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* The Adobe site ( has a slew of useful tutorials.
* Behance ( is a creative community where people post links to useful tutorials for Photoshop.


Before diving into details, here is a brief introduction to Photoshop, including the kinds of things it can do. You can learn a great deal by using the tutorials on the Photoshop site and by watching short films, like those found on YouTube.

The heart of Photoshop is the ability to manipulate an image. You can create new image layers, modify existing layers, and apply effects. You can edit an image and then use layers to create new image layers.

The basic tools include:

* Color palette. You can create and save a color palette that lists all the colors you use frequently. This tool has a lot of potential. For example, you could save a color palette with a color wheel, then save each shade on a new layer. Using these color layers would then enable you to edit just the color without having to save, load, or redo the full file.
* Select/Crop tool. The Select/Crop tool allows you to select an area in an image for editing. The tool behaves like a magic wand. It allows you to adjust the selection by dragging or using the white and black circles in the tool box, with the area that is selected highlighted in green. You can resize the selection and reposition it. There are many different options you can adjust, including tolerance, feathering, and method.
* Selection tools. The Select/Crop tool (introduced in the preceding bullet) functions a bit differently from the others. It allows you to select an image with a different tool: the Magic Wand (1), Lasso (2), or Polygonal (3). A 2D polygonal lasso tool usually works best when you want to make an even selection across multiple layers. The tool enables you to select an area of an image and pull it into a new layer.


The tools in the Adjustments (4) toolbox allow you to adjust various properties of your image.

* Hue/Saturation (5). This tool lets you adjust the color balance of an image by adjusting the saturation (vividness) and hue (color). For example, you can add highlights and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation on a color

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Here are 7 useful Photoshop features that are useful for all levels of users.

7 Photoshop features for beginners

1. Click-and-drag Image:

Image Editor – Photoshop provides an easy way to create and edit an image. You can select the part of the image that you want to be changed, click and drag it, and then a box will appear in the box. This allows you to move, cut, copy, and paste the selected part of the image.

You can use this feature to move or copy the selected image, combine multiple images, turn an image into a clipping mask, draw on the image, change its size and much more.

There are several ways to use the click-and-drag Image feature:

Select the part of the image you want to be changed.

Select the part of the image that you want to copy or move.

Select the part of the image you want to paste.

Right-click and choose “Paste” or “Paste and Place”.

Press “Ctrl” + “C” and select “Copy”.

Right-click and choose “Paste” or “Paste and Place”.

Click and hold the image and drag it to a new location.

You can apply filters or effects to the selected area.

2. Color Picker:

Image Editor – You can use the “Color Picker” feature to change the color of the selected part of the image.

If you select a color, it will be highlighted to help you pick a color that suits you. You can also move the color indicator to a different location on the image.

You can click the green color button to show the color wheel, or use the up and down arrow keys to select a color. If you wish to remove the color, click the red color button.

You can use the “Color Picker” feature to:

Change the color of the selected part of the image.

Add a color fill effect to the image.

Draw a colored line or rectangle.

3. Free Transform:

Image Editor – You can use the Free Transform tool to change the size or position of the selected part of the image.

When you use the Free Transform tool, the selected area of the image

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Rotate an Image
Rotate an image for many great effects.

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