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* An introduction to Photoshop. __ * * * # ## Drawing and Animation You can draw what you want and create animated movies, drawings, and illustrations as a means of applying art to a digital format. On the other hand, you can use layers and background images in Photoshop to create greater flexibility in the digital art you can create.

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This article covers every feature Photoshop Elements offers. Also, I’ll show you how to use them effectively by demonstrating some examples with color grading and vector manipulation. Most of the color settings in Photoshop apply only to the original image. With Elements, you can apply those settings to the image with different colors using the Color Settings dropdown menu in the ‘Unlock more effects’ dialog box. The primary features of Photoshop Elements are: High-quality editing tools Several histogram-based tools Macro tools Colorizing images Stroke and Shape tools Color replacement tool Retouching tools Tone curve tool Shadow and lighting Batch editing Photo book creator Image composition Vector editing High-quality editing tools Edit an image using Photoshop Elements. The black arrow points to the pop-up menu showing the Color Settings for each color in the image. When editing, be sure to set the Color Settings correctly. Don’t let a blurry image ruin your hard work! Adding professional and artistic layers With Elements, you can add multiple color levels to your image. Each new layer has its own Color Settings. This is useful for applying different tones and colors to an image. To create a new layer, click on the ‘Create New Layer’ icon (it looks like a picture frame) on the Layers panel. Next, click on the Paint Bucket icon and paint into the empty layer. Adding layers allows the editor to work on multiple tones, colors and shadows at the same time. Using this method, you can also combine them into a single layer for further editing. Using layer masks After adding a new layer, select the layer you want to edit. To do that, double-click on the layer thumbnail in the Layers panel. Select the mask thumbnail next to the layer’s thumbnail. There are two types of layer masks: Hard and Soft. Hard masks can only be masked with other hard masks. Soft masks can be masked with other soft and hard masks. Hard masks are basically solid black, white or gray blobs. Hard masks cannot be masked with soft masks, or with other hard masks. All masking is done in a special way: the layer is masked, and the mask is painted onto the layer. As you mask each layer, a mask icon appears above the layer. Hard masks can only 05a79cecff

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Q: Why is super slow in python? I’m new to python, for the two first lines of code I have profiled the program and found out that they took only 0.00081 seconds, but the third line is taking too much, nearly 0.60 seconds. Could you explain me why? Thanks! Code sample: import numpy import itertools def get_alpha(func): “”” Modify `func` to make it return an iterator by returning a function: `def`’s are converted to `lambda x:` by replacing the `def` with `lambda x:` “”” def wrap(self, *args, **kw): for i, arg in enumerate(args): if isinstance(arg, list): for j, sublist in enumerate(arg): yield iter(sublist) else: yield func(self, arg) yield func(self, *args, **kw) return wrap def dot(self, arg1, arg2): ”’ Overload the functor so that the two arguments are multiplied together instead of summed ”’ self.result += arg1*arg2 def multiply(self, arg1, arg2): self.result *= arg1*arg2 def update(self, index, value): if index in self.seen: self.result += value else: self.seen.add(index) self.result += value def print_result(self): print self.result class Container(object):

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NOTE: These are only guidelines. If your computer has the graphics power of a first gen iMac, you might be able to run them fine. a. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or later b. 256MB of RAM c. 2GHz processor (The game is developed to run smoothly on slower processors) d. DirectX 9 compatible video card (or better) e. CD-ROM drive f. 50MB free hard drive space g. Internet access Content, System Requirements, and