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Flightmap is a handy and useful application which allows you to track all your past and future flights.The files you handle with Flightmap are itineraries, very much like the passenger receipt from your airline ticket.
When you start Flightmap, you see an empty itinerary. You can edit the table like a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. The exception to this is the “distance” column, which is computed automatically in regard to the IATA airport codes of both previous columns. New rows are automatically added as you edit the last empty row.







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Whether you are planning your next trip or working on an ongoing one, you can check your route at a glance.
With all future, and all past flight information available, you can always adapt your travel plan if needed.

I’ve tested Flightmap with NeatXchange and a 20 gig file with the next statement:

and an undo limit of 1 million rows.
The result was about 20 seconds for each calculation.
I guess NeatXchange uses a range search with excel instead of using the method mentioned in the manual.
The PDF manual is available here.


This is a very old question but I think this may help someone in the future.
I used to use this tool in the pre-NeatXchange days. The application was FCheckFlight. It is no longer available from the Mac App Store. You can get a similar application from the Mac App Store called FlightFinder. It’s free.

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An airport-to-airport itinerary stored as an XML flat file.
Each entry in the itinerary contains the following five components:

Date, Flight, Departure/Arrival, Distance, Amount.

These five components are defined in terms of IATA airport codes. For example, in order to add the airline name ABC, you need to use the code where the airport name ABC is located: ABC, rather than ABQ, for Albuquerque.
The distance component has a special format, as follows:

where MeasurementAmount is a positive integer
in miles or kilometers, depending on your choice.
This format is required for those who use
the Measuredistance option in their browser.

Distance is computed automatically.

If the entry has no distance, the distance is set to 0.

The component “Distance” is computed by the central server according to the following algorithm:

Take Flight and Arrival
The total distance is computed by a simple addition of the distance between the Flight and the Arrival according to the following algorithm:

The weight of the trip is computed automatically.

“Amount” contains the amount paid for the trip in local currency, according to the choice of currencies in your browser.

Currency Conversion

Flightmap data is stored as in the following currency:


All filenames have the same extension,.fsi. The Extension is
obtained from the filename.

The name of an XML document is constructed automatically by the
following rules:

For example:

– First, the extension of the filename is removed
– Then the first six letters of the filename are taken (any combination of letters is valid)
– Then a “.” is added and a “XML” is appended
– Everything is lower-cased

Finally, the whole filename is centered as follows:

“Flightmap[Source File][Chapter Name][Date][EstimatedDuration]”

The filename is automatically corrected in case it is just a number, for example, X:99.

The most important functions are called by Flightmap:[bookmark, list, update, remove]

This function will close all instances of Flightmap in the current session.


1. Open a new file and enable Flightmap. 2. Book the flight XYZ departs from


– Basic Functions:
o Create empty itinerary table
– Add point names and their corresponding IATA airport codes or city names
– Allow distance between the name of two points (don’t use for flight distances)
– Optionally add a prefix and suffix to the address of points (tooltip displays added points)
– Add coordinates, coordinates are automatically computed from IATA airport codes or city names
– Show ground distances
– Use the given icon for the points
– Save and open files in CSV
– Copy entire itinerary table, city names and cities from one CSV to another
– Write the points of the itinerary to xml file format (adds displayName attribute to points)
– Import CSV files from XML files (xml parser used)
– Export CSV files from xml format
– Import from the commandline using xml
– Read points from configuration file
– Sort
– Display guide lines based on the result of the sort

*Please note, especially for complete beginners:*
The available tools are many, but you need to use them in combination to be able to deal with the multitude of issues you’ll encounter. For example:
o Use the coordinates and calculate the distance between two points directly in Excel.
o Use the coordinates for the windows to enter the flight distance.
o Use the coordinates for the text labels to enter the flight distance.
o Use the IATA airport codes to calculate the distance using an external site.
o Use the city names for the text labels and calculate the distance using an external site.

All other values are free to enter in your own way.


This is the first stable version of Flightmap, I wish I could make it better everyday but I haven’t found the time for that. This version has the following new features:
o Fixed the distance (for coordinates): distance is now correct with all entities.
o Fixed CityNames and AirportNames not clearing when overwriting.
o Made several changes in order to get the application to work on multi-monitor setups.
o Fixed distance tab scrolling issue.
o Added Prefixes and Suffixes to the address column.
o Added Localization.
o Added new optional columns for Airports, Cities, Airlines and Destinations.
o Added two new optional columns to the destination column: From/To.
o Added three new optional columns to the destination column: Destination, City

What’s New In?

• Columns are aligned automatically according to your first choice (Table, List, Tabular). More than one choice can be set for each column.
• The “distance” is automatically computed (the computation rules: airport codes, fares, distances).
• The “month” is automatically computed, according to your choice.
• The dates are automatically used to align the columns.
• You can choose a background colour in the colour pallette or the image.
• You can choose to display/hide column headers, the column header text and the total.
• You can choose to display first day of month or first month.
• You can sort the tables by either alphabetically (sorted by column names) or by number of rows (sorted by rows).
• You can export the files in a compatible Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.
Flightmap Preferences:
• Default date format: dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd.
• Default time format: hh:mm
• Speed of columns scroll: auto
• Speed of rows scroll: auto
• Double click to edit column: yes/no
• Timezone of dates: automatic
• Display time: auto
• Display date: auto
• Display day of week: auto
• Display weeks of month: auto
• Display number of days: auto
• Display seconds: auto
• Display milliseconds: auto
• Number of lines to display: auto
• IATA airport codes: auto (code, name, alitication, aerodrome)
• IATA airport codes standardization: auto (IATA code, City, State, Country)
• Fares/Miles (auto): auto (if you use internal flights only)
• Fares: auto (if you use both internal and international flights)
• IATA country codes: auto (code, name, alitication, aerodrome)
• Euro currency symbols: auto
• Base currency symbol (euro): auto
• Show prices in currency: auto
• Show price of flight: auto
• Show price of ticket: auto
• Show fare from: auto
• Show fare to: auto
• Show total: auto
• Show average fare: auto
• Show average airfare: auto
• Show average ticket: auto
• Show average fare: auto
• Show average ticket: auto
• Show base fare: auto
• Show first

System Requirements:

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