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If you are one of the users who like to use their computer for as many tasks as possible, then you are probably searching for nifty tools that can help you in your endeavors.
For example, Hourglass Portable can come in handy if you need a countdown tool that notifies you as soon as time has run out.
Portable timer with minimalistic looks
Since this application is a portable one, it means that, unlike Hourglass, it does not need to be installed onto your computer and that all its setting files are stored within the same folder where the executable is.
You can also copy it on a removable flash drive that you typically carry it with you, so you simply connect it to your PC whenever you need a countdown timer. Its GUI is kept as simple as possible, making it ideal for those who like straightforward looks.
Handy timer that supports varied source formats
To make the most of this utility, you need to enter the source time you are interested in – and this is where Hourglass Portable stands out from the crowd.
Since it is meant to be as flexible and as useful as possible, the application supports a wide range of formats, meaning that you can enter either 5h 15m 55s or 05/05/2015 5:00 PM without worrying that the timer does not start. Once you type the desired values, simply press Enter, minimize the main window and leave the app running in the background.
Play a sound or display a message when the time runs out
The app comes with a highly intuitive GUI that offers you the possibility to customize the timer's color and to choose the type of beep that should be played when time elapses (loud, normal or quiet). Any chosen timer can be looped and, if you accidentally close the app while a timer is running, it will be remembered so you can resume it.
All in all, Hourglass Portable can prove to be a versatile utility for all those who want to be reminded when the time runs out, without too much hassle.







Hourglass Portable Crack Product Key For Windows [March-2022]

Hourglass Portable Activation Code is a handy timer that you can use to remind you of whatever you want. Whether it is time to leave for school, be late for a friend or simply to be on time, Hourglass Portable Torrent Download will give you that extra push you need to be on time.
Starting the timer: – All the timer’s settings are stored within the same folder that the utility is located in. If the application is located on a removable flash drive, you do not need to install it on your hard drive and all the settings will be kept together.- You simply need to type the values you want to display or the interval you want to use: hours, minutes and seconds.- To start the timer, just double-click on the executable file of the utility, and you will be presented with its main screen; you can either directly type the desired values or simply select the appropriate buttons and then press Enter. The application’s GUI allows you to choose the day and the month you want to display (year is also supported); the time intervals available are set between one and two days. Be careful with the format used: if you type a value like 5h 8m or 1w 4d 1h, the timer does not start (the time to display is not set).- The GUI comes with three buttons: “Stop”, “Reset”, and “Continue”. The first button will stop the timer once it has started. The second will reset the time displayed to it’s initial value, and the third will let you continue to work (with a new timer).
To help you better, Hourglass Portable Torrent Download also offers several help pages.
– General help: “Question/Answer” and “Help”.
– Help for when the timer has started: “Start/Stop” and “Reset”.
– Help for when the timer has stopped: “Reset” and “Continue”.
– Help for changing the color: “Options” and “Change to/from”.
– Help for the application’s options: “Options” (graphical version).
To make the most of the timer, you can set it to repeat and set its colors to suit you. Once you have chosen your colors, you can choose one of the three options for the beep you want to play when the timer elapses: normal, soft, or muted.
You can also turn the timer off from the GUI or from any other window of the application.
Supported formats: Numeric only: h/m/s. Time only

Hourglass Portable With Product Key Free

Hourglass Portable is a countdown timer with a modern and minimalist approach.
It is available for Windows users.

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Hourglass Portable

Hourglass Portable not only enables you to set a specific time and date to remind you on the time, but also can be used as alarm.
Listen to your desired times, set a specific time to remind you, set the alert time and release the alert.
On the computer, all alarm sounds can be heard by clicking the music icon in the notification area on the bottom right corner.
You can choose the music from the list of the timer.
You can change the desktop icon or make it a portable app.
You can set the alarm at different times.
You can set countdown according to different time formats.
You can play a different sound each time that you set an alarm.
You can set the time of the alert sound.
You can set a time to play a sound, and the sound will be played according to the given time.
You can set a time to play an alarm sound, and the alarm sound will be played according to the given time.
The following are some of the notable features:
*Timer set *3 types set which set according to format:05:04:51
*Alarm Sound *Change the sound that played when the alarm is released.
*Alarm sound time *Change the sound that played when the alarm is released.
*Change the desktop icon *Change the desktop icon.
*Change the portable app setting *Change the portable app setting
*Countdown time *Start countdown based on the duration specified *1-5 minutes.
*Choose sound *You can choose the sound that played when the alarm is released.
*Combine Time *You can combine time by 15 minutes.
*Easy to use *You can use this software easily.
*Play music *You can play music as the sound when it is set.
*Portable *You can use this software easily without installation.
*Timer set…

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What’s New In?

Hourglass Portable is a portable countdown timer application that you can use on a removable flash drive or to remind you when time has elapsed. It enables you to set the starting time and the ending time so the countdown can end either before a date or a time. It also comes with a number of options and a user friendly GUI. Best of all, the app is cross platform and supported in both Windows and Linux. Hourglass Portable Free Download Options:
Platform: Windows | Linux
Language: English
Version: Free
File Size: 14mb
Direct Link:


Mac Monitoring Description

EagleEye is a small yet powerful Mac monitoring software that is designed to track the temperature, CPU utilization, RAM usage, hard drive activity and many other activities on your Mac with a timer.
A small application, it adds a dashboard type of view that appears on the top of the screen. It is designed to run in the background and notify you when certain events occur.
Monitoring and reporting activities with EagleEye
The interface is simple and easy to follow, making it ideal for those who want to keep tabs on their Mac activities.
Another feature is that the application can have different dashboards that will show you information about what’s happening within your Mac computer. It makes things easy, in particular, for those who need to keep a closer eye on their Mac and do not want to open the app to check its status and see how it is performing.
A large collection of dashboards that you can use. You can create a few of them yourself, or you can download them from the community-based software development website and install them at your own convenience.
The EagleEye interface is pretty straightforward and you can simply monitor what’s happening with the Mac. These are basically the main screen shots.
Monitoring time with EagleEye
The app can track several common activities and can even show you detailed information about them. These activities include:
CPU utilization – The percentage of CPU usage will determine the performance of your Mac. This is pretty simple to understand.
Disk activity – This is the percentage of the hard drive space that is being used. This indicates how much data is being saved or stored.
Network traffic – If you need to know how much data has been transferred over the Internet, this will be an essential measurement to get.
Displays – This shows how much of the

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Memory 2 GB (min. 1 GB)
Hard Disk 500 MB (min. 128 MB)
Processor 1.5 GHz or better
Keyboard & Mouse
About The Download:
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