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Alcohol is a extremely popular drug in the world of sports. It is one of the most commonly used recreational drug in the world. It is used mostly by young people today and many athletic schools have started to ban alcohol altogether. But, there are pros and cons of sports being drunk. This article will talk about the main effects of alcoholic beverages on sport.
We should start from alcoholic drinks itself. It is made from the fermented fruits of some plant. Fruits and grains are taken and a special yeast is added to ferment the fruit. This fermented liquid is called alcohol (noun).
You have probably heard something like this before:
“It’s not the same when you’re drunk as when you’re sober.”
• Some people may be very health conscious and not like the effect that alcohol can have on their body. For example, it will make you clumsier and will also disturb your ability to focus. It will also make you less alert and slower.
• Some people think that alcohol makes you more talkative, but it may make you act in a way that you don’t really want.
• It can also affect your memory. This is very important in sports because it can cost you points and prize money. If you were very emotionally drained after the game, it may be a few days before you are

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