emergency funds, and the returns from the sale of the government’s super-profits farmland fund, set up to help farmers in drought.

He said the drought management plan was an opportunity to consider what kind of financial assistance states should get and whether they should sell off assets.

“The states will have to make those decisions, but whatever they do, it’s something I don’t want to have a role in,” he said.

“I’m not