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Does capybara-webkit use whatever Ruby we are using?

I want to upgrade to ruby-2.5.1 for various reasons but I’m really skeptical about many of the changes, so I’d like to know if I simply downgrading to 2.4.4 and using capybara-webkit will be difficult.
I am on El Capitan and I am running an app that uses Capybara selenium.


I have been using capybara-webkit (2.3.2) with ruby-2.5 for a while and have had no problems.


Distortion created by metal lens in electron microscope

I have a metal cap with a hole in the middle, which has an opening for the sample I want to observe.
But I have a problem with the distortions when I view the image in the Electron Microscope.
Why are these distortions appearing and how can I avoid them?


As Brian Drummond (i.e. Brian Josephson) said, you can see the electron wave in the metal and it’s simply blurry, because the electron momentum and the speed of the electrons are going towards each other, while the speed of the waves is going in the opposite direction (with a slight delay). This gives rise to the blurring.
If you look at metal very close to the sample

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During the first Intifada the ɑrafatʻs forces gained the advantage and seized control of the occupied territories. The Palestinian Authority took control of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1994. Since that time, the PLO has been in control of the Palestinian areas and has suffered from problems of direct and indirect control. This has included the lack of control over the people and army, corruption, and the risk of feuds and power struggles between the various groups. Additionally, international and Israeli sanctions have weakened the economy and put pressure on the people. Today, Jordan and Israel share the control of the West Bank, and Gaza is controlled by a Hamas government.Q:

Django OpenID login on Google docs

I’ve read about the OpenID login for django-openid-auth, and how to integrate it in my app. Everything works fine, the nice openid popup is shown, and a redirect to my app is made.
I’m using django-openid-auth-ldap to manage my users, and this way I don’t have to use the users db table at all. This is