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A straightforward tool that can help you view and analyze GPS log files is likely to come in handy, but you may have a hard time finding a user-friendly application that offers a strong enough feature set.
GPXSee certainly seems to fit the bill, as it supports multiple popular GPS file formats and comes with some attractive features, all packed into an intuitive, modern GUI.
Open various types of GPS log files and use both online and offline maps
The application is capable of processing GPX, KML, TCX, FIT, IGC, NMEA and Garmin CSV files. You can also import POI files separately, and it is possible to export content to PDF.
You can switch between the four supported online maps seamlessly, and you also have the option of loading offline OziExplorer maps and TrekBuddy maps or atlases.
Perform a comprehensive analysis of loaded GPS log files
GPXSee displays waypoints and points of interest on the selected map, along with graphs that indicate elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature.
It is possible to import multiple files and switch between them with a single mouse click, as well as show or hide the map, points of interest and the generated graphs.
Tidy graphical user interface that makes your work a lot easier
When it comes to the application’s UI, we can only praise its intuitive design and smart layout. Every function is easily accessible, and you can even use drag and drop actions to load new files.
Moreover, pretty much every interface element can be hidden at any time, and the program even comes with a full-screen mode that makes navigation a lot simpler.
On the whole, GPXSee is an impressive open-source application that can help you analyze GPS log files effortlessly. It allows you to use both online and offline maps, supports multiple file formats and sports a clean, novice-friendly UI.









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Open your routes, waypoints, activities and notes in Garmin Connect and share them with your friends. View them in your Garmin Connect mobile application, desktop desktop, or a compatible Garmin GPS device.

Get started with Garmin Connect for free and start creating and sharing routes, waypoints and activities, then upgrade to Garmin Connect Pro to unlock more features and map layers.

After using this application for a while, it occurs to me that in the most recent version of the VVSdb-Chronicler database that I am using, it has not had a recent revision since 20 October 2014.
It is a huge shame that some of the more popular apps are showing their age when compared to modern applications. Hopefully I can bring you some of the best of the new age and show you how to use the more modern applications in the shortest possible time.
OK, Let’s first introduce you to the app you are going to be using, I am using a Garmin Connect Mobile app, so let’s begin

@juanlulipa how long is your Garmin Connect Mobile app?

About 1 year

@juanlulipa that is good. we must be getting more powerful.

Yes, I get up to about 7 days, but I understand you are on the NT? I have been using this app for the last year, but I am on the 6.0 fixed release. I think I should be using the last stable release, but I get odd things happening if I do.

Beware of having a 1-year Garmin Connect App from a hand-me-down phone. If it is a new phone, you can get a month to a year plus of usage for free. There is a process I refer to as “rooting” that allows you to get this “free month.”

If you can convince your smart phone carrier to give you a free month on the phone you need to root, just be sure to tell them you did it to get a free month on your FC mobile app. This will get you out of the 2-year cellular data allocation.

@juanlulipa you can get a free month, you would need to root your phone, and that would be covered by your carrier

OK you guys and gals,
It is great to be back with another quick useful video, I am wanting to do more on this subject, I have been working on a basic video

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GPS Powerful Viewer
GPS Powerful Viewer is the best GPS viewer that support Garmin, DeLorme and other GPS applications. You can view track, waypoint, route, CAD, various types of GDB and many other GPS data file. It has many filters and menu items, which allows you to easily find and view your waypoints, tracks and routes. Please check out the screenshots and detailed introduction for more information. This is an open source project. You can even try the source code.
* It is the best GPS viewer.
* It can view tracks and waypoints saved in.gpx,.gts,.trk,.tcx,.fit,.flt and.csv.
* It supports all GPS applications like garmin, DeLorme, Garmin, Gmap etc.
* Great UI.
* You can save tracks, waypoints and route into new files.
* View various types of files with Garmin and DeLorme applications.
* It is easy to navigate, and you can select the items you want to view in the top menu.
* You can always drag and drop to add new file.
* You can select items easily in the top menu.
* It supports hot key and all UI elements are adjustable.
* There is a system log window to log all the operation.
* You can export a route into a PDF file.
* You can import a GPX file.
* You can display a route in beautiful map style.
* You can zoom map view by dragging map north/south/east/west.
* You can view map zoomed in or out by clicking right/left mouse buttons.
* You can zoom out map by double click the top left button or right mouse button.
* It can show your position.
* You can mark your position.
* You can set your current time.
* You can add clocks to the application window.
* You can add menus to the application window.
* You can set hot key to switch the screen.
* You can add window to switch left/right mouse buttons.
* You can adjust the toolbars.
* It is easy to use.
* It can show GPS darks.
* All pages can be scrollable.
* You can save the map image to your computer.

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GPXSee is a desktop application for analyzing and reporting GPX (Global Positioning System), TCX (Traffic CSV), KML (Keyhole Markup Language), IGC (Intergraph GML), FIT (FISTPortable XML), POI (Point of Interest) and NMEA (Navigation Message Exchange) files.
GPXSee is developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.
GPXSee includes a flexible and powerful filter system for analyzing files. It is possible to make filters based on complete or partial waypoints, tags, timestamp, and more.
GPXSee includes a 100% customizable text editor for adding or editing any text in the log file.
GPXSee includes an interactive map that allows you to view all loaded files, waypoints, POI’s, points of interest, points of interest detail and the generated graphs.
GPXSee includes an intuitive and customizable user interface to make navigation and editing GPX and CSV log files much easier.
GPXSee exports GPX/TCX/KML/IGC/FIT/POI/NMEA files to pdf and power point for presentation purposes.
GPXSee includes a converter that allows you to export waypoints from GPX/TCX/KML/IGC/FIT/POI/NMEA to Garmin Traffic CSV format.
GPXSee includes a support for searching, filtering and exporting data from Garmin GPS logger and Garmin Smartphone.

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GPXSee v4.4.11 Final + Crack (Win32/Win64)

GPXSee v4.4.11 Final + Crack (Win32/Win64) by GPXSee v4.4.11 Final + Crack (Win32/Win64) GPXSee is a desktop application for analyzing and reporting GPX (Global Positioning System), TCX (Traffic CSV), KML (Keyhole Markup Language), IGC (Intergraph GML), FIT (FISTPortable XML), POI (Point of Interest) and NMEA (Navigation Message Exchange) files. GPXSee is developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. GPXSee includes a flexible and powerful filter system for analyzing files. It is possible to make filters based on complete or partial waypoints, tags, timestamp, and more. GPXSee includes

What’s New In?

• Display various kinds of GPS log files on Google, Bing, OziExplorer and TrekBuddy maps.
• Clear overview of estimated, recorded and known waypoints (points of interest).
• Find data you need, and quick research of routes, points of interest, elevation graphs and so on.
• Export routes, waypoints, waypoints’ tags and offline and online maps to several popular formats.
• Interactive reports on the current activity and elevation, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature.
• Accurate waypoint positioning.
• Change and save settings.
• Sleep analysis.
• Basic statistics of the current activity.
• Export data to CSV format.
• Full description of the app’s capabilities.
Visit the official website:

Source: Offical Website

This is a quick tutorial on how to extract data from a GPX track using GPXSee.
First I have created a log file containing a few tracks using GPX Files for Garmin devices.
Then I have connected my SmartPhone to my computer with usb cable, then started the app “GPXSee”.
Now I have loaded a selected GPX track, and I can start my analysis.
First I double click on the selected track in the list, then I am redirected to an HTML page, with a button for detailed analysis.
To extract the data of interest, I have copied the GPX track name to a notepad file and opened the GPX file with some text editor.
You will see I have only selected Waypoints and Points of Interests in this example.
The track with Waypoints and Points of Interest is also accessible in the GPX track list page, in the leftmost column.
In the second example I have loaded the GPX track using the KML support, and in the first page I have selected the track line which contains also Waypoints and Points of Interest.
The output of the GPX extraction is a tabular file containing all information extracted.
You can download the tool here:

GPSis totally free for all Garmin users.
Now you can easily organize your tracks and save them as GPX with GPSSee.
A waypoint in a GPX track means a location

System Requirements For GPXSee:

Legal Notice:
If you wish to proceed with installation and use of the game, you are obligated to comply with the License Agreement located within the Product activation dialogs. If you choose not to accept the License Agreement, you may not install or use the product.
While most of the game functions are free and all of the content can be used as much as you like, you are entitled to use the game only once per payment. If you want to use the game more than once, you are obliged to re-download the game as described in the payment process.