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_Figure A-2 shows a graphic used for a story on an article on a website. Before posting the photo, a user edits it using Photoshop’s tools to make it look better. The photo actually was taken using a point-and-shoot camera. This graphic was edited to add some depth, texture, and effect. Light is captured with flash._

_Figure A-2: The graphic was edited using Photoshop._

You will most likely use Photoshop’s standard tools, such as the ones included in Lightroom, to edit images you upload to social media sites, as well as working with other photographers and graphic designers on a regular basis. Other products have tools that are more oriented toward specific types of work, such as drawing and painting, and other programs have special features that Photoshop doesn’t offer.

When you work in Photoshop, you’ll find that it’s quite straightforward to get started. You’ll eventually find that you’re using most of the tools without any problem. At first, you’ll probably do the most basic stuff to get the basic tools set up. Later, you’ll build on the foundation you create to build your skill set with Photoshop.

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Sometimes, both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can produce excellent results, but Photoshop Elements is better for those who need a little extra flexibility to work quickly. It has a simple, convenient toolset, and is less complicated.

Photoshop Elements is a powerful image editor, regardless of your skill level. You can edit RAW, JPEG, or TIFF files.

Quickly edit and optimize images with built-in editing tools.

Add text, draw, add filters and borders.

Import and manage photos, graphics, and files.

Access all of your photos in a single library.

Create and export your own artistic effects.

The full version of Photoshop Elements comes with a full set of creative filters, shapes, text, drawing and other tools. You can also use it to connect to a network and share with Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements can be downloaded free of charge as a stand-alone program. It can also be used as a software-add on for Photoshop, both paid and free.

Adobe Photoshop Elements come with three different versions:

All downloads include Adobe Photoshop Elements Desktop Lite. For Mac users, you can also download Adobe Photoshop Elements Mac.

The program has a lot of built-in options, so your favorite Photoshop add-ons won’t be needed.

Adobe Photoshop Elements supports the following image formats:




Still Photo




You can view and share images in a variety of different file types. This includes:
















Most computers can run Photoshop Elements, including:




Adobe Photoshop Elements can be used on:

Mac OS


Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8/8.1

and more.

Before you can use Photoshop Elements, you must download its software. Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for free. You can download the free trial version of Photoshop Elements, which enables you to familiarize yourself with the program and decide whether it is the right editor for you.


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abstract: ‘This study presents the first part of a project aiming to build and evaluate an early-stage natural language generator for an emergency session at a primary school. The generator structure consists of a lexicon, a grammatical generator, and a rule system. We collected a vocabulary in parallel with emergency session taking place in a primary school and evaluated the efficacy of the generator. We obtained an accuracy of 87.75%, which is comparable to or better than the results reported by previous studies. As future work, we plan to update the lexicon automatically, and to generate other sentences, such as *“I will go home as soon as possible.”*’
– Shohei Takeuchi
– Kento Hattori
title: ‘Early-Stage Natural Language Generation for an Emergency Session in a Primary School’


Calling javascript function from ajax response div

I’m using jQuery to upload an image and then display it using an ajax response. Then if the user clicks on the image, I want to call a javascript function.

function editAvatar(avatarType) {

type: “POST”,
url: ‘process.php’,
data: “action=imageupload” + avatarType,
dataType: “json”,
success: function(data) {
//code here

If I set the src parameter directly in the function, it works fine, but the images won’t show until after the page has been refreshed.
Is there a way to make it so that when I set the src property in the function, it will update the image on the fly, and stop the function from being called automatically?


You can set the src attribute of the image directly from the onclick handler, rather than trying to do it from within the ajax call:
document.getElementById(’thumb’).src = images/image.png;

What’s New In?


As discussed, please see the attached:

(1) Harris letter to Secretary of State Bilas (evidence that BPA was acting
pursuant to the 2001 PPA)

(2) BPA letter to Secretary of State Bilas (evidence that BPA was acting
pursuant to the 2001 PPA)

(3) Harris’ letter to Harris (evidence that Harris was acting on behalf of

(4) QF letter to BPA (evidence that QFs were willing to arbitrate

(5) BPA letter to QFs (rescinding the May 25 letter)

As we discussed, I think it is premature to issue any press releases as of

ShariIsrael at the 2018 Mediterranean Games

Israel competed at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain from 22 June to 1 July 2018.

Medal summary

Medal table



Category:Nations at the 2018 Mediterranean Games
Category:2018 in Israeli sport
Category:Israel at the Mediterranean Games
Category:2018 in Israeli sport stubs
Category:Israel stubs stubs
Category:Israel at the Mediterranean Games stubsMOSCOW (Reuters) – An email from Russia’s foreign ministry asking diplomats worldwide to provide details of their living expenses including groceries has caused a stir in diplomatic circles, raising questions about the state of the Russian economy.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday the email, which went out on Monday, was part of a broader measure to estimate the financial burden on the ministry’s staff.

“It’s unusual that the person who delivers a note like this,” Zakharova told a news conference. “This shows that the authorities have an interest in knowing how diplomats live.”

Asked if the Russian government was under financial pressure, she said: “The budget is under pressure, the Russian economy is under pressure and we are under pressure, but not our diplomats.”

In a sign of the impact the financial squeeze was having, foreign investment in Russia, the source of much of its wealth, fell by $2.3 billion in 2016 to $7.7 billion, the lowest level since

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