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The FolderJpg2Ico application was designed to be a small tool that lets you to generate a “custom icon” for each folder FROM folder.jpg.
 – png2ico and topng is included in zip


Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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This is application designed to help you convert a folder.jpg (no extension) to a “custom icon” for each folder. You can also use this application to generate a “custom icon” for any JPG files found in a folder. If you are working with a large number of folder.jpg files, you can place them all in a folder and then just select that folder, instead of generating an icon for each file.
Each folder.jpg or JPG file can be in a separate folder.
 – png2ico and topng is included in zip
FolderJpg2Ico Crack For Windows Features:
– You can use a folder.jpg and a single-bit color background
 – Allows you to choose the color you wish to use for each folder. You can create and manage the icons
 – Transforms the folder.jpg file to a “custom icon”
 – Manage a collection of icon files
 – Change the color of the icon at any time.
 – An icon is generated for each folder.jpg or JPG file.
 – You can use PNG and PNG files for your icon.
– Automatically updates the “custom icon” for the selected folder
FolderJpg2Ico Background:
This is an incredibly simple and low-cost application. You can use any folder.jpg and a single-bit color background. It will generate and manage an icon for each folder. If you are working with a large number of folder.jpg files, you can place them all in a folder and then just select that folder, instead of generating an icon for each file. It includes the install.bat and.exe files. NOTE: Once you run the setup.bat, you will not be able to revert back to the original folder.jpg and background color. FolderJpg2Ico is at the very bottom of our library of top tools and free applications.
If you wish to use the folder.jpg and background color, you need a program that supports 24-bit color (RGB). If you wish to use a single-bit color (transparent), then you will need a program that supports a single-bit color (gray). The process is as follows:
1. Place the folder.jpg file in the same location as the setup.bat file
2. Open the setup.bat file
3. Click the Run button
4. Select a folder.jpg

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“FolderJpg2Ico” is a small utility that lets you create a custom icon for all folders by using a folder.jpg.The size of the icon for each folder will be defined by the number of pixels in the jpg picture AND the number of pixels in the folder.ico.png icon.
To make the process easier, you can use most of the images provided by
* Provides about 20 predefined folder icons
* You can also specify a path to folder.jpg OR folder.png
* You can create more folder icons by specifying the size of the icon for each folder. The size of each folder can be specified by the number of pixels from the folder.jpg OR folder.png you want to create.
* Use the “Random” feature to create folder icons randomly.
* It is possible to check if the first icon is blank (if the folder.jpg is empty).
* Folder.ico is saved in the same directory.
If you need help on how to use this tool, please visit the following site:
How to use:

To start using the tool:

1. Press the “Open button” to open the folder.ico generator tool.
2. You will see a blank “empty” icon.
3. Insert the path of the folder.png (folder.jpg is similar)
4. Save the “empty” icon in any folder by double-clicking on the icon
5. You will see a new folder icon for each folder in the folder that you have specified.
6. To modify the size of the folder icon click once on the folder icon to change the size. There are several font sizes available


1. To use FolderJpg2Ico you need to have the following programs:

Win7: 7zip, Winzip
WinXP: WinZip
WinVista: WinZip or 7zip
Mac: dmg2png

2. If you are required to generate more icons in the same folder you need to change the icon of the “parent folder”.

3. This tool is free.

4. You can find other useful tools and tools for Mac at these sites:

5. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can contact me at:

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FolderJpg2Ico is designed to make the FolderJpg2Ico process very easy.
It’s used to convert a folder.jpg, or any other folder from any supported format, to a image, before and after storing.
When file with.jpg extension is added to the folder, folder.jpg will be automatically converted to folder.png, and folder.ico will be created at the same directory. The folder.ico contains a preview of the folder.png. Note that, this created icon can’t be inserted in a Desktop folder…
When folder.ico is stored, you’ll get a folder.png in the same directory, and a folder.jpg in this new folder.
FolderJpg2Ico, with nice Preview of the new folder.png!
The FolderJpg2Ico application will generate the icx-files directly from the folder.jpg.
FolderJpg2Ico has been tested using the following formats:
– ms-windows images: jpg, gif, bmp (converts very well)
– Mac images: jpg, gif
– Zipped image: jpg, gif, bmp (converts very well)
– ZIP image ( jpg, gif
– ZIP image (folder.txt): jpg (never convert)
– Zipped image ( jpg (never convert)
– TAR archive: jpg, gif, bmp (converts very well)
– TAR archive (folder.tar): jpg, gif
– rar archive: jpg, gif, bmp (converts very well)
– rar archive (folder.rar): jpg, gif (never convert)
– MOV, MOVIE archive: jpg, gif, bmp (converts very well)
– MOV, MOVIE archive ( jpg (never convert)
– MPEG movie: jpg (never convert)
– MPEG movie (folder.mpeg): jpg (never convert)

– The FolderJpg2Ico application is not compatible with Blu-Ray discs.
– This application support both Unicode (UTF-8) and ASCII characters in the file.
– A folder created with this application can’t be edited (e.g. add or delete files) after storing the folder.png.


What’s New in the?

Small application that takes a folder.jpg image and outputs a folder.ico file.  Can be used in windows explorer to automatically “iconify” folders with folder.jpg image.

External images, If the Image is from elsewhere, you should copy the external link image and place it in the folder.jpg. Example:
How to run:
 – You must copy the current working folder.jpg image before running the application, and run the application on the image to generate “custom icon”.
If you use the main image, you must make sure that it doesn’t contain any special character or open the folder.jpg to find a “fixed” folder.jpg.

For more details, please have a look into the help window.


You can do it using Notepad++. I made a quick macro for it.
Highlight the area of your folder.jpg with the cursor, use the up and down arrows to go to the beginning or the end of the image. When you are at the beginning, highlight the area again and press CTRL + I (or SHIFT + I). The macro will insert an image.

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System Requirements For FolderJpg2Ico:

*PCRE >= 8.31
*PHP >= 7.1
*CURL >= 7.31
*Redis >= 2.6
*MongoDB >= 2.2
*Windows support
*To download, click on the button below:
View the docs here:
1. Installation
1.1) Install Redis
The easiest way to install Redis on your PHP-based project is to use PECL: