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Photoshop is a Creative Suite program and is included with this book. However, it’s also available on its own. To get the most of this book, you should have Photoshop.

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In order to edit images in Photoshop, you need to learn to use the tools first. Click here to learn more about the Photoshop tools and actions. One of the most powerful features of Photoshop is the Curves adjustment tool. It’s a great way to edit images. You can do curves in the Curves palette that are similar to the Layers palette. This way you can control the adjustments that you make in Photoshop much easier. Some of the most popular Photoshop actions that automate typical tasks so you don’t need to create a Photoshop action or modify existing actions are listed below. 1. PS Masking – Masks are a way to automatically create your own mask which can be used to make a selection. 2. PS Layers – Layers are a new way to work with images, they make image editing much easier. 3. Switch – Switch allows you to quickly change the foreground and background colors. 4. Replace Color – Replace Color allows you to replace a color with any color in the image. 5. Create a Button – Create a Button allows you to create buttons or images to launch applications. 6. PS Auto Corrections – You don’t need to make those annoying filters when you can just use a correction tool. 7. Create a Pattern – Pattern enables you to create a repeating text style which can be used to create custom type or create photos which use a pattern. 8. PSVintage – Use this tool to add vintage effects to your images. 9. Artistics – This tool allows you to create all kinds of multi-colored art and textures. 10. Shape Library – Use this tool to create custom shapes which can then be used in Photoshop. 11. PS Desaturate – Desaturate allows you to bring out the colors in an image. 12. Place Text – Place Text allows you to quickly add text anywhere in the image. 13. PS Crop – Crop lets you to quickly crop images. 14. PS Picture Profile – Use this tool to modify the color profile of an image. 15. Pen Tool – Use this tool to create custom lines and shapes. 16. Alpha Mask – Make transparent shapes, this is a great way to create non-destructive masks. 17. Grow Text – Grow Text makes it easier to edit text in images. 18. 05a79cecff

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