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Cindy components provides you with a collection of over 60 components for Delphi, designed to help you create various types of applications. The package includes gradient controls, communication components (TcyCommunicate and TcyCommRoomConnector), file search and copy components or DBX components that help you manage table data. TcyMathParser enables you to parse matematical expressions, while TcyWebBrowser is designed for HTML editing.


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The components come in three main parts: * Collections Cindy components Cracked Version include a wide range of components designed to help you create various types of applications. The collections are: – ColoredControls – FrameControls – DataGrid – DataGridList – DataList – DataView – Dialog – FileSearch – GlobalSearch – Header – Help – HTTP Components – Password * Building Blocks These are the building blocks from which you can create your own components that inherit all the features of the basic components and add even more. In other words, they act as a framework for creating your own components. – Button components – CheckBox components – ComboBox components – ComboBoxList components – Editor components – List components – RadioButtons – Row editors – Scheduler components – TabSheet components – Toolbar components – TreeView components – VBox components – WLists * Other components These are the components to which we simply did not find a place in the other collections. For example, there are components for creating components, for editing components, etc. The component packs are: – Differential – CnBlade – CnConnector – CnCommunicate – CnConstants – CnDBX – CnDoc – CnData – CnDlgs – CnDlgs2 – CnDlgs3 – CnDlgs4 – CnEdti – CnEntity – CnEntries – CnException – CnFiles – CnGridView – CnGrids – CnHTML – CnHTTP – CnIMan – CnLibraries – CnLists – CnMath – CnObject – CnPersistance – CnRegistry – CnRow – CnSearch – CnUI – CnUIBase – CnUITab – CnUITabSheet – CnVideo – CnVScroll – CnVBars – CnVBoxes – CnWList The component packs can be downloaded for each platform from the website: The component packs are translated in English at the moment. If you do not find an English version in the pack, please contact the author via SourceCode so that the package can be translated. How to use the components: The component pack installs into a folder in the project in the respective language (e.g. c:\source\[component pack

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TcyWebBrowser – Provides a WebBrowser component that enables you to work with a web client like your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. This component provides all the properties and methods to which you are accustomed. TcyWebBrowser is quite useful in cases when you need to enter data of a web form or to edit the information of a web page, while you still need the ability to see the results. TcyWebBrowser also includes properties and methods that you can use to create dynamic queries and to keep your processing functions within a web client. TcyMathParser – An accurate and powerful component that enables you to parse mathematical expressions. This component may be an excellent tool for statisticians and programmers working in the field of mathematics. TcyCommRoomConnector – Provides an interface for communicating over a network. You can use this component to establish a client/server software interaction over a network. The basic interface enables you to make an attempt to establish a connection and automatically disconnects the socket. You also have the ability to establish and receive a connection without any prompts. TcyCommRoomConnector enables you to communicate over a network for database connections, file download, sending files, FTP connections, interactive servers, directory listings, and many other operations. TcyCommRoomConnector enables you to establish a connection to any server that supports sockets. TcyCommRoomConnector also enables you to send files over the network without any prompts. TcyCommRadio – Provides an interface for radio communication. This component enables you to communicate with other radio-enabled devices over a radio communication channel. TcyCommRadio enables you to create an interactive client/server software environment over a communication channel like a IrDA device or GSM network. You also have the ability to establish a connection to an interactive server or a device over a communication channel. TcyChatServer – Provides an interface for chat services. TcyChatServer provides you the ability to create a server that enables clients to communicate by chat, in order to leave messages and to post messages to a specific group. TcyChatServer enables you to set up an online chat server for your application. An online chat application is helpful for many scenarios, especially to exchange messages in-between different applications running on a computer, or between a computer and a mobile phone or a mobile device. TcyServer – Provides a server component to connect clients to a website. This component enables you to make requests for data from a website while the browser user interface is not available

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