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Features at a glance: Viewing angle The player HUD is improved and clearer to see in front of and behind the player. This is achieved by improving the lighting effects and, as a result, the screen haze. On-pitch changes FIFA 22 starts the season with on-pitch changes that improve the ball behaviour, more decision-making available to players and increases the intensity of situations on the pitch. For example, dribbling is now less restricted when players are in possession of the ball, making it easier for them to switch play, and tackle animations have been improved to provide more interesting challenges for players. Improved goalkeeping FIFA 22 introduces new goalkeeper reactions that make defending more dynamic, with improved ball handling and reactive AI at the goalmouth. There will also be a sense of anticipation when the goalkeeper makes a save, with the crowd cheering when the ball comes into the goalkeeper’s hands. Improved tactics and dynamic game flow Three in-game coaching tools support the motion-capture movement data in game and help the coach to make better and quicker decisions on the pitch: Tactical Manager: Manage your team by selecting players, formations and tactics to control the flow of play. Tactical Trainer: Use over 20 different tools to measure and change the on-pitch performance of your players through statistical analysis of your player movements, tackles, runs, passes and shots. Tactical Referee: Manage the flow of play by selecting players to control your team’s decision-making and give referees the freedom to make decisions that add further life to the game. Minor Improvements In FIFA 22, there are a number of minor on-pitch improvements that include; Player reaction animations when receiving a pass (no longer fade animations) Improved first touch FIFA 22 will feature a new FUT Draft functionality. As a result, you can follow your favourite clubs to get a new look of the FUT World Cup and World Cup 94 squads. Other FIFA 22 FeaturesQ: Create Navigation Menu I would like to create a menu that should look something like this: Menu ~~Home ~~Navigation ~~Menu ~~SubMenu ~~SubSubMenu No matter what module I install, I cant seem to get a menu bar as I would expect. A


Features Key:

  • Live the Pro’s Life – Build a team of over 350 authentic Pro players.
  • Dynamic Off-Ball Running – Dribble through defenders and take them on from all angles.
  • Motion for Conflicts – Be more decisive on the pitch with more realistic reactions and special moves.
  • Motion for Matchplay – Start from any position on the pitch and control your ball with the new dynamic defending system on and off-ball.
  • High Post and Low Kick – Enjoy the best of both worlds with feints, tricks and powerful kicks.
  • Revolution in Player Expectations – Play to your capabilities with new player attributes and changing tactics.
  • Victory Ball – Kick the ball at full speed to win difficult duels.
  • Player Ratings – See your player impact live on the pitch in front of your eyes.
  • Airplane Graphics – An X-Files: The Movie-like, CGI-rendered graphics engine brings the stadiums and players to life.
  • Huge new Stadiums – Experience the rich history of 22 top leagues around the world. Play to your home stadium to get your fans roaring and feel the pressure.
  • Improved Player Movement and Controls – Feel the bond between you and your tactics, tactics and movements in-game, thanks to the new and improved Player Physics.
  • Return of User Generated Content – Lets players create and share 3D content and short movies in game.
  • Superstar of the Future – The Dandelion – A new story mode that lets you start as Dribbles, end the game with a career-changing single goal, or go head to head with Messi to become the legendary Dandelion.
  • Be like Messi – You’ve dreamed of being like the legend. Now you can be able to perform his famous tricks, we can all be like him.


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FIFA is the world’s #1 game of football: Real Madrid v Barcelona. It’s the game you play every weekend with your mates, and the one you remember from childhood. It’s the ultimate football experience. The game: In FIFA, you create your own legend. Create your own Ultimate Team and take on your friends in FM-inspired modes: Exhibition, Season, Blitz, Create-a-Club. Compete in real-world leagues as well as tournaments including The Champions League, Club World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Play against AI players, clubs and teams from all over the world. You can play in any way you want. Dodge and weave, take on the world, burst through opponents and score a classic. Ball physics have been upgraded, making the ball react more realistically. The freedom to play the way you want with a deeper, richer experience. Discover new ways to play the game with all-new game modes, tactics and innovations: Train and Coach – Becoming a football legend begins with honing your craft and perfecting your game. Train as if the lights are on and you are in a televised stadium. Then progress to a full management career in the Football League. Solo Play – Do you have what it takes to win on your own? Go solo, face off against friends in solo play modes inspired by FIFA Ultimate Team. MyClub – Create your own Ultimate Team, customise your club with thousands of club logos, football kits and terracotta figurines. Buy, sell and trade players. Player Impact – Select from over 250 real-life and original football players. Then watch their influence in the game grow as you equip them with new abilities. Caravan – Choose from real-world tours, featuring games from across the globe. Or plan your own tour. Pick and choose from any city in the world and have a contest with your mates. Club Meetings – Enjoy your favourite clubs meeting in brand-new ways. Create your own FUT fantasy, compete in FUT Leagues, and go head-to-head in up to four different online tables. Online – Create friendships and rivalries with other players online. Invite friends into your MyClub account, trade players and participate in online leagues. Host your own FIFA World Cup qualifying matches in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, starring top- bc9d6d6daa


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Whether you’re a UEFA Champions League veteran or a relative rookie, Ultimate Team is your key to success. Build the ultimate squad with real-life players who actually play like you do. Train players in your Ultimate Team, then use your unique mix of scouting and trading to build a dream team that can destroy your opponent. FC Bayern Munich | 7. Bundesliga | Champions League How to Train: Build your Ultimate Team – Train players on the pitch, manage them in the bench, and use our unique player ratings to build your dream team. FCB? Manage the team from the touchline and select your tactics before each match Control the big moments in the match, score winning goals, and unlock some spectacular celebrations Design Your Stadium: Create your very own stadium from ground up, pick your favorite looks and themes, and bring your team’s unique culture to life. Customise The Team: Zinedine Zidane is the biggest name in football but his story is also one of the most intriguing, even in the world of Italian football, where his achievements as a player and a manager achieved legendary status. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar catapult themselves into the pantheon of football’s greats with the finest showings in the FIFA World Cup™, playing on some of the world’s biggest stages and reflecting the world’s fascination with them and with football itself. FIFA has faced criticism and outrage from angry fans and members of the public over a perceived lack of ‘proper’ women’s football in the game, and FIFA president Gianni Infantino promised a big response. FIFA has marked the end of 2016 with the FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony held on November 24 in Zurich, Switzerland. For the first time, football’s biggest winners were chosen by the world’s most renowned football writers. FIFA Ballon d’Or 2017: The Winners 26-year-old French striker Kylian Mbappe claimed the Golden Ball award, (pictured, right) with English midfielder Eden Hazard taking home the FIFA Club World Cup, an honour that had been won by a Brazilian until the Englishman claimed it last year. The FIFA Champions League on November 3 was the final matchday of the 2016/17 competition. The draw for the 2017 competition will take place on Friday, December 9th at 12


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Deep UX improvements

UEL in Ultimate Team has been revamped into a competitive eSports leaderboard – The FIFA World Cup™ in Ultimate Team. Starting in UEL’s first major update and culminating in the FIFA World Cup™, we’re re-envisioning how players compete and teams rise in Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team UEL pits players against each other in games of FIFA Ultimate Team and the biggest in-game reward will be on or around the FIFA World Cup™, with players receiving their Pro World Cup teams. Players who complete FIFA Ultimate Team tournaments for a chance to win legendary Teams. New season modes will also unlock the all-new Ultimate Freestyle Lounge.

What’s new in FIFA Street Global Tour:

  • New Season+Solo Tour
  • Co-Op Online Ops

FIFA Street Global Tour features over 60 playable characters from 15 of the most popular fictional Street Latino road racers. Season Plus is back, along with Free Roam mode, up to 8 Players, and the ever popular Solo Tour mode.

What’s new in FIFA PES Promotional Tour Edition:

  • UEFA EURO 2016


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports video game franchise. It has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide since its debut on the Nintendo 64 back in September of 1999. FIFA 20 The Deluxe Edition of EA SPORTS FIFA 20 includes the game itself, a stand, six official FIFA Premier League match balls, three alternate clothing options, and the FIFA Ultimate Team Manager tool. FIFA 20 Patch Size The FIFA 20 patch size for the North American version was made available as a download for Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch today. The patch size was leaked by a Reddit user in an effort to give players an idea of what the size of the patch would be. The information leaked was based off of the sizes found in the “release notes” for the game. It also lists the size of the update as well. According to the leak, the size of the patch is 48.45mb for the North American Xbox One version of the game. While the size for the console’s PS4 version is 47.26mb. The size of the patch for the PC version is 49.71mb, while the size for the Nintendo Switch version is 29.05mb. FIFA 20 Title Size The title of the game itself is only 12.4mb. FIFA 20 Stand Size The stand size of the game is listed as 35.36mb. This size includes everything in the package, including the game itself. FIFA 20 Anthem Size The FIFA Anthem size for the game is 15.05mb. This size lists the size of the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Anthem song, and the game continues to feature the song after the game launches in late October. FIFA 20 Alternate Uniform Size The size of the Alternate Uniform Size is 33.5mb, which includes the game, and includes all of the customizable items. FIFA 20 Changes EA have revealed that the biggest change to the gameplay of FIFA 20 is a new dribble system. EA have said that new dribble system has been improved. “With an all-new dribble system players will be able to use their creativity to get past opponents. Choose your preferred style of dribbling and start a slide past defenders with a new sliding pass. With the new pass system players have more control and responsibility for using playmaker techniques to score,” EA have said.


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