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The ability to edit your photos using a digital camera is an important tool. Complement the tools in your camera with Photoshop Elements, Adobe’s inexpensive photo manipulation program. Like Photoshop, it’s a layer-based editor, so you can easily make adjustments to one part of the image and then re-combine them into a finished photo.

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Getting started with Photoshop Elements To start using Photoshop Elements on your computer, you need to download and install it. You can do it from The official version is free, and the trial version is full-featured. You have to enter your credit card details to subscribe for the subscription version, which lets you use all the advanced features of Photoshop Elements. For offline users, the subscription version is available at A 20% discount on the subscription version is available if you are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud. If you haven’t yet got a membership, consider this a chance to give Adobe Premium your first try. The discount is available through the same link. Creating a document In Photoshop Elements, you create a document through the Document New dialog. You can customize the layout by using the Layout New dialog. Figure 1 shows how to create a document. Figure 1. Creating a document To create a document, open the File > New dialog or press Alt+N. Then you have to choose the type of document you want to create. You can choose from Photo Albums, Presentations, Travelogues, Journals and Others. Also, from the Type select, you can select from Grayscale, Indexed Color, RGB (24-bit), RGB (8-bit), Grayscale (8-bit), Grayscale (16-bit), Grayscale with a Custom Model, Grayscale with a Custom Model (32-bit), Sketch, Freehand Drawing, Crayon, and More. Figure 2 shows the steps for creating a document. Figure 2. Creating a document By default, Photoshop Elements displays a blank canvas. To add content, you have to type the content in the Destination field. Also, the Type select provides a list of content type. If you have multiple folders in the same image software, you can select a folder by clicking the Select Folder to Destination button in the Destination field. After you add the content, you can edit it through the Content Select Dialog. Figure 3 shows how to edit a content. You can edit the content by using the Properties panel, which has options to edit the item. For example, you can change the tool, convert it to a shape 05a79cecff

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The Paint Bucket tool is useful for filling a variety of selections and shapes. It is especially helpful for repainting solid colors on top of images and backgrounds, as well as painting around areas to edit. The Gradient tool is used to create effects such as colors that run, fade, or snap from one point to another. The tool also allows you to alter the colors, textures, and opacity of the gradient. Selections can be used to select specific areas of an image for editing. Selections can be modified to create new or modify the original. The Move tool enables you to move and resize images within a Photoshop document. It also allows you to align multiple images. The Pen tool is often used for both drawing and editing graphics. You can draw using the freehand tool, which allows you to draw any line, curve or shape. Use the magic wand tool to select areas and expand the selection. The Pen tool is also used for moving objects within your photo. Instead of selecting areas directly, you use the arrow buttons to select objects and then move them. The Brush tool allows you to paint and create new objects within a document. The tool can be used for enlarging objects or for erasing portions of your image. The Rectangular Marquee tool is also used to select and edit areas in your document. You can select multiple or continuous areas with the Marquee tool. You can then create new objects, reposition existing objects, or delete areas. The Linear Gradient tool allows you to create a series of points that define the range of colors in a gradient. You can also create a palette, which allows you to select and save color palettes. The Blend tool is used to create a blending of colors, textures and images. Similar to the Gradient tool, the Blend tool allows you to select a source and destination for the colors you want to apply. The Gradient tool is used to create and edit linear and radial gradients. You can adjust both the colors and opacity of the gradient. The tool is useful for creating complicated gradient effects. The Patch tool is a special tool for editing a single color. Once you select the area you want to edit, you can create a new spot or select from an existing color palette. The Eraser tool allows you to remove any areas of your document. It is useful for erasing portions of an image, as well as areas that have been selected for editing. The Liquify tool allows you to add or remove

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