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If you plan on offering someone a portrait for a present, but find the idea a little bit conventional, here’s a nice idea. Coming up with a reinterpretation could be innovative enough, especially if it involves putting your creativity to the test.
ImageElements PhotoMontage is a piece of software that could come in handy in this scenario since it helps you apply some eye-catching effects to your pictures so that they look fresh and interesting.
Helps you effortlessly preview and create tiled images
First things first, as far as the program’s appearance is concerned, there is nothing to worry about, regardless of your technical background. The GUI packs a limited number of features, and little trial and error is required in order to become confident in your skills.
Once you have selected the image you want to process, you should be able to see it in the main window. If you take a look at the panel on the left, you should see that both automatic and manual settings are available so that you can easily turn your picture into a puzzle.
Lets you make adjustments to the layout, background, shadows
If you opt for the automatic mode, you need to indicate the number of columns and rows you want to create, with the program creating a puzzle out of your image. Custom cells can be designed, and tilting them right or left is possible too.
Indicating the outline width and color should raise no difficulty whatsoever, and the same applies to adjusting the fixed gap width. As for the background, you can choose your original or tiled image or a solid color. Moreover, experimenting with various colors and depths in order to create shadows is a given.
On an ending note, ImageElements PhotoMontage is a lightweight program designed to create tiled images, with a decent set of tools being put at your disposal for optimal results. The program should be easy to figure out, but it’s safe to say that there is nothing revolutionary about it.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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ImageElements PhotoMontage is a freeware package of a powerful photo-editor with a tiled image layout (especially suitable for web and mobile presentations). Moreover, this editor has several other attractive functions. First of all, you have a small number of tools at your disposal that allow you to merge/split/crop images, as well as create tiled image layouts with various settings. Moreover, you will be also provided with a printing and a panoramic format. In addition, you will be able to embed pictures into slides, presentations and documents using the program. Moreover, you can generate bmp, jpg, png, tiff, xpm or a bitmap image. Furthermore, ImageElements PhotoMontage is a neat and well-designed program with a wide set of settings.
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Don’t think it’s as easy as it seems! Starting from the main menu, you should see an easy-to-understand interface, presenting you with tabs and icons. The program’s main purpose is to let you apply different effects to your photos, making them look that much better, thanks to the integration of multiple filters and effects.
Start from the main menu
Start the application and you’ll be presented with multiple options. The first one is to choose the output folder for the output images, whether it’s JPG or PNG format.
A convenient structure
If you’re planning on creating a large collection of tiled images, you can use the creation wizard. This will give you the chance to place and arrange your photographs, with the level of difficulty being easily adjustable.
To design a larger photo, you’ll be able to choose a background, add text, and type in some notes for the grid cells. Because the software has a lot of tiles to choose from, you should be capable of creating your tiled images in no time.
There is a fully customizable effect palette, which gives you the chance to play with different characteristics such as temperature, sharpness, contrast, brightness, exposure, and color.
You can also turn your images into different art pieces using the provided brushes. The artwork will be accompanied by the original image.
As far as photo editing is concerned, you should be able to change the outline color, depth, and width, as well as creating a frame that outlines the tiled image.
Worries, doubts?
PhotoMontage offers some pre-designed effects that will make your life easier. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate level professional, you can rely on the intelligent and seamless effects, which will allow you to apply to your images a number of interesting modifications.
Fantastic effects
One of the things that will surely grab the attention of any user is the possibility of switching between two different types of effects. For example, you can use the fancy border, or even make your image look like a vintage photo that’s been taken in old days.
2 effects at one time!
Moreover, you can also choose from the preset patterns, which come in a great variety, and apply them to your images. The number of patterns goes up to 30, and the types include pictures, snapshots

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It’s mostly fun using this, but this only can be used as tiling on space theme like on desktop.

9 months ago

Matias M

How do I merge two pictures? I tried to do it but the merging was not right. The result was a mess of black lines and the two pictures were not well merged, not connected. Maybe can someone tell me what happened and how I do it correctly? Thank you.

9 months ago


Hello, i need a photomontage app in android that can merge and split 12 pics in a grid with different background.

9 months ago


In a grid is good, but in my case it would be better in a rectangular tiling.

11 months ago


I am trying to use this app with ios 10 and I keep getting an error notification.
Unable to proceed, could not find plug-in installer “”.
Is there a way to solve that?Q:

How to get all the records from the tables in MySQL

I have many tables in mysql database. Some of them have columns and rows filled with data and others no.
Say I have just one table called test. I have filled a column in it with data.
It has 3 rows.
Now I have a checkbox column called IsSelected and I want to select all the data and check it in the table.
Say I have a lot of tables, but the data in the column IsSelected is same and the number of rows are same.
Then how can I do that?


First, declare a global variable and keep the returned value of SHOW TABLES. Then, use this value as the name for your query.
INSERT INTO table SET col1=value1,col2=value2,….

For additional reference:

What’s New in the IE Photomontage?

Photomontage is a tiled image editor. This can be a great way to quickly generate a wide variety of unique images. With numerous overlays, collages and montages options, you can create several different images quickly. You can adjust the background, frame and entire layout through powerful editing tools such as the Grid tool, Align tool, and the Type tool. Use unlimited layers to layer multiple images on top of each other in order to create more complex montages or collages.
photo editing program
editing tool
tiled image

Image editing and photo retouching is an indispensable part of everyday life. As technology develops, new and better tools for photo editing are introduced. After applying the most appropriate photo editing software, you can easily and effectively retouch your images, turning them into more modern and attractive versions.
The following are some of the best photo editing and photo retouching programs.
Top photo editing and photo retouching software
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing program. It is a completely standalone product, and you can do all of your photo editing within Photoshop. It is not only very good at retouching, but also at doing other types of photo editing tasks. Photoshop is the one of the most powerful software packages. This program is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to edit digital pictures. You can download the latest version of the software from
Photoshop Elements 6
Photoshop Elements 6 is a great app for the novice photographers, as it can help you handle most of the photo editing tasks. You can edit images, create artwork, create pages, and even edit videos. You can also use most of the photo editing features when you are editing a single photo. You have access to most of the features in Adobe Photoshop, so you can expect similar features in the Photoshop Elements version.
All you have to do to install Photoshop Elements 6 is to download the Free version of the software.
The free version of Photoshop Elements 6 can be downloaded at Once you have downloaded the program, you have to visit the ‘My Programs’ tab, and find the ‘Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac’, and click it to complete the installation.
After the installation is complete, you have to run the software, and click on the ‘Photo Editor’ tab. After this, click on the ‘Create New’ tab

System Requirements:

MSI afterburner (latest version, 12.6.0 build #126523)
for Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, 32-bit and latest Beta version
for MS Visual Studio Code
OpenGL 3.3.1 or higher
20 GB free disk space
If you want to install with your own GPU, you need a 3D accelerator. Note that not all GPUs are supported. For more information, please consult the hardware requirements of the beta.
Videos of my new engine are available here: