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I have to use adb to connect to the phone as it’s permanently locked and I can’t manage to update the firmware.
What I am doing is following the guide here, and I had Ubuntu 10.04 installed and had to do a upgrade and it wouldn’t let me connect via adb.
Did anyone have the same problem and figured it out?


For anyone else who is stuck in the same situation, the solution is to upgrade adb from 1.0.29 to 1.0.32. This can be done by:

Uninstall adb
Replace all config files related to adb in
/etc/ and
with the ones from file that was downloaded when the adb package was installed. If you don’t have this you can download it here.
Start adb and install/update the adb package.
Start adb and install/update the adb package.

Note that if you have 2 or more devices connected you need to disconnect them before step 5.

Javier Cárdenas

Javier Cárdenas (born 8 May 1985) is a Honduran football player who is currently plays for Deportes Savio.

Club career
He has played for Real España, Olimpia, F.C. Motagua, Vida, La Piedra and F.C. Isidro Metapán.

International career
He made his debut for Honduras in a November 2006 friendly match against Peru, and earned a total of 6 caps, scoring no goals.

His final international was a July 2008 UNCAF Nations Cup qualification match against Panama.


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