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Facebook Friends Mapper.epub


Jul 13, 2020
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Mapping friends

Facebook is an online social network and social media service that was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and launched in February, . It is the leading social networking website in terms of number of monthly active users. Facebook has over, monthly average users, and over . As of June 2015, it had more than  people using it worldwide.

The site’s underlying social networking architecture is based on the concept of a “social graph,” which describes the relationships among individuals, groups, or organizations within the network. The term graph in the context of social networking is often a misnomer, as most social networks lack traditional graph-theoretic structure. A graph on Facebook represents a network of relationships between individuals and entities, and typically includes “friendship” relations, “hometown” relationships, and other non-friendship relationships. Other relationships include (among others) “pages”, “groups”, “colleagues”, and “interests”.

A person’s Facebook profile page is identified by a Facebook URL (also known as a Facebook address or “fbook”).

Main navigation

The main navigation at the top of a user’s page contains several links that help users navigate their social network. The friends link, which is used to see the friends of a person, is in the center. The most popular links on the main navigation are the recent activities and the games link. The navigation also contains the most recent updates, photos, events, and other Facebook features.

The recent updates link is not available to anyone who is not a friend. Most people who are not friends can view the profile of a person who is a friend, and can also view the profile of the person’s friends. There is no reason for a non-friend to view the profile of a friend, so this link is usually disabled for non-friends.

The games link lists games which a user may play as a non-friend. The games link is only available for users who have approved a friend’s access to their games.

The photos link lists photos uploaded by the user or the friends of the user. The photo album of the user may be displayed as well. This link is only available for users who have approved the photo album of a friend.

The events link lists events which a user may attend as a non-friend. This link is only available for users who have approved the event of a friend.

The interests link lists interests which a user may join