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Google Editor For Docs, Sheets Slides

What’s New In?

Having Google Editor for Docs Sheets & Slides, you can start writing, editing and seeing your Google Drive files with the help of a simple click. This means you will become more productive and, generally speaking, are going to have a much more organized workflow. This extension adds somewhat simple functionality to the browser, but it does also enhance ease of access to certain Google tools.

Mozilla's nightly builds of Firefox aren't all created equal, but the official version is still a good deal faster and more secure than Chrome. As is Google's Chrome, the onetime Apple's Safari, and any of the assorted WinRT browsers. So the question becomes what makes one better than the other.Read more…

Google's Chrome has many of the advantages that are currently standard among Web browsers, as well as some that are unique to the browser. It does have some weaknesses as well.
In part, that's because Chrome is part of the new WebKit-based family of browsers that are now referred to as WebKit. These are in fact fairly standard, but still well-executed browsers that are only growing in popularity. They include Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Edge, and Mozilla's Firefox.
Chrome has one huge advantage over the others. It is Google's browser. You know what Google does, and it is best at building stuff like browsers. So, as its name implies, Chrome is for the Web, and it is likely to perform well as a browser.
That's not all of Chrome's story, however. We are mostly here to talk about its privacy features, and specifically about the settings that enable you to take back control of your data.
Chrome and many other Web browsers now support the "Do Not Track" signal. It's a privacy option that means that a given Web site will ask you for consent to track your usage and will not do so if the browser indicates that you do not wish to have your information collected.
This is similar to the way Google's other browser, Chrome, uses the same setting. With Chrome, it can also be toggled off, and as a result, sites can then start asking Google's search engine for user information.
Google's search engine can then use that information to improve its results and the various advertising that goes along with them.
Read more…

Google has updated Google Calendar with the new Google Calendar 5, with new features and more. You can also make a Calendar for your business and invite others to your calendar.
The highlights of the update include:
The ability to

System Requirements For Google Editor For Docs, Sheets Slides:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Pentium® 4 or equivalent
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce® GTS 450 or equivalent
Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 or Windows Vista or later
DirectX: DirectX 11.0 or Windows Vista or later
HDD: 8GB available space
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM