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FlashCAD is a graphic tool specifically developed to create 3D
as well as 2D drawings. The included flash player is not
required: FlashCad uses your browser to interpret Flash
directives. FlashCAD is a complete graphic programming
environment, allowing you to draw and publish your
designs. You may even modify your designs before they are
published on the Web.
FlashCAD, in fact, is not just a simple 2D software: if you look
at the FlashCAD properties that control the direction in which
the drawing will be displayed, you will see that it is possible
to set FlashCAD to act as a 2D-2D, FlashCAD as a 2D-3D, 3D
as a 2D-2D, FlashCAD as a 2D-2D-3D…
TIP: As a matter of fact, there is no difference between a 3D and
a 2D-2D-3D model. For further explanations, click here:

How to draw:
FlashCAD is not just a 2D drawing tool: you can draw in 3D and
2D on the same model.
Let’s draw the drawing you see in the
figure below:
1) First of all, draw the
of the model, fill them, add lights and shadows, and give
them a visual
feeling. You can do it also by simply clicking.
2) Now you will be able to add
ribs, and various modifications.
After drawing the model, you
can change the
direction and the
3) You can even modify existing surface modifications by
clicking the surface and selecting the modification tool.
4) You can see how the exterior design changes by clicking
on it. You
can set a direction as
5) You can resize the drawings by using the mouse,
keyboard, or the
angle slider at the bottom.
You can save your work
as a FlashCAD file,
or as a DXF, DWG, or several other formats supported by
When drawing, you can zoom and pan.
You can move or
resize the canvas by
using the scroll bars.

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FlashCAD Torrent Download is an intense tool that is used to produce high-quality 2D and 3D drawings. With FlashCAD, you will be able to create everything from aircraft, cars, houses and much more with just a few clicks of a mouse. FlashCAD has a very intuitive interface that makes it simple and easy to operate. You will easily be able to create your first 3D model in minutes thanks to the superb ease with which FlashCAD is to operate.
FlashCAD features:
■ Easy to Use Interface
■ All Shapes Superb for creating 3D models
■ Design and 3D Models
■ Supports 2D and 3D drawings
■ Help documents about different features available with the software included.
FlashCAD Complete Features Include:
■ Creation of 3D Drawings
■ Models of all types: Closed, Half-Opened, Open
■ Use of Geometric Entities
■ Use of 2D Text
■ Use of True Type Text
■ Use of Images
■ Use of 3D Models
■ Raster and Vector Images
■ AutoCAD DXF/DWG Compatibility
■ Imagen de los estudios sobre la impresion
■ Using the Pan, Zoom, and Drawing functions simultaneously
■ Exporting files to other applications such as Excel, Word, Power Point, JPG
■ Save files in compressed format
■ Select Save Properties Dialog
■ Set Zip Compression Password
■ Select Options Dialog
■ Compression Level: Zip 1, Zip 2, Zip 3
■ Compression Filters: None, Best Quality, Highest Compression
■ Compression Include Filters: None, Lowest Quality, High Compression
■ Compression exclude Filters: None, Not Compressed, Excluded, Low Quality, Low Compression
■ Support for AutoHide Display for ‘Optimized for Resize’
■ Support for color fonts
■ Support for Bitmap fonts
■ Support for True Type fonts
■ Support for Stencil
■ Use of Selection Pen
■ Options dialog box
■ Use of ‘Arrow’ drawing mode
■ Use of control

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FlashCAD is a CAD software tool to design. Containing all the strength and features of 3D CAD software, it’s different from all other!
FlashCAD is a free, handy, fast and rich CAD software tool to design. It’s different from all other by having no 3D geometry limitations and having no Windows and Internet Software Requirement. It is a true CAD software that is compatible with any PC or Mac.
With FlashCad you will discover the pleasure of drawing thanks to the easiest and most complete tool available today. Your expectations are immediately projected on the screen in the form of 2D-3D drawings. You don’t need to read boring manuals to use FlashCad because it runs intuitively. Over 50 Multimedia Lesson Included
It is incredible how you can fill the surfaces with any material, insert light points creating shades and shadows on the surfaces. It is amazing to image something, create the model and see the picture of it in few seconds! You will enjoy it! You can realize video in AVI format of your 3D models just drawing the route of the observer.
FlashCad was designed to communicate and interact directly with its operator removing all the complications that the other CAD Systems challenge their operators with.. In fact, the software developers of CAD Systems other than FlashCAD are not architects nor drawers; therefore they cannot capture the needs of the operators who will work with their programmed CAD Systems.
Therefore, other CAD Systems’ weak points represent FlashCad’s strongest point. In fact FlashCad was programmed having in mind the final goal of being intelligible to its user assisting him instead of challenging him from the easiest to the most complex activity. Cad4 was ideated to be thought provoking and to create in its users, thanks to its beautiful simplicity, a justified enthusiasm!
Here are some basic features of “FlashCAD”:
■ Geometric entities and Bitmap images contemporary management.
■ Vector and True Type Text, dimensions.
■ Images acquirement from scanner, bitmap editor embedded, image processing.
■ 3D rendering, 3D video in AVI format.
■ Images bilinear deformation, Inverse Perspective Mapping.
■ Raster images vectorialize.
■ Compatibility with AutoCAD DXF/DWG files.
■ Saving files in compressed format and many other things to discover.
■ Zoom Pan simultaneously while

What’s New in the?

■ It has been developed by FlashCad, a company based in Holland, which offers a complete solution for architectural and interior designers, specializing in the construction of 3D models, using the newest technology on the market. FlashCad allows you to see the world with your eyes, to imagine, to discover, to create and to interact. You will be surprised with the results!
It is a widely used program in the architectural field, the size of your files you can manage in FlashCAD is approximately 1 Gigabyte. Therefore you will not encounter problems, like “My folders are too full,…”, “Memory problems” etc.
Note that in FlashCad all the stored objects are in scaled up dimension, they are equivalent to the dimension of a full size paper sheet, approximately A0, approximately 2.4″ X 2.7″.
You can work in both a 2D and 3D mode in FlashCAD, in 2D mode you can draw straight line, arcs and select arcs, circles, rectangles, polygons and ellipsoids, these objects can be aranged in any way you want. In 3D mode there are 2D lines, planes, solids and capsules, you can create lines and planes by hand or you can create objects thanks to the programs tools on a 3D image.
It is possible to insert text, dimensions, surfaces, lines and polygons. You can also insert and manage Color, Transparency, and other features. In general you can create any type of drawing you want.
It is the easiest to use program of it’s type because it is easy to understand, you can draw while you watch the intuitive on screen interface of FlashCAD.
FlashCad’s Automatic cloud is revolutionary, it can save you from many problems associated with the drawing of realtime objects, what you can do is save you a lot of time.
Thanks to the automatic cloud, you don’t have to remember where you have stored your objects. In addition you can resize in real time your drawings without problems, it is the best choice if you like to draw in a rapid way.
You can copy objects from one file to another file by using the File/Copy command, even with the files in different folders. There is a very important limitation: it is not possible to insert or delete an object by using the selected command. In order to change an object, you have to copy it to another folder and then delete it. This limitation is

System Requirements:

Multiplayer compatible.
OS: OS X 10.8 or above.
OS: 10.8 or above. Processor: 1.6 GHz dual core.
1.6 GHz dual core. Memory: 2 GB RAM.
2 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 2GB.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 2GB. Video: 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution Screenshot:
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