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New to Photoshop: It’s best to learn Photoshop in a _classroom setting_ or in a _mall,_ that is, a place where there are many people to help you.

If you have never used Photoshop before, you should get familiar with the program’s features by taking your first class or enrolling in a computer lab that has Photoshop software and tutorials.

## The Photoshop Workspace

To begin using Photoshop, open the program, select its workspace (explained in Chapter 2), and follow the steps in this chapter to enter the program and configure your screen. You’ll learn how to navigate the different panels, edit an image, work with the rulers, and create new Photoshop documents and layers.

Be sure to select the correct workspace for your project. For the most part, you use the full-screen mode, although you occasionally will need to work in a smaller panel. I describe each mode in detail at the end of the chapter.

## Understanding the Workspace Layout

You use the workspace mode to open your image and edit it. If you have any open documents or open layers in your workspace, the workspace displays them all. The _Ruler_ is the default mode in which you can control the width and length of the print or image, and the _toolbar_ at the top contains standard or program-specific tools that enable you to crop, resize, merge, and more.

The additional areas of the workspace are pretty self-explanatory, and you use them to perform various tasks when you’re working on your image. Here’s a brief description of the different parts of the workspace (shown in Figure 1-1):

* **Layers panel:** This section features the main tool for manipulating layers, which is a handy way to apply changes to multiple areas of an image at the same time. The Layers panel is also where you preview and delete layers.
* **Composite panel:** In this section, you can control the blending between your layers. You can adjust layer transparency and create specialized effects with blending modes. The Composite panel is covered in Chapter 8.
* **Brush panel:** In this section, you can create new raster images or paint with a range of brushes designed to create special effects. The Brush panel is covered in Chapter 11.
* **File panel:** This panel contains information about the image you’re working on, including the dimensions, resolution, and

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A word of caution: Photoshop has been most of the time a professional tool and those who aren’t serious about their work might not be able to use it as efficiently as they should. Elements is the same. Although it has fewer features, it is still very powerful and capable.

Some features

The best way to start using the app is by upgrading your profile to Elements 14.

Then you should create a new document in order to edit your image.

You can have a great career using Photoshop Elements but, in order to do so, you need to learn how to use it. So here are some tips to help you.

Open a new document.

You can open one in the app, by simply pressing the “Create a new document” command on the desktop. Once it is opened you will be able to edit your file.

If you want to edit a new image, you need to go to File > New then File Type > Photoshop Document.

Import an image.

If you want to open an image or a PDF file in the app, you need to import it. If you are using the desktop version you need to press the “Import a photo or other image” item on the File menu.

If you are using the app, you need to press the “File > Import from library…” item.

You can also import a new image by pressing the “File” menu > “Import” > “Import”.

To import a file from your computer, you need to press the “File” menu > “Import” > “Import from other computer”.

You can also import a new image by pressing the “File” menu > “Import” > “Import from folder…”.

If you are using the desktop version, you need to press the “File” menu > “Import” > “Import using Photoshop”.

If you are using the app, you need to go to the “Files” menu and press the “Open” item.

Go to the folder where you want to import your files. You should press the “Open” button in order to open it.

A progress bar will open. You will have to wait as Photoshop imports all the files at

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PC only Minimum
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Sound Card: DirectX9.0 compatible, AC97/AWE compatible sound card is recommended
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compatible
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