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The EZNEC High-Speed Networked Data Interface calculates and outputs the radiation patterns of antennas ranging from low-profile Yagi and mounted loop antennas to high-gain towers. Use the EZNEC App for your iPhone, iPad or Android to view and download azimuth and elevation radiation patterns from many antennas including the following antennas. If you want to calculate radiation patterns using EZNEC, please read the EZNEC Quick Start guide for additional help. The app is very easy to use; simply follow the instructions in the EZNEC Quick Start Guide. Your input parameters can include feed-line loss, load at each feedpoint and beam width. You can also retrieve current images of radiating patterns. The first time you run the app, you will be prompted to enter a description of the configuration being analyzed. This description will be used as a basis to calculate radiation patterns. The description is your choice. It can be as simple as a single dipole, a loop, a fed array, a Yagi or any other structure you may choose. Choose a simpler description to save time. You can also use the EZNEC App to calculate phase patterns, directivity and gain of antennas. You can also use this app to apply a simple cost-function which allows you to easily design an antenna solution from specifications. You can also export and save an image file of the current radiation pattern. NOTE: Also the EZNEC networked data interface (nIDI) is capable of switching between Azimuth and Elevation modes at the click of a button and modifying a current feedpoint position if you have customized the screen layout and the data size. NOTE: This software is dedicated to practical applications only! It is not recommended for propagation studies. If you are a licensed user of EZNEC, you can download the certificate.pfx file for each of your license. It has been saved as a zip archive and you need to unzip it before use. NOTE: For the paid version, the files are only available one per license. It means that if you upgrade your license, you will have to download new files. It is against our rules to share the files with others! This price includes the following: – access to the entire EZNEC library – multilingual support (English, French, Spanish) – purchase also includes a one-year warranty for EZNEC 4.3

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“If you want to know what gains and azimuth patterns to expect from antennas, then look no further. Imagine a world of quick and easy measurements for virtually all types of antennas including Yagis and radials. Now you can go beyond the textbooks and get real-world measurements of the real things! “EZNEC allows you to get real-time measurements for virtually all antennas from the ground up, including all basic antennas such as VHF-amateur, Quads and Yagis to the most advanced phased array. Plus, you can also measure loads, capture true SWR and sidelobe information, and plot gain and pattern at all angles for virtually any antenna. “Unlike many other software programs, EZNEC doesn’t hide away the information needed for real-time measurements. It gives you full control with a menu-driven interface. You can see the real thing right there on your screen with just a click of your mouse. Even novice users can quickly and easily enter basic data or reference a manual. “EZNEC is just the first part of the future. Additional features will include displaying data from printable sources, advanced calculations, setting up antennas and more. Find out what’s in store for this highly anticipated software program! “System Requirements: “Compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003/7/8/10 “Estimated Current: 550 W “Estimated Open Voltage: 265 VAC “Estimated Number of Ports: 1” Support Parts Kit / Product Details Pricing Available in Amazon Available in Amazon Core-Customer Support: We are engineers and entrepreneurs who want to see wireless accessories offered in North America so they are affordable to the end user. If you have a suggestion or questions about this product, please contact us using the information below./* * Generated by class-dump 3.3.4 (64 bit). * * class-dump is Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2011 by Steve Nygard. */ #import “NSObject.h” #import “CALayerDelegate-Protocol.h” @class CALayer, NSDictionary, NSImage, NSMutableArray, NSString, NSView; @interface DLButtonBehavior : NSObject 91bb86ccfa

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– It’s a simplified version of the full-featured performance program, EZAL. Features: – easy to use graphical user interface – quick plot of required azimuth and elevation patterns – interactive cursor for the azimuth and elevation – 3D pattern display – fast and intuitive – allows easy sharing or printing of diagrams – supports both FSW and FMA mode – supports all FMA antenna types – includes all EZAL functions – automatically generates the gain table for the requested orientation – optional Save-Print menu – saves the graph to the file or directly to a printer – supports shaded patterns – option to define the gain of the second antenna (optional) – help screen with menu items and parameters – scrolling of elevation and azimuth – which antenna is the primary (FMA or FSW) and the secondary (optional) – shows the FSW or FMA antennas – detects or assigns the antennas direction of operation – calculates the required number of patterns and their orientation (E-SHAP) – detects the antenna FSW feedpoint impedance – tracks the gain change due to frequency/bandwidth (FMA mode only) – calculates the modulation index of the primary antenna (FMA mode only) – calculates the 3-dB cutoff points (FMA mode only) – easy to use camera zoom – easy to enter values – supports frequency bands for USA, Japan and Europe – supports graphs for monitoring, testing, feeding and guidance NEC-2 license will come with this download. Install instructions: Changelog: v1.5.8(22.04.2016) – Added ability to print the charts / graphs v1.4.3 (09.03.2016) – Bugfix in the elevation curves that were showing strange values – EZNEC now also shows the FSW and FMA antennas as identical v1.4.2 (21.10.2015) – Bugfix for the curves that weren’t showing the elevations values between the azimuth values – Changed logo – Removed all unnecessary features from the user interface v1.4.1 (17.10.2015) – Bugfix – Improved documentation – Different logo To use this script you need to use the EZNEC_FULL.zip archive

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Features: – Highly customizable, free to view pattern – 3D pattern display allows visualization of gain at all azimuths – Simple to use interface with menu-driven screen – High performance NEC-2 calculating engine including 3D pattern generation – Downloadable patterns at various gain values (SRR and CSRR) – Printable patterns at any gain – Display and plot RF numbers, SWR, ME and low-noise performance – Plots high-resolutions patterns for the visual effect of the antenna – Allows you to learn up to 8 antenna parameters directly from a screenshot – Provides Bode and impedance-based plots of the antenna for use as a simulation tool – Meets FCC low-altitude/mobility regulations for most parts of the USA – Unlimited-powered by this is a free to use version that includes 3D pattern generation, 30 days of free pattern learning, 1 pre-defined antenna per pattern and a local database of antenna names Installation: The app is provided as a zipped folder. To install, simply extract the contents of the zipped folder to the folder where you want to install the app. Updated 29-Oct-2017: Updated 2-Jan-2018: Future upgrades will add a number of fun features for users such as – Interactive layout of antenna, capacity and radiation pattern plots – Freeze-frame analysis to specify positions and distances between certain points in the plot – Visualizing impulse responses to an antenna in multiple bands – 3D pattern compression to save storage space Updated 29-Oct-2017: Updated 2-Jan-2018: Future upgrades will add a number of fun features for users such as – Interactive layout of antenna, capacity and radiation pattern plots – Freeze-frame analysis to specify positions and distances between certain points in the plot – Visualizing impulse responses to an antenna in multiple bands – 3D pattern compression to save storage spaceWhitbourne House Whitbourne House, Whitbourne, Blackmore Green, Lancashire, England, is a Grade II listed building. It was built in the mid-18th century for the Thomas Gee family. It was the childhood home of the famous 18th-century astronomer, James Bradley who was born here in 1732. It is now in the care of Lancashire County Council. See also Grade II* listed buildings in

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Game Requirements: Reviews: Where to buy: About This Game: This is a homage to the classic trilogy, but it ain’t all roses and rainbows. Be prepared to die, and die often. Multiplayer works to both your advantage and disadvantage. Good thing you’re in multiplayer. A massive fan of the trilogy, I tried to make something that doesn’t feel like it is ripping off what came before, while including a few very small nods to the past. The writing is lighthearted,