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Get Your Data Tidy is an advanced database profiling and data management tool. It enables users to analyze data with various tools, including Column, Basic, Quantiles, Frequency, Group Frequency, Business Rules, Domain, Mask, Dependency. It is available to download from the website. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.


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DQ Analyzer 2017 for Mac Full Screen

Proven data profiling solution

DQ Analyzer is an advanced data profiling application suitable for examining data, collecting statistics and identifying possible issues.
Well-organized layout
The tool impresses with a clean and straightforward design which makes it easier for business managers to discover its functions. An Explorer-like panel keeps tracks of all your projects and allows you to browse throughout their content, while the multi-tabbed layout offers you the option to work on different tasks at the same time.
Supported expressions and data types
You can make use of all sorts of operands (e.g. INTEGER, FLOAT, LONG, STRING, DATETIME, DAY, and BOOLEAN), null values, variables, as well as diverse operations and functions (e.g. arithmetic, logical, comparison and set operations; string, bitwise and conditional functions).
Profile management features
DQ Analyzer gives you the possibility to create a file or database table profile. You can select the target file from your system and edit file metadata using an advanced set of features (e.g. use line and field separators, skip certain lines at the end of a file or lines matching a regular expression).
A database connection can be established by giving details about the database type (e.g. Apache Derby, HSQL, IBM DB2, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle, Teradata, PostgreSQL) and connection parameters (e.g. host, port number, database name).
Reading a profile
You can read profiles and export data to XML or HTML file format. All sorts of analysis tools can be employed, such as Column for checking out statistical analyses and pattern information about the columns (e.g. data type, value counts, and minimum/maximum values) that have been profiled, Basic for generating simple statistics, and Frequency for showing the number of times each value occurs in data.
Furthermore, it supports Domain (determin

DQ Analyzer Crack+ Serial Key

DQ Analyzer Crack Keygen (stylized as dqanalizer) is an advanced data profiling application that allows you to gather statistics, examine and discover possible issues in your data. You can set up the tool to monitor your database or an Excel file using a plan. With a clean and straightforward design, you’ll be able to locate the statistics and patterns you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

DQ Analyzer Crack Mac is a very thorough tool. It is capable of analyzing multiple types of data including Excel, CSV, plan and database files. It can profile data for its structural and statistical information. Then you can save this data into different formats like XML or CSV. The tool is available in both Windows and Mac versions. DQ Analyzer also has a free demo version available for those who wish to test the product.

DQ Analyzer has a very simple interface that provides you a great deal of functionality. It is divided into three main tabs: Statistics, Data Profiling, and Export.
The Statistics tab gives you access to basic statistics such as Column Statistics, Domain Analysis, Baseline Estimate, Quantiles, Group Frequency, and Mask.
The Data Profiling tab enables you to locate columns that match a set of rules or that are of a specific type. Then you can export the data to either CSV or XML format.
The last tab, Export, is used to export the results that you’ve found in the Data Profiling tab. You can choose to export the entire plan or only the columns of interest.
DQ Analyzer is relatively user friendly and its main interface can guide you through its features. The interface is very well organized. You can go through the tabs to locate the desired statistics, data profiling and export functionality.
It can be used to analyze Excel data, CSV files, as well as database and plan file. Overall, DQ Analyzer is easy to use and user friendly. All you need to do is to enter the details of the object that you want to profile, then select the preferred options and format, and finally export the results. DQ Analyzer is very well suited for professionals as well as business managers.
DQ Analyzer has a free version that you can download from the Internet.

DSI is a sophisticated data profiling application that can help you find columns, views and tables with critical and performance-related issues. DSI is designed for business managers and business analysts to analyze data found in DB

DQ Analyzer With Key

DQ Analyzer is an advanced data profiling application that allows you to investigate the structure, distribution, and key features of data. It enables you to collect data statistics or run advanced analysis, get insights about your data with the aid of data visualization, and process plan files.
Prolonged description of features:
DQ Analyzer is a comprehensive data profiling solution. It has the built-in tools to examine, collect statistics, analyze, visualize, edit, and share data with the aid of a user-friendly interface. An integrated data viewer with CSV file support opens file data from all sorts of sources (TXT or CSV files). The data information is structured and formatted using the built-in database viewer.
The tool supports a set of integrated databases, including Apache Derby, HSQL, IBM DB2, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Teradata. You can create database-oriented profiles and run any database-dependent analytic operations.
Regular and powerful operators enable you to conduct advanced analysis and set operations on data. Regular expressions can be applied to data to find patterns and eliminate invalid data.
Profile, plan, and data management is made easy thanks to the in-built support of plan files. It provides an in-depth analysis of any data with the aid of a step-by-step model.
High-level statistics are available to work on a comprehensive dataset. The tool includes some basic and advanced statistics and tools for pattern, frequency, and distribution information.
The tool can export data to formats of XML and HTML. You can export statistics to CSV, Excel, or HTML format and keep track of the provided data by creating a file profile.
DQ Analyzer Features:
Plenty of features
DQ Analyzer is equipped with more than 300 functions and operators that enable you to conduct statistical or other data analysis operations.
Advanced data statistics
The tool includes four major statistics: basic, irregular, domain, and advanced. The basic statistic checks data type, minimum and maximum values, and null values.
Irregular statistics gather data and patterns. They provide information about column data type, line separator, and regular expressions.
The domain statistics determines the most likely data type of a column.
Advanced statistics include financial analysis and business rules. The latter checks for validity of data and determine dependencies and rules in data.
A more detailed description of statistics:
Basic statistical functions
The fundamental parameters of data, such as type and format, are checked with the aid

What’s New In?

DQ Analyzer is designed with speed and data profiling convenience in mind. It has the ability to read plan files that are created by building steps onto a canvas, and then link the steps together. So, it is useful to anyone who needs to automate, plan, and drill data.
– Fast data profiling: We use C#, which is the fastest language ever created.
– Create a plan with steps: You can create a plan and define the order of steps to perform on your data.
– Run plan: You can run a plan and let it produce an output in seconds.
– Create a plan file: You can define a plan using steps.
– Import and export data: You can import data or convert CSV to datatype.Q:

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System Requirements:

For Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended)
20 GB free hard disk space
Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent
1024*768 or higher resolution, 800*600 recommended
You can download and try the free version, or buy the full version.
Download the latest version of the program.
To use this application you need to download the Windows Installer from this website, and install the download from the ZIP file.
The file