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When you’re training with FIFA 22, the tech enables more accurate and dynamic passing and shooting. Fielding calls are improved, faster and more effective, while the ball more closely reflects the behavior of the real thing – tackling improves, for example, with improved mass, momentum and drag.

Here’s how it works…

How FIFA is Built

FIFA 22 uses “HyperMotion Technology” data from a study of real-life athletes playing a high-intensity, complete football match, held at the “Football Fitness Test” – a measure of agility, speed, endurance, reaction, speed of movement and acceleration (used for this assessment, the total game time was 60 minutes, 45 of which involved high-intensity activity).

FIFA 22 draws on this data to improve and enhance the previous versions of the engine, while providing the player with more opportunities than ever before. The “HyperMotion Technology” will be available to all FIFA 22 players.

The Power of the Player

FIFA’s innovative “HyperMotion” technology was created using a new analysis system called the “FIFA ELITE Analysis Engine.” It allows every player in the match to be analysed at a detailed level, providing them with detailed stats and action displays. This gives players the ability to exploit their strengths in any situation.

EA SPORTS is further enhancing player behavior through its “Scream Engine” technology. This was developed in conjunction with the German Football Association (DFB) and has been tuned and extensively tested.

World-class Physiotherapists work alongside the FIFA team, ensuring all data is aligned with scientific research.

The data collected from the “Football Fitness Test” included in FIFA 22 is one hundred times more detailed than in previous versions, making it possible for FIFA 22 to identify player strengths and weaknesses.

The engine also includes a new “Sprint Dynamics,” which accounts for the specific movements needed to change direction quickly and precisely. The engine is able to identify and adjust for the differences between players and how they move, enabling players to play the ball with more accuracy.

The New Way FIFA Tests

The FIFA player is even more like the real-life player, because there is even more immersion in the game. By identifying and analyzing player behavior via massive amounts of data, the player will have


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Contemporary gameplay – Tons of fresh new balls, new shots and new ways to score, including the patented Kamera-View on-screen ball. This is played out in real time by players on the pitch as you experience the game for yourself. Executed in real-time motion capture technology with over 5,000 individually-animated player models.
  • Exotic locations – Desolate deserts, lush jungles, and beautiful cities bring the world of FIFA to life. Unlock new stadiums, art installations, decorations and music, and experience epic matches against the most immersive environments to date in FIFA.
  • Stay ahead of the trends – FIFA 22 includes a refined Pro Player Card system, which allows you to unlock teams and bring the very best players to your squad. New to the game are Phantom cards – these come at different heights for your squad and give you an unfair advantage by providing higher-than-normal levels of squad efficiency.
  • Career mode for newcomers – The big difference in this year’s Career mode is that it’s now entirely playable on-the-move – instead of standing still or taking lots of photos, you can navigate gameplay and player movements on the move using Augmented Reality.
  • Brand-new gameplay and dynamic features – FIFA Team Talk once again makes the on-pitch experience even more authentic, as you communicate with your teammates using full-voiced on-field conversations. And the new Pro Skillshot camera system lets you perfect your goal shot strengths and weaknesses.
  • Player Intelligence and playstyles – New Coach and Player Pathways allow you to create your own progress paths, and an upgraded Coaches’ Notes system allows you to build your team with an enhanced variety of tactics and strategies. You also finally get to take control of individual players with the All-Star Team, and have the tools to deploy your full squad in tactical formations through the Co-Pilot button.
  • Improved and more varied animations – Improved animations make new gear and the updated movement animations more realistic, reactive and reactive. You’ll be kicking through the turf to face off against your opponent instead of just traversing over the grass, the ball ripples and spins before impacts, and players now react to tackle moments with different levels of


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    FIFA is one of the most popular soccer video games in the world. We know the world loves soccer, but have you ever tried to play a game of FIFA?!

    FIFA is a fast-paced, foot-ball game, where you become a soccer player and compete in various game modes.

    Play the game you love

    FIFA 23 is the ultimate version of the most popular soccer game on the planet. It delivers increased levels of playability, gameplay innovation, and new features like Player Impact Engine, New Player Behavior, Master League and FUT Draft Mode, the Ability to Design your club online, Improved commentary and a number of new features.

    How to Play

    Pick a team, Design your club, then dominate the game like never before in the ultimate soccer experience.

    What’s new?

    Player Impact Engine – The new player impact engine, allows each player to have multiple states, giving you more control over how a player impacts a game.

    New Player Behavior – Adaptive player behavior gives you control of how a player treats the ball, improves the ball’s responsiveness, and more.

    New Roles – Play better, faster, and smarter with new roles that include new base and substitutions.

    Spectacular free-kicks – Craft a new breed of free-kicks with the free-kick engine.

    Matchday Improvements – Create more epic, exciting, and interactive games of soccer on both pitch and pitch!

    New Commentary – Commentary by John Roberts, the man who made the FIFA series the award-winning game it is.

    Improved Touchline/Stadium Offside calls – A better experience for players and fans.

    Throw-ins – Call a center-back to clear the throw-in.

    Ranking – Upgrade your abilities and get a head start on your favorite teams, leagues, and players.

    Career Mode Improvements – Practice out of the spotlight and train by playing in live online matches with friends.

    FIFA Ultimate Team – Make your Ultimate Team dream a reality, and compete with players from around the world in one-of-a-kind games of soccer.

    Full 3D – Rocha in 3D, all the way!

    Online/Multiplayer Improvements – Live and die for your team with new online death match, new live online gameplay modes including – Leagues, Domination, and Contract Mode.



    Fifa 22 Free (Updated 2022)

    Build your ultimate fantasy team in FIFA Ultimate Team. Take charge of your squad as you play through multiple ways to progress your team in a number of modes, including multiple ways to earn rewards through the Hero Acquisition system. Or choose a FUT Draft and draft your Ultimate Dream Team.

    FUT Draft – Place your favorite players on the team of your dreams and see your dream team come to life. Lead your squad in a fantasy draft where you trade, sell, and buy throughout the draft.

    Matchday –
    The best players in the world compete with one another in up to four matches in your home stadium. These matches become mini tournaments in FIFA Ultimate Team. Dominate the pitch with more than 1,500 licensed players and create your ideal team as you take charge of every aspect of the game.

    Story Mode – Decide the path of your story, and experience it from beginning to end. Take control of the most famous footballer in the world in the career of Ronaldo, use the authentic player intelligence system to lead your player to glory, or bring your own story to life with the FUT Draft to build your dream team.

    Real Pitch – Real players, real stadiums, all managed on a real pitch – that is the aim of EA SPORTS FIFA. This is the story of a journey to the summit of the game’s competitive scene, played by the players who made the cut and the teams that they represent.

    And for the first time ever, real players, real stadiums, and real matches. FIFA is more authentic than ever, giving you the most control over your player’s journey, the most realistic and authentic football experience.

    All the beauty of authentic stadiums and clubs such as the Emirates, Nou Camp, Camp Nou, Etihad, Santiago Bernabeu, San Siro, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, RIO, and many more, where you can also play in-stadium.

    Match day atmosphere that has been redesigned to be even more realistic than before.

    FIFA 22 introduces the Ultimate Team Experience, featuring improved card collecting and collecting features.

    Authentic community features in FIFA Ultimate Team, including FUT Draft and the unique Virtual Pro career mode.

    Hundreds of official leagues and competitions from around the world.

    FIFA 22 introduces the unique FUT Draft mode to FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT Draft builds a team from scratch by drafting the top players from your favorite official league or competition in FIFA.



    What’s new in Fifa 22: