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Raster vs. Vector

Photoshop is able to do work with both raster and vector artwork. A raster is a bitmap, and a vector is anything that’s drawn by software that converts the artwork into mathematical equations. The mathematical equations are often provided by the designer in the form of a.DXF file.

When you save an image or a page for any reason, Photoshop saves it in the.JPG format. This is a raster format and the bitmap data used in Photoshop is made from combinations of pixels. The more pixels, the better the resolution is.

When you save an image as a vector file, you can’t edit the image later. You can’t change the size, or distort the image to any extent that would change the mathematical equations in the.DXF file. Vector files like the.EPS,.AI,.SVG,.PDF, and.CDR formats are a much better choice for web graphics.

The four layers of the screen of an Apple Macintosh classic computer

Historically Photoshop has been a raster editing program, but more and more features are being added to make it a vector program.

The appearance of Photoshop documents on a PC is different. A file is typically displayed inside Adobe Reader.

Image Sharpening

Altering the way images look, much like a pencil sharpener, can be done with sharpening. Sharpening is the act of making an image appear more crisp. Sharpening is usually done in photo editing software as an enhancement to the overall composition of the image.

Whether you’re looking to make your image look better, or you’re doing design work on a web page, sharpening is the first step to making a good image.

Most people have encountered PS’s Unsharp Mask tool, which is a checkbox found in the panel of top-left corner of Photoshop’s work area. Clicking it opens a dialog box that enables you to choose the amount of sharpening needed to improve the image.

Raster images are made up of a collection of pixels. Pixel definition, or resolution, is determined by the size of the pixels in an image, and the amount of pixels in an image makes the file size large. Pixel size and resolution are inversely proportional, meaning that a decrease in pixel size (resolution) will result in an increased file size. High resolution is desirable for photography, but a 2,000 x 2,000 pixel graphic

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You might think Photoshop is a “heavy” application with plenty of bells and whistles, but in reality, it is a power-user’s dream. Although originally a monochrome product, Photoshop became a full-color editor for photos and graphics, and is the leading worldwide product in its category. This premium article will guide you through different tasks required to work with Photoshop.

You’ll be able to create vector shapes, logos, customize your UI, even scrap the hair off your models.

The powerful editing features of Photoshop let you focus on creating more than just pictures. You can work with layers, combine images, use animation, create animations, or add an airbrush tool. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for designers, artists, and developers. In other words, Photoshop is one of the best programs available for anyone who likes to work with images.

In this guide, we’ll share with you the tools and tricks necessary to start using Photoshop without feeling overwhelmed. We’ll teach you how to use some of its innovative features, such as the Templates, selections, transitions, and paths.

With us, you’ll be able to work with a heap of new editing techniques.

Photoshop Essentials

You’ll learn how to get started with Adobe Photoshop — from creating a new document to changing the background.

Create a New Project

You have to have Photoshop Elements, which is sold for $60. (Other versions of the software are also available.) It is not hard to use, but we will cover some of the essentials, such as how to create a new document.

Open Photoshop

Go to the file menu and select New from the drop-down list. You’ll see a floating window titled New, which is similar to the “new” icon in an Android or iOS app.

Choose your desktop or laptop as your new work space.

Enter a project name and “New” it. If you’re an OS X user, you can use the shortcut CMD + N to create a new document. Choose File > Save when you’re ready to work on your creation.

To open Photoshop Elements, go to Start > Programs > Photoshop Elements. Or, download the app from here.

Import an image

You can select and upload a photo from your computer, Google Drive, Instagram,

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