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The English language has become the kryptonite of Indian politics. That’s because in such a debate, it is almost impossible to win. After all, one cannot negotiate with honesty what one cannot understand.

Take the issue of Kashmir for example. India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir since 1947. This, however, is not the question that needs to be addressed. The question is whether in the post-1990 era, a peace deal has been reached with a full understanding of the complexities and nuances of the issue. The current argument on Kashmir is about what are the nuances and the complexity.

Most Indians are convinced that there can be no peace in Kashmir until there is an end to terrorism in the Valley. But this is an extraordinarily difficult task. It needs a serious appraisal of the Indian National Congress’s decades-long approach to Kashmir; its flawed understanding of Pakistan, and its inability to create a system of autonomy for the Muslims in the state.

Then there is the psychological factor that drives the issue. The people of Kashmir want to live a normal life like the rest of India. The question is: can they do it? A new India has emerged. It has a new and vibrant democracy. Can we ask the people of Kashmir to live in a similar manner with an armed force at the door, and a gun-toting police patrolling the streets?

None of this, of course, precludes the need for dialogue. But that too can only succeed if there is true will on the part of both the Indian and Pakistani governments to make it possible.

Pakistan has made it clear that it will do nothing to allow the import of liquor into the Valley. In return, India has given it four assurances.

First, there will be no attack on or intrusion into Pakistani territory. Second, there will be no targeting of the Balakot airbase. Third, there will be no attack on Pakistan-held areas of the LoC. Finally, the LoC will be observed by both the Indian and Pakistani armies.

Unfortunately, the Indian media doesn’t seem to understand what is at stake here. They can see that there is a problem, but they


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