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IP Configurator is simple and easy to use software designed to simplify network diagnostics and setup.
It’s main goal is to be a simple network management tool but it also allows users to perform advanced changes, including LAN and WAN route and forwarding, remote LAN access, and even IP address management.
Very easy to use but also features some complex settings
IP Configurator is a simple tool that offers a wide range of features, such as showing IP address, hostnames, DNS server, netmask, gateway, lease time, etc.
Besides all the basic settings, IP Configurator can also manage all the addresses you have under the LAN or WAN section.
For example, it can remotely assign addresses from your DHCP server, so you can access them using just your browser.
It can also display the state of your network on the map, which is important to check for any problems.
In addition, it’s also possible to reset your IP to an automatically generated value, edit IP address with subnet mask, broadcast address, and gateway, etc.
Also, IP Configurator allows you to create multiple interface entries, so as to offer better LAN support.
Making an easier work for novice users
Even if you’re completely new to network setting, you can easily use IP Configurator. You don’t need any kind of expertise because the interface is so simple that even the simplest users will be able to configure their network with a single mouse click.
Better than others
Although we’ve seen this kind of application before, IP Configurator is one of the few that comes with more complex network settings and advanced functions.
In case you’re looking for a simple tool to perform some simple tasks, IP Configurator is definitely the right choice.
IP Configurator is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that can become a must-have device for those looking to set up their networks and other IP related functions.
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If you want to verify your current IP address settings, then this handy utility is exactly what you need. Just type or browse for the name of a network device, and it will either show its current IP or its DNS info. With IP Configurator, you will never have to worry about what IP address is assigned to your specific device.
IP Configurator allows you to change the dynamic DNS settings, detect the current MAC address, and easily identify the IP address assigned to the Ethernet. With IP Configurator you can also control your dns settings via the web interface.
– update your dynamic DNS settings from the web interface
– find out what IP address or mac address is assigned to your network device
– change the assigned IP address
– capture and identify the current IP address assigned to a network device
– view your default gateway and IP address range
– view the current / old / possible ranges of IP addresses
– view a list of network interfaces connected to your device
– confirm if your IP address assigned is static or dynamic
– reset your settings back to the system defaults
– set your IP address / mac address as a static value
– help you to change the DNS settings or the netmask if they are set to static
– help you to change the netmask if they are set to dynamic
– set your dns settings if they are set to static
– reset your netmask if it is set to dynamic
– show you a check box if it is set to static
– confirm or change if your DNS settings are IP address only or DNS and IP address
– set the IP address type to static or dynamic
– set your default gateway address
– show you a check box if your gateway is a static value or a dynamic value
– show you a check box if your current dns is static or dynamic
– show you a check box if you need to set it as a static or dynamic
– show you a check box if your netmask is a static value or dynamic value
– show you a check box if you need to change it from static to dynamic or vice versa
– show you a check box if you want to use DHCP or set it to request IP automatically
– view and change the current gateway address
– list all available DNS information
– show a list of all available IP addresses
– view all DHCP assignment information
– view all assigned DNS information
– help you to choose from static or dynamic
– view and change

IP Configurator Crack+ Free Download

IP Configurator is a free program that will let you configure your network interface to a particular IP address or to a network domain.
It can configure Internet connection sharing, Virtual Private Network, IP-based firewall, DHCP, PPPoE connection, Wireless Internet connection and many more.
IP Configurator was primarily developed to configure a home network, but also can be used to configure more complex networks at work or at school.
No installation required – works right from a diskette
IP Configurator is bundled on an image diskette. A diskette is the fastest and cheapest way to distribute a software program.
Pre-installed on a diskette containing the complete package
The installation package includes the application itself, user guide, samples, several text files, some icons, and a help window.
Installing from the package is very easy. Follow the onscreen instructions and IP Configurator will be installed for you.
It’s not necessary to have administrative rights to configure a computer to work as an active server.
How to install on a floppy diskette:
1. Insert a blank floppy diskette in your floppy drive and in the drive tray of your computer.
2. Turn on your computer, to load Windows XP, and click on Start, or simply press the spacebar on your keyboard.
3. At the Windows XP welcome screen, click on All Programs, or on the Start Menu tab in the top left corner, and click on Accessories.
4. In the Accessories menu, click on CD/DVD Burner, and click on Burn Image File.
5. In the small pop-up window that appears, click on Browse, locate the image file, and click on Open.
6. Click on Burn Image File, and a dialog box will appear. Click on Burn, and Windows will start to burn the image file to your diskette.
7. Once the image is burned successfully, you will see a success message and the image file will be saved inside your C:\
You can now use a diskette to install the software onto a specific PC, for example, to share your Internet connection with other PCs, to configure a firewall on the network or to configure IP-based firewall.
For more information about the installation process, please consult the Installation Guide.
Image File Format Information:
SATA Disks – the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system can read these types of diskettes.
Normal Disks – the Microsoft®

What’s New In?

In need of some help with the configuration of your Windows system, IP Configurator is the perfect tool to reach your goals.
This streamlined interface will let you select either the local (all of your network adapters) or the network (all of your computers) from which to retrieve the necessary information. And just like that, ActiveLog will do its best to meet your expectations and succeed in the mission.
ActiveLog – A complete software tool to work with many software configurations
Up until now, you were required to fill out a lot of pages in order to use any software configuration. This means you’d need to submit all of the required parameters, plus provide extra details, via different windows or dialog boxes.
With ActiveLog, this paradigm has been shaken and the interface has been redesigned to be simpler and more modern. It also allows you to make quick and efficient work.
Tired of manually typing all of your configurations? Then ActiveLog is the app for you. It will let you save your entries automatically, while protecting you from errors and typos.
Sometimes, you might need to change one specific setting that is located in a certain configuration file. Since the file is spread across several places, this task can be especially tricky.
With ActiveLog, you no longer have to go through a lot of trouble. It automatically changes your configuration, eliminating all of the obstacles.
ActiveLog – An app that can save you a lot of time
Download ActiveLog by your free time and stop wasting your valuable time. It is a free tool that can effectively change your Windows network infrastructure.
The hardest task in this scenario is configuring the network correctly; activeLog manages it by itself.
This simple, clear, and intuitive interface will provide you with a lot of advantages. The app is not limited to one or the other configuration file – it supports a variety of applications. All you have to do is to provide the required information and activeLog will be your best friend in networking!
ActiveLog – An app that can save you a lot of time!
A software configuration tool with a very simple and intuitive interface.
ActiveLog is a software configuration tool with a simple and intuitive user interface.
When you have a large number of configuration files to be changed at once, this software can be considered to be the most convenient of its kind.
ActiveLog is the app for you to save the time that you would need to spend configuring your network settings.
This small but functional tool will let you

System Requirements For IP Configurator:

Supported Operating Systems:
Binaries for the following operating systems have been released.
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.8.x
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