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“Hypermotion Technology is the most robust and responsive game engine in the series,” said Nick Channon, FIFA Development Director. “It enables us to take player movement to another level of realism, in terms of speed, acceleration, and power. The system will change the way you play. Fans, players and teams around the world will see the difference in our game.”

Re-imagining the controller

Fans will notice a simple yet distinct change in FUT on Xbox One. The controls are made smaller and more ergonomic in line with the console’s design aesthetic. The ultimate goal was to make the controls as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible. Players can now create, store and pick from up to eight different player archetypes. The most prominent changes include:

Bigger passing balls. Passes are made larger, more user-friendly and intuitive to control.

Intuitive shooting controls. The shooting controls make a greater difference. Players can press, tap and flick the sticks quickly to perform basic shooting mechanics, with additional accuracy and power provided through button mashing and corner kicks.

Very high passing control. The accurate passing and shooting controls aim to provide a more individual and personalized game-play experience.

Making your moves even easier. Tackles and headers are placed in more intuitive positions and streamlined to make them more user-friendly.

Improved cut-ins. Control your opponent’s run-up and movement easier with improved team cut-ins.

Improved close control. There are improved options when defending a corner and small-sided games.

UI works on motion controllers. The control scheme adjusts to suit controller input, allowing for unparalleled control and precision of actions.

Tackle deflections. The deflection mechanic has been upgraded, making it easier to create scoring chances out of deflected crosses.

In-game camera. Tackles and shots take advantage of the in-game camera to bring a more accurate and realistic view of the action.

Player archetypes. Teams are now able to store as many player archetypes in their player attributes as they want, allowing for unique player builds.

Player archetypes will first be available for free when FUT is first released, with a supported subscription required to unlock them all.

High-speed gameplay

High-speed gameplay allows for


Features Key:

  • Create yourself a soccer legend – An all-new player creator takes you behind the scenes to experience the journey that a footballer goes through to reach the pinnacle of the sport.
  • Visual interaction for every game action – When you score, intercept, shoot, pass, tackle, dribble, receive the ball or win a key phase, share it instantly with friends and fans.
  • Camera-based graphics bring player faces to life – Enjoy clearer, more detailed player models that go beyond just facial features and really capture the emotions that make an athlete into a real character.
  • New ways to play – Three new ways to play: Face off in a 9v9 hardcore match, play in a FIFA Ultimate Team Draft or Customise your playing style and create your own game modifications.
  • Blazing fast gameplay, with AI improvements – The quickest FIFA in history, with bespoke player control powered by Frostbite, even quicker gameplay thanks to physics engine improvements to reduce and eliminate obstacles. Features third-party solo and AI improvements, too.
  • New 3D match engine with billions of animations – What you see on the pitch is what you experience off it, in the form of motion capture and animations. Choice of new kits and player faces, for all 107 official teams, real environments, true-to-life footwork for every superstar position, and much more.
  • Achievements – Support new ways to play by earning Achievements that reward you with Boosts and Star Player Cards that power-up your game.
  • Dual screen and Xbox One X game play – Enjoy the power of the Xbox One X, and play in true high definition on 2 screens simultaneously.
  • Xbox One X Enhanced Features – Take advantage of the power of the latest Xbox One console, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) capable of amazing realism and an all-new Ultra HD Blu-Ray™ disc format. Xbox One X enhancements also include dynamic super resolution and 4k streaming-it delivers more consistent visuals on console to offset the potential lag in online action.
  • New ‘Live Events’ – Enjoy dynamic Events from the EAS Cup 2017, the FIFA European Championships 2017, Italian Super Cup 2017, or the UEFA Champions League 2017/18 final – bring the drama of the very best of the action to your living room.

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    FIFA is EA SPORTS’ game of football — the authentic sport of millions around the world. FIFA’s home on the Xbox One and Windows 10 is more than a venue to play the game; it’s an all-in-one entertainment hub with live TV, broadcast-quality online video, movies and games streaming and more. It provides easy access to your favorite networks and apps on Xbox Live and it’s the best place to find and play your favorite EA SPORTS FIFA games.

    What are the benefits of being a FIFA Ultimate Team™ member?

    To celebrate the most popular videogame club in the world, and the upcoming FIFA World Cup™ in Russia this summer, select EA SPORTS™ FIFA Ultimate Team™ members will be rewarded with additional gameplay benefits, including an in-game currency boost and the opportunity to earn even more in-game currency at an even faster rate. The upcoming FIFA World Cup™ will prove to be an extra bonus for eligible members.

    How can I become an EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team™ member?

    To be eligible, you need to have an EA account and be logged into FIFA Ultimate Team™. If you’re already an EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team™ member, sign in to the FIFA Ultimate Team™ app on Xbox One or Windows 10 and access your account settings in the Xbox Live™ account settings. If you don’t already have an EA account, you can register for one at or play a limited demo of the FIFA Ultimate Team™ app that is available via Xbox One and Windows 10.

    How do I earn in-game currency?

    When you start playing FIFA Ultimate Team™, you’ll see “FIFA Premium Token” show up in your weekly gain. At the start of each new week, you’ll get another bonus FIFA Premium Token! You can also earn bonus FIFA Premium Tokens by completing in-game goals or challenges.

    What’s new in FIFA Ultimate Team™?

    Capped Packs. Once you’ve built out a squad and met FIFA Ultimate Team™ requirements, you can now purchase individual player packs to enhance your squad with more high-quality players. Each capped pack includes around 15 players and two players are randomly selected from each player class (for example, one striker, one midfielder, one defender), ensuring a realistic squad for each team. The amount of in-game currency you can earn


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    Completely redesigned with more depth, the Ultimate Team experience delivers a new story and brand new ways to play. Now you have more squads with all-new Ultimate Players, EA SPORTS Boosts and Friends of the Game. Play in more ways than ever to build your dream team, and compete to achieve EA SPORTS authenticity levels.

    AI Competition –
    In a format inspired by real-world competitions, compete in tense matches against the very best AI players for a chance to move up the world rankings. Over 100 real-world trophies will be available for those who can succeed in the single matches and earn a place in the leaderboards.

    Passion –
    Take your club’s story and compete for top honors against real-world clubs in FIFA 22. You can earn FIFA points by competing in the new Co-op Seasons and single-player Seasons as well as new rivalry matches throughout the season. League, Cup and Championship playoffs are also included.

    Special edition FIFA content

    In-game content available for purchase

    Digital Deluxe Edition

    Special editions, special features, and special co-op contests for up to 12 players

    Creative Mode –
    FIFA 22 features an all-new Creative Mode, allowing you to create and build in a multitude of ways to define your own fantasy football on the pitch. Use cutting-edge graphics technology to create with unprecedented levels of flexibility, control and detail to build the kind of team that matches your unique style.

    Player Impact Engine –
    The new Player Impact Engine allows you to feel and see the subtle impact of a player’s impact on the game. As you progress through the game, your team is forced to make tactical adjustments to pick up the pieces, and ultimately, defeat the opposition.

    Career Retirements –
    In Career Mode, no one stays on the sidelines forever. If your club needs you, you can retire from your role as a manager to take up a new challenge as a player. Or if you want to be on the pitch without having to worry about tactics and keeping track of substitutions, you can simply retire as a player at the end of a single match.

    Kick-Off Mode –
    Get ready for fight, reward and enjoy for all in this all-new innovative way to pass the time during matches, including goals, cards, injury situations, and more.

    Real-World Teams –
    In FIFA 22, you can choose your favorite team and


    What’s new:

    • New Teammates
      • Choose your new clubs to make your virtual playing career unique, with new and exciting kits, team locations, and uniforms.
      • New and Revised Stadiums
    • Play now with enhanced squads in new gameplay modes:
      FUT Champions
      Live the Ultimate Experience.
      Use the new Squad Builder tool to create and tweak your own game-defining squads in FIFA 22.

      Create custom training sessions by specifying playing times and player roles.