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So weve identified the 10 best torrent sites for games, but what is an all-purpose torrent site? This is a very broad category, to cover all platforms and all games, but for the sake of making a general statement, theres a wide variety of categories on the best torrent sites. A site dedicated to one specific platform isnt a bad thing. In fact, the best torrent sites for games wont care if youre on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, as the information they provide is generally the same, regardless of platform.

For the best general sites for all platforms and all games, browse our list below. For individual platform sites, check out our top 10 best thepiratebay sites.
As for cheating in gaming, in some regions this becomes illegal, so check your local laws . Always be aware of what youre doing, and if youre unsure about the legality of it, dont do it.

Overall, while all of these sites are fine, we recommend using reputable sites where you can see the information about the games so you can find the good stuff, not just the junk. Sites like The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent tend to have a ton of bad seeders, which means youll get a lot of garbage.
The best way to stay safe is to just use a site that you know is trustworthy, where everyone is collaborating to offer good quality content. Plus, also like to add that these sites generally have much better ratings.

Following the popularity of these sites, it can be tough to find the best site for gaming. Weve listed our favorites below, but for a more comprehensive list, go to our full Best Torrent Sites For Games guide. Weve also listed some great sites that arent included in this list, for some specifically for torrenting. Plus, some have much better ratings on these metrics, so dont rule out these sites just because of this one metric.