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Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition Crack+ With Registration Code Free For PC (Updated 2022)

Top Features:

Create reports
Users can print reports with various filter options and chart types for ease of review
Realized Gain/Loss Transaction
Users can generate reports for various portfolios
Calculate Wash Sales
Users can calculate Wash Sale between identical securities and other scenarios, while also being able to monitor multiple accounts
Trade data can be exported to multiple formats
Support for multiple accounts and various currencies makes this tool suitable for tracking a large number of operations at the same time
Calculate Beta
Reliable tax software
In conclusion, Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition is a powerful yet intuitive tax application that can help traders and investors review trade performance, optimize their strategy, and increase their profits with the help of a multitude of report types. Support for multiple accounts and various currencies makes this tool suitable for tracking a large number of operations at the same time.

TradeMax is the world leader in professional Tax software.
The trade, tax, and capitalization modules of TradeMax make

all aspects of daily business a lot easier, such as:

Create reports – manually or using an autoreport function.

Create accounts – the company or investor profile includes tax, financial, and tax free e-value reports for each account.

Create transactions – this module includes daily and monthly reports for each account. The module also includes the ability to import transactions and accounts from other third-party tax software.

Create sales/suppliers – TradeMax has one of the best and most comprehensive set of reports and graphs for determining the sales and profit situation for any business.

Calculate federal sales – TradeMax is an established leader in the tax software industry with trade tax and capitalization functions.

Calculate state sales/profits – TradeMax has one of the best and most comprehensive set of reports and graphs for determining the sales and profit situation for any business.

Implementation of accountancy, tax, business, sales, and financial data.

All TradeMax modules can be accessed through the user-friendly interface. Daily tasks or accounts that need special attention can be set up in the easy-to-use tax panel.

Differences with similar products:

TradeMax is a 10-year leader in the Tax software industry. TradeMax has developed its technology in the areas of commerce, tax and accounting, company and customer analysis, and it has created industry standards of excellence. These capabilities are supported by its user-friendly interface that

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Neutral Trend TradeMax Premier Edition Crack Activation Key

TradeMax is a simple yet powerful trade management application for Forex traders. It is one of the few trade management applications designed specifically for forex traders. TradeMax allows traders to easily track all of their trades in one integrated system. TradeMax can automatically generate all the reports and graphs needed to analyze the performance of a trader’s trading strategy. By creating the most comprehensive set of trade information, it provides you with a system that can help you win more trades and make more money.
– Excellent support for multiple accounts
– Technical support for working with a minimum of 3 accounts
– Extremely user-friendly interface
– A variety of reports and graphs. Generates the most comprehensive set of trade information.
– Compare current trade performance with historical data
– Print out any trade from TradeMax
– Uses up-to-date exchange rates to calculate FX-based analytics
– Can manage multiple accounts (add as many as you want and can have unlimited sub-accounts)
– User-friendly interface: Home, Portfolio, Statistics, Trade, Support, Credits
– Monitors the following while doing trade management:
* Currency pair change
* Entry size
* Price change
* Stop-loss point
* Profit/loss point
* Trade volume
* Trade table
* Account balance
* Status
– How long it took to execute the trade
– Number of trades executed
– Average amount per trade
– Average trade amount
– Average trade time
– Opening and closing averages
– Percentage of winning trades
– Number of winning trades
– Average winning trade amount
– Average winning trade time
– Percentage of profitable trades
– Number of profitable trades
– Average profitable trade amount
– Average profitable trade time
– Percentage of losses
– Number of losses
– Average loss
– Average loss time
– Percentage of losing trades
– Number of losing trades
– Average losing trade amount
– Average losing trade time
– Percentage of trades canceled
– Number of trades canceled
– Average trade cancellation time
– Summary and reports
– Ability to close ongoing trades
– Maximum amounts
– Minimum amounts
– Maximum volume and minimum volume
– All FX levels
– Trade types
– Time zones
– Date ranges
– Equivalent currency pairs
– Stock vs. stock trades
– Free trading vs. non-free trades
– Saved trades
– Support for multiple markets and currency pairs
– Multi-threading
– Maximum trade size

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Calculators & Widgets


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Continue from the previous step:

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9550, Intel Core2 Quad Q6600, Intel Pentium D, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Duron 1600+, AMD Phenom 100, AMD Phenom 2 3.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video Card: 256MB GPU or Intel HD Graphics 950, AMD HD 6520, Nvidia 8800GT
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Other: ATI Catalyst™ 12.8 or Nvidia
HDD: 50 GB available