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* For optimal results when manipulating images, you need to use Photoshop’s Undo feature. Of course, you can always click and drag your way through an image, but if you want to correct an image and go back to a previous point, you need to use the Undo feature. * Photoshop’s Layers panel is its tool for creating images. Photoshop represents each new layer with a new colored layer and adds layers to create the image. Color, transparency, and composition are all determined by layers. You can create a new layer with the Layer menu and choose New Layer. * Photoshop’s History panel is your friend when you’re on a Roll. The History panel is the place where you can click to return to any previous state. When you’re at the Save or Save As dialog box, as well as the Photo Bin, the History panel remembers where you were when you last worked on your file. For example, in the History panel you can see a tag that recalls where you were when you first opened an image. Or if you saved the image in a different folder, the panel can remember that. * Photoshop’s Adjustments panel is accessed by clicking on the Adjustments icon at the top left of the Layers panel. In the Adjustments panel you can make most of the basic changes you want to an image. In its simplest form, the Adjustments panel allows you to make basic photo adjustments that don’t require much more expertise than a good-quality camera will give you. * Advanced features of Photoshop’s Tools menu include such things as Content-Aware Fill or Healing that can be used to make better corrections to a photo. Photoshop also has the ability to apply basic artistic effects such as watermarks, frames, and drop shadows. Photoshop is a complex program, and you’ll need to do some homework to get up to speed. With practice, however, Photoshop becomes one of your favorite tools for creating, manipulating, and saving great-looking images. # The History Panel To access Photoshop’s history panel, open the Adjustments panel, as shown in Figure 3-4. You can also access the History panel by pressing Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac). FIGURE 3-4: Click the History panel to go back through your work. The History panel shows you a list of all the settings and edits you’ve performed on your image in the last session. In addition, the History panel shows you

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It can be a little tricky, but taking the time to learn the basics of Photoshop or Adobe Elements will set you up to edit your images, create new images and share them with the world. Contents The basic skillset of Photoshop or Elements contain the following tools and techniques: This is a list of things you can do in Photoshop or Elements that you cannot do in other graphic programs. Hair and Eye tools In Photoshop or Elements, the best tool to create a photo of a face is the Hair tool. The Hair tool can create perfectly cropped portraits that are free from other parts of your image (mostly the background). If you want to create hair that is spread out on the face, you can use the Wave tool, or you can create a back and then bring it forward using the Arrow tool. Both of these tools are located in the Tools panel. You can also add a mask to your hair to make sure that the hair is not part of the background. Using the Brush tool, you can select the part of the hair that you want to remove and make sure that it is not part of the background. Most of the time, people use the hair tool as a basis for creating other hair, but it’s great to be able to add hair to someone’s face without worrying about other parts of the image interfering. The Eye tool is mainly used to make photos that appear to be looking into a camera. If you create a picture that looks like a portrait and then use the Eye tool to make them look like they are gazing into the camera, then the photo will appear to be very professional. The Eye tool is a useful tool to know but it can be a little difficult. You can edit the width of the eye using the camera of the Eye tool, but you cannot change the size of the iris. You can create an eye with a darker pupil or a pupil that is as big as the iris. You can use the Brush tool to make the pupil larger or smaller. Most of the time, it is better to use the Eye tool as a basis for other eyes because you can change a lot of things about the eye, such as the size and the color. Color tools You can edit the colors of an image using the Fill and Adjust tools in Photoshop or Elements. The Fill tool is mainly used to make colors 05a79cecff

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Pen tools allow you to use the Magic Wand, Polygonal Lasso, Line Segment Selection, and Area Selection tools with more precision than the original tools they replace. You can use the Zoom tool to magnify or zoom in on areas of an image and use the Hand tool to paint over areas as a brush. In this video, Christian McBride takes us through the process of starting a new canvas in Photoshop, resizing and converting a digital sketch to a high-res digital image. The video walks you through the steps for creating an image from scratch or from sketch, resizing your image, adding a background color to the image, and applying various effects. How to Re-Center a Layer When You Move or Rotate the Image This web page walks you through the steps for setting an image to re-center or to its new crop. This is useful when an image needs to be resized because a PhotoShop action such as Resize, Fit, Crop, or Enlargement will change the proportions. How to Repair the Watermark of a Digital Photo (Desktop) This web page walks you through the steps for repairing a watermark from a digital photo. How to Edit a Digital Photo (Fullpage) Photoshop contains a large variety of features for editing an image. Here are some of the most common ones: The Curves Adjustment Layer lets you alter the brightness and color of an image in Photoshop. The Levels Adjustment Layer lets you alter the brightness and color of an image in Photoshop. The Sharpen Filter generates an intense, pixel-by-pixel-clear image sharpening effect. The Smudge Filter allows you to lightly blur your image. The Unsharp Mask Filter allows you to sharpen up a blurry or out-of-focus image. The Background Eraser removes unwanted pixels from an image. The Highpass Filter is used to open up a dark area of an image and to smooth out the image by removing small details. The Spot Healing Brush is used to manually remove objects from the image (e.g., a spot from your laptop screen). The Content-Aware Move Tool is used to reposition objects in your image. The Magic Eraser is used to blur selected pixels of an image. The Liquify Filter allows you to resize or distort an image. The Move Tool and the Direct Selection

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP or Windows 7 Processor: 1.8 GHz processor or faster RAM: 1 GB of RAM HDD: 2 GB available hard disk space Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible hardware Internet: Broadband internet connection Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card Additional Notes: Requires the FMOD SDK to run Is a 3rd Party FMOD module For more info see Install instructions: