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Unity3d: How to properly read data from text file?

I’ve been stuck with this problem. Basically I have been using a simple text file to send data to my character.
I’m using Fluxbox, which is an old version of Fluxbox. This is my code:
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class playerTracker : MonoBehaviour {

public string path = “data.txt”;
public string path2 = “data2.txt”;
public int width;
public int height;
public Vector3 spawnLocation;–0KFbd4eV4E5TVK4Q4hF7y5ldh7o

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Why am I having connection problems with my APPHostCheck?

I am developing a C# application which makes use of SQL Server 2005 for its database access. I have managed to get that to work using the following code:
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(
“Data Source=(local); Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=MyDB;”);

I also have a test WCF service which I use to test my connectivity. This is setup to connect to the local SQL server:

The HTTP Get will always give me a popup box which asks if I really want to connect to the server.
I have the same service and the same WCF client, and I use the following code to check my connection:
ServiceHost svh = new ServiceHost(typeof(APPHostCheck));

svh.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(APPHostCheck), new WSHttpBinding(), “”);

svh.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IAPPHostCheck), new BasicHttpBinding(), “”);


return svh;

My test service works perfectly, and I can pass through the HTTP Get popup from my test client.
The trouble is that